imagination novella

Explain yourself Lucas

alright I need that book if what I predict is true

then this book is of great value and potentially could help me. I just need to hop to school and colle…

then it struck me

ITS THE WEEK END! I screamed in rage. I can wait around knowing something such as this is in my locker. luckily I have the key so its secure. but trying to get it at school means the simple minded will be able to gaze upon it ( people will see it and want it ) that can turn out well.

I could get a detention so that there will be less people , but the people there would be the ones who would want to take it for the sake of being mean and not because they see any value in it

there is only one thing left to do.

core crew:

Lauren crew: intelligence

Lucy Cinder: sway

Leon cordless: physical abilities

Linda crams: planner

this is my gang perfectly picked to fit every scenario possible and not because we are the only people in the area that have L.C as our initials.

my friends have found lots of cool or strange things in our time and if I don don explain my theory to them and what happened with mire they won think much of it like normal. my plan is to sneak into the school and get the book, it may sound simple but this school is actually the best school in the country and items here are priceless so we have guards protecting it 24/7..

is what I would say if my parents actually let me pass my 11+ and I know I could have because Lauren did the test but decided not to go as his family was to poor and they ”didn let them in as they didn want some of there class representing our school ” I said trying to imitate them. oh we
e was I… yes I remember he gave me a copy of the sheet and I almost surpassed him but no my parents didn care then and didn want me turning into a nerd.

our actually school is nothing special no.3 on the chart when it came to education but it didn look like they put much effort into making it stand out.there is no teachers on weekends

so if we manage to get in there will be no problem, is what I would say but there is one problem, its in a public area!

all right heres the plan:

Saturdays are days of which people people try to stay away from the school as there will always be teacher around to talk about how good the school is and mention that we have a test or a difficult subject to talk about completely killing the mood. so we to get past the outer gate,its not to high but the teachers greased it making it hard to climb, its a simple task Leon has escaped school enough times and knows how to get over it. there is a one part of the fence that is exposed to heat and it dried up making it easier to climb.

There is no point my average blonde hair blue eyed friend climbing over if there is nothing he could do inside, thats why Lucy is currently on a hunt to find the head of the school. Lucy is a long brunette haired girl with green eyes with a face and body shape that could knock a boy dead or a man, and lucky for us the head of the school is a real creep.

”he usually walks around admiring the place he runs even though he only just joined last year ” she said ” luckily he old disgusting apartment is around here.

she spent a couple minutes locating where he live then dashed to knock on the the door opened her face of joy sealing the complete disgust within soon gazed upon an overweight man with only shorts on and a can of beer in hand it was the head teacher. he took looked down at her chest and immediately let her in.

”do you want any tea miss please make yourself at home. ” he tried acting friendly it seemed like he was luring her into a trap, but the cloths she was wearing didn really help her at that point in time.

she walk in stepping on old magazines with super models and half empty beer cans his place contained a single sofa a bed and a mini fridge that only contained beer and ice cream. the man looked nothing like the person we see at school almost all the time.

”so missy why do you happen to be here. ” he ask try to act friendly.

she could already tell what kind o man he is under the grey suit. ”well sir ” she said in a light voice. ”I left one of my things at school it was quite important and I need the key to the school and colle… ”

but before she finished she already had it in her palm, its like he ignored every other thing that she could do with this. she got back passed the key to Leon for him to climb over and unlock the gate from the inside.

we had to go through the back to not seek attention. inside my friends truly began to question the importance of this book I promised I would explain later once I figure it out myself.

as we passed though the hallways I noticed my locker had a fist shape dent in it, but It was much to large to be a human or any animal on the planet. then I opened the wrecked door the book was missing.

I began freaking out and everyone else stared in horror but it wasn at me. I looked behind and to my surprise it was him my neighbor, he was bulked up and cheerful yet he seemed in pain.

”you shouldn break into places that is the act of a villain ”my friends completely froze it was unreal to them, he passed the book back to me.

”I knew touching It would hurt but not this bad ” he said to him ” oh well I congratulate you on getting here now you can begin your adventure. ”

I tried to conceal the randomness of this event but to make everything worse charisma broke though the ceiling. As I tried to leave with the book safely everyone began to surround me. leon grabbed my arm squeezing it trying to remove the blood making me drop it.

”you explain NOW! ”

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