You’re Gorgeous

The Special Edition

rin spreading across his face.

”Come, lets tuck in now that Kayla is here, ” said her mother at the head of the table. Everyone started eating the spread laid out which was roast chicken, salad, mashed potatoes, and creamy cheese and spinach puffs. Dessert time came along and the little party gathered at the Smith household enjoyed a carrot cake with cream cheese topping.

The time came to open presents and Kayla didn get the chance to slip her present for everyone under the tree instead she took it out of her shopping bags and just passed it each and everyone of them. There were ooos and aaaaas as everyone tore the wrapping of their presents to take a look at what they had gotten.

”I love this book, Waiting Here For You by Colleen OBrien! Thank you Kayla, ” gushed Ava as she opened her book and inspected its contents.

”Oh my goodness, you got me a midnight blue top from Charlottes Clothing Store! Its beautiful like the night sky when the stars come out, thanks Kayla, ” said Mary-Anne. She had also gotten a pajama suit for Felix and a bottle of mens cologne for Jedidiah. Jaxon got a bottle of mens cologne as well it was an Ocean scent and it smelled fresh like the cool waves of the sea. Her mother received a maroon sweater with gold autumn leaves scattered all over it, she had thought the design was stunning when she purchased it for her mother and she was glad that her mother liked it.

Kayla got an ivory knitted scarf with pink stripes on it from Ava and a book from Mary-Anne titled City of Love by Lindsey Summers.

”Oh my Lord this is the latest romantic comedy to hit the shelves in bookstores world wide, Mary – Anne thank you so much for this, ” said Kayla with excitement clearly evident in her blue eyes.

”So Kayla what are your plans for the new year? ” Mary-Anne asked.

”Im hoping to get a raise at my current work place, ” answered Kayla.

”What do you do? ” Ava asked her from her position at the couch near the fireplace.

”I predict outcomes based on current patterns in charts and graphs. You could say my job is to help manage risk, before my company can take a step to invest in particular project. ”

”Cools ”, commented Mary-Anne.

”Yeah, if you
e risk averse like me then yes I like what I do, ” said Kayla.

e just glad to have you home, especially now that your workplace is closer to home, ” said her mother.

”Thanks mom, Im happy to be home. ” She had been away from home for her studies and internship, now that she was back, she was glad to have the people she loved closer at reach. She and her mom shared an apartment which was just fifteen minutes from her workplace and twenty minutes from her moms school where her mother worked as a teacher.

”I don know about you guys but I believe 2023 is going to be a better year for all of us, ” said Jaxon suddenly from his end of the room.

”I agree, hopefully things would have fully recovered since the COVID 19 pandemic. ”

”How about a toast? ” said Ava carrying a tray with tall glasses of champagne.

”To a good year ahead filled with life,laughter and prosperity! ” Jedidiah said raising his glass in the air.

”Cheers! ”

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