YEAR 18!


Cassie has always had what you call a normal life. But what exactly is considered normal these days. She sees her life as though its a set of fixed activities. She wakes up in the morning and is already pissed. She sighs ”here we go again ”. She gets up and out of bed. She always has a hot shower every morning, she enjoyed the feel of the heat on her face while she tries to fathom reasons why she was always sad. ”Its all so depressing, how can I be sad and not know the reason ” she asks her self. ”Cassie honey come and have breakfast quickly, youll be late for school ” her mom calls out. She has always loved her mom. Although there were times her mom made her feel like she could rip her hair off her scalp. Her dad…. She felt something for him. Love…. The kind that is better expressed at a distance. They were never too close or too apart. But her Dad always said that he could feel her slipping away as she got older.

Breakfast was a mess. Mom tried one of her online recipes again. It was terrible. But she couldn say that to her mom. She looks up at her moms anxious face with eyebags from staying up late and working all night. She smiles ”this is amazing mom ”. That sentence alone, she was sure made her moms whole day.

Cassie was an only child. We all know the perks of that but people don really know the downsides. Cassie always felt different… Not the bad different though, the confusing kind. The type when you know you
e loved but there are times where you don feel it on some days. She often drowns her self in thoughts and music and most recently ”food ”…. Which is where her recent problems begin. Cassie had always been a perfect body kind of girl. Everyone knew this, including Cassie. That was one of the things she was confident about. She wasn skinny neither was she plus sized. She just had the flesh in the right places. She recently started to put on some visibly notable weight due to her recent obsession. But we
e getting ahead of ourselves aren we.

She picks up her things calls her best friend, Natalia, they agree to meet up by the creamery to get milkshakes before they head off. She takes a final look at her outfit for the day. She feels like she is showing too much skin, Insecurity hits and she frowns and picks up a hoodie.

Crimson High. The shit hole of a school. Cassie was glad at least that she would be done soon. This was her year like she would always say. She was a senior and was going to graduate that year. She was excited mainly for prom. She wasn too smart, just smart enough, an average student if you observed closely. She felt she tried her best, but her Dad always said she could do better and to be honest it pissed her off. Not that she did study hard enough just that it was hard to remember and she knew she wasn to blame. She blamed ADHD. She had struggled with it since she was 14 years old.

She had biology at first period. And boy was she excited…and No, it wasn because science was ”fun ”, It was because she would get to spend time with Brian. Brian was everything Cassie wanted in a guy, kind, trustworthy, polite, honest and yeah he was hot!!! ”What more could a girl need ” she often said to herself. But Brian was just her friend or something like that. They were more or less in a situationship. They both knew they liked each other, she was waiting for him to make the move while he was scared of rejection. He didn want to ruin their relationship as friends. So he decided to play it safe.

She walked in class with her head high. She felt confident. Taking her time walking elegantly to her seat right beside Brian. He smiled at her and said ”someones in a good mood ” she could feel her ears heat up in a a blush. ”How can someone be so hot yet so kind ” Cassie had always known hot dudes at her school to be sons of bitches. The no good doodleheads had nothing good in them. But Brian was different. A special breed. Her teacher walked in and greeted the class. Everything went on pretty smooth after that.

It was the middle of the day, almost time for history

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