imagination novella

Captain charisma

Its so painful going to school these days, my parents don care what I do, bad grades mean nothing good grades mean nothing,

but with my teachers oh thats a different story.


Like I care anyway I have a job and my parent won punish me I don even need to go to school, I try to explain to her but it doesn help me in any way as she goes on about how I was once the greatest in the class and that by now I could take a level English but instead I waste my time writing fan fictions that won help anyone, typical teacher stuff.

”Im tired of this attitude, meet me after class I have something for you to do ”

I did not think much of it, maybe she might make me redo the test or put me in detention doesn matter either way.

Later that day…

My teacher called me to her class

”Come with me boy, ” she said.

I follow her through the school hallway to reach a point which I have never seen myself.

We reached a door to a small room

it had a lot of rubbish and used books.

She said my job was to find anything useful or I might want to keep. as she left I thought to myself do I really want to do this, if stuff has been here and not been needed all this time why would we need it now. And all this stuff is disgusting why would I need it? I was ready to turn around and tell miss Sindburg that Im done it was all useless, but then I thought to myself I could sell some of this for some cash.

I scurried around looking for at least something worth selling. An hour later I was still there then I notice Id just been doing what she asked me. I kept looking for a few minutes and when I was on the brink of calling it quits I found something. A large book with gold edges, its cover of silver, its pages felt of silk, it stood out amongst everything else I wonder why I didn notice it.

It had no title and nothing in it but a thew short sentences.

Nothing that leads to death

Nothing that changes laws

Nothing world ending

I didn understand what it meant it seems like something a genie would tell you.

I noticed if it has been written in people would not want it so I decided to use it as a book for my fan fiction and own stories as the grade nine creative writer I am.

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