You’re Gorgeous

Wounded For A Reason

I was at the office working late hours, just after Christmas too. The pay is double on public holidays and I needed the cash, so don judge me.

”You should head home, wouldn want you to pull an all-nighter here at the office, ” said Mrs Fiona my boss.

”I will maam right after you leave, ” I replied.

”Okay, ” she answered in return.

I was just finishing up a risk analysis report on a new deal my boss had agreed to this morning in conference with. another company. Dear, God I was not liking what I saw the risk ran high towards the closing date of the deal and I was pretty sure my boss would not like the look of these graphs at all. Data is data it can be altered, or misinterpreted for that matter.

I don know what I was going to do for my presentation tomorrow with her associates. Im going to have to just wing it. I thought as I quickly put together a power point presentation inserting the data and graphs from my report. I did leave the office an hour after my boss left. I was just getting into my car to start the engine when my phone rang.

”Kay, this just called to say mom will be staying with me for a few days, hope thats ok. ”

”Okay bro, I have to drive anything else? ”

”Stay safe ” was all he said before he cut the line.

I drove home and parked my car just opposite my apartment block in the area for residents who live here. I walked up the steps and nearly screamed, I saw a man sitting at the corner of my doorstep, near the bushes clutching his side. He looked like he was in pain from the grimance that marked his facial features.

”Are you alright? ” I calmly asked.

”No Im not Ive been shot, do you think you could help me inside or are you just going to stand there gaping at me like an idiot? ”

”Do you want me to call the paramedics? ” I ask now concerned about his condition, I wonder how long hes been out here.

”No just let me in please. ”

”Alright, but try anything funny, Ill call the police, ” I tell him sternly.

As I quickly unlock my door, he stands up with the greatest difficulty and hunches over when he walks into my apartment.

I gesture for him to take a seat on a plastic chair in the hallway near the door. Since I don want his blood all over my furniture.

He sits without complaint, and I quickly fill a basin with warm water, a towel, my first aid kit and a small pair of tongs.

”We need to get the bullet out of your side, ” I tell him, ”Will you let me do it? ”

”Ok, youve done this before? ”

”Nope, you can complain you won let me call the paramedics. ” I remind him.

”Okay just get out, no matter how much I yell out, ” he says.

”Okay, ” I tell him.

”We need to take of your shirt, ” I say noticing for the first time he is wearing a white shirt underneath a blue coat.

I help him get out of his shirt and Im shocked to find he is so toned, and muscular. Im talking solid fine abs people this guy is seriously this guy must work out a lot.

Ten minutes later the bullet is on the counter and his side is wrapped with thick bandages to stop the bleeding, thank God its only a flesh wound.

”Thanks, ” he says later. ”You did a pretty good job. ”

e welcome, ” I tell him.

”The names Aidan, Im from Newcastle, England. ”

Thats only when I notice he has a British accent, funny how this guy was found on my doorstep.

”What happened to your phone? You could have easily admitted yourself to the nearest hospital. You
e lucky your injury isn serious. ” I admonish him gently.

”I was on the run so I didn think at that time to take my phone, I only have my wallet on me. ”

He replies studying me for some time. I notice his eyes staring at mine and for a moment I feel a little uncomfortable. Its too dark to see his eye colour.

”What? Quit staring at me like that you
e creeping me out. ”

”Sorry its just….that you
e gorgeous. ”

”Really? Haha thats funny I never pegged myself that high in the looks department, but thanks for the compliment. ”

”So since this apartment is small and theres only two rooms, Ill use my moms you can use mine ok? ”

”I don want my mom to come home and have a heart attack, hopefully you will be gone by then and safely on your way to wherever it is you came from. ”

”Got it? ” I ask him.

”I understand, thank you for letting me stay over. ”

”Ok, Im going to take you to my room,but I think Ill prepare a meal for you first. ”

”Ive got pumpkin soup, garlic bread and spinach cheese puffs. ”

”Thats fine, I love spinach cheese puffs. ”

”Oh fantastic, let me get you some. Can you walk over to the dining table to eat? ” I ask him.

”Yes, I can ” he says slowly getting up and walking over to the dining table. I take out the chair for him to sit and he bends over and takes his seat.

I pile a plate with puffs and garlic bread, fill a bowl with pumpkin soup and place it in front of him with a spoon. He takes a sip of the soup with his right hand and tastes it for awhile before finally commenting, ”its great I like it thanks, ” he says giving me a small smile.

”Im going to go and get some clothes out for you, I have some of my brothers things that you can wear, except for underwear, you
e going to have to get some. ”

”No problem. ” He replies.

So I leave him in the kitchen and head straight to my room I switch on the light, take out a set of pajamas for myself and a change of clothes for tomorrow, underwear, my toothbrush, hairbrush, my make up bag and some socks. I take out a fresh towel one Ive not used and put it into the bathroom, I put a new toothbrush in as well along with a soap bar and some shampoo.

I lock my cupboard and my shelves especially where I keep jewelry Im just anxious he might take something.

”Do not be paranoid, ” I tell myself calmly and take a deep breath before I leave my bedroom.

I take his plate and bowl away seeing that he has finished everything, he must have been hungry I think as I give him a glass of warm water. He drinks all the water and sets the glass on the table. I put everything in the sink and help him to my bedroom. He settles himself on my bed and takes a look around at his surroundings.

”Nice room, ” he comments

”Thanks, the wall paper was recently done. Its a nice shade of peach pink and red. ” I add on.

”So theres a towel in bathroom for you and a tooth brush, Ive also left my brothers clothes on the chair over there so its easy for you to take it tomorrow. ”

”Thanks for everything, ” he says.

”Do you want me to leave the lamp light on? ” I ask him.

”Yes please, if you don mind. ”

”Okay, ” I say.

”Wait! I didn get your name, ” he says before I can close the door.

”My name is Kayla, ” I tell him.

”Okay, thank you Kayla have a good night. ”

I give him a smile before shutting the door and leaving the room.

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