”spill it in her hair ”said Kyra Blax he schools toppest bully staring at me boring her beautiful hazel eyes into mine with an evil smirk. I then saw two of her friends head to where I was seated taking my lunch .They then held both my shoulders pressing me back to my seat. I widened my eyes on realisation of what she meant she gat to be kidding me I thought. She was actually ordering Alexa one of her colleagues to spill something that she held in her cup .Why me why me I kept on asking my myself inwardly.

”what do you want from me bitch ”I asked looking at Kyra with rage.

”nothing brownie I just want to add more colour in your hair since it looks kinda faded ”Kyra replied still smirking.

Seriously i askedmyself my hair was Brown and long I made sure I bought for it whatever conditioners it needed and now here is this bitch telling me that its faded. fees I wonder what i ever did to her to deserve all this ever since I joined this school Wilson high she has always made sure that she bullies me at every single moment she gets.

I think I spaced out because am brought back to reality at the feel of something dripping down from my hair to uniform the liquid is Brown obviously hot chocolate though its cold I stare at Alexa she was busy grinning while messing up my hair and uniform. My eyes begun watering up since the scene was so embrassing evryone was looking in our direction .I couldn believe it that this girl found joy in making my day a living hell .

”stop thats enough for today lets go girl .see you later brownie ”Kyra said smiling at me as if nothing bad had happened to me.Alexa then dropped the cup she was holding on my head then said ”oops u look so **ed up slut ”. Kyra just shoot her a deadly glare after hearing her call me a slut then moved away followed by Iris and Emma then Alexa too who moved like she had just won the miss worlds crown. I hate that bitch the most.

I looked at my uniform then rushed to the washrooms to clean up since I was all a mess . I opned the door then went straight to the mirror. I staredat my reflection well I had long brown hair almost at my waist level large blue sea eyes then my nose was slightly pointed abit my lips were a little naturally reddish pink I was actually beautiful in short amnt bragging ok its what our mother passed to us Miamy elder sister and I .I picked up some tissues then begun wiping the liquid away from my uniform luckily I managed to wipe most of it off then went to my face I cleaned the chocolate away then lately cleaned my hair . I had just completed cleaning up when I had someone enter the washrooms. I turned

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