You’re Gorgeous

Stranger at My Doorstep

to the nearest hospital. You
e lucky your injury isn serious. ” I admonish him gently.

”I was on the run so I didn think at that time to take my phone, I only have my wallet on me. ”

He replies studying me for some time. I notice his eyes staring at mine and for a moment I feel a little uncomfortable. Its too dark to see his eye colour.

”What? Quit staring at me like that you
e creeping me out. ”

”Sorry its just….that you
e gorgeous. ”

”Really? Haha thats funny I never pegged myself that high in the looks department, but thanks for the compliment. ”

”So since this apartment is small and theres only two rooms, Ill use my moms you can use mine ok? ”

”I don want my mom to come home and have a heart attack, hopefully you will be gone by then and safely on your way to wherever it is you came from. ”

”Got it? ” I ask him.

”I understand, thank you for letting me stay over. ”

”Ok, Im going to take you to my room,but I think Ill prepare a meal for you first. ”

”Ive got pumpkin soup, garlic bread and spinach cheese puffs. ”

”Thats fine, I love spinach cheese puffs. ”

”Oh fantastic, let me get you some. Can you walk over to the dining table to eat? ” I ask him.

”Yes, I can ” he says slowly getting up and walking over to the dining table. I take out the chair for him to sit and he bends over and takes his seat.

I pile a plate with puffs and garlic bread, fill a bowl with pumpkin soup and place it in front of him with a spoon. He takes a sip of the soup with his right hand and tastes it for awhile before finally commenting, ”its great I like it thanks, ” he says giving me a small smile.

”Im going to go and get some clothes out for you, I have some of my brothers things that you can wear, except for underwear, you
e going to have to get some. ”

”No problem. ” He replies.

So I leave him in the kitchen and head straight to my room I switch on the light, take out a set of pajamas for myself and a change of clothes for tomorrow, underwear, my toothbrush, hairbrush, my make up bag and some socks. I take out a fresh towel one Ive not used and put it into the bathroom, I put a new toothbrush in as well along with a soap bar and some shampoo.

I lock my cupboard and my shelves especially where I keep jewelry Im just anxious he might take something.

”Do not be paranoid, ” I tell myself calmly and take a deep breath before I leave my bedroom.

I take his plate and bowl away seeing that he has finished everything, he must have been hungry I think as I give him a glass of warm water. He drinks all the water and sets the glass on the table. I put everything in the sink and help him to my bedroom. He settles himself on my bed and takes a look around at his surroundings.

”Nice room, ” he comments

”Thanks, the wall paper was recently done. Its a nice shade of peach pink and red. ” I add on.

”So theres a towel in bathroom for you and a tooth brush, Ive also left my brothers clothes on the chair over there so its easy for you to take it tomorrow. ”

”Thanks for everything, ” he says.

”Do you want me to leave the lamp light on? ” I ask him.

”Yes please, if you don mind. ”

”Okay, ” I say.

”Wait! I didn get your name, ” he says before I can close the door.

”My name is Kayla, ” I tell him.

”Okay, thank you Kayla have a good night. ”

I give him a smile before shutting the door and leaving the room.

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