(Four kids are training with a man who looks about 40 and hes telling them to start over from the top)

AJ – dad can we not do this all day weve been at it forever

timothy – yeah please its only so much i can do on a empty stomach

Dad – give me more effort this time and well stop after

(that made the other two including aj and timothy excited)

(they finished up their training with one on one combat which they usually always do)

Dad – alright guys partner up and do controlled combat (which was fighting without really hitting each other)

(so by facial expressions you can tell who hated that the most)

(as soon as he finished his sentence aj replied with)

Aj – not again this is the third day in the row can we please go all out I gotta teach him a lesson for what happened last time (while glaring at his younger brother)

Dad – now you know the rul-

(cutting him off stepped in the second oldest child)

Dontae – father its fine i have no problem with it if he wants to challenge me then Ill allow it (aj rolls his eyes) (dad giggles a little bit but then proceeds to shake his head initiating the all out combat)

(joey and the other child (third oldest) t

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