a monster he accidentally killed.
Instead, he replaced the free pies and lodging costs with dedication to the small town.
The past week was Luon’s own consideration for Hobson to ease his burden, and leaving was because he thought it was enough now.

“I’m treating my benefactor, and this pie is nothing.”

“What benefactor? I’ll get a hefty amount of reward anyway.
That’s my compensation.”

After speaking, Luon got up from his seat.
After checking his condition for a moment, he extended his hand to Hobson.

“Thank you for the delicious pie.
I think I’ll remember it often.”


Hobson grabbed Luon’s hand.

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Luon turned around for a moment and captured the sight of the village moving away.
A town with an amazingly delicious pie.
A village with people who do not hide their gratitude for even some small help.
It was a place to keep as a good memory.

It was a group of men who stood in the way of Luon, who was rushing his steps.
A familiar face stepped forward.
It was the ponytailed man he met at the inn.

“It was so hard for you to come out… I thought you were going to settle down in the village.”

“Because Hobson’s Strawberry pie is delicious.”

It’s funny that his hair wiggled after hearing him.

“Is it? Anyway, I’m glad.
If you didn’t show up today, I was going to break into the inn.”

“Why? Did you have something new to propose?”

The man shook at Luon’s blunt words.

“I have a proposition.
If you cooperate, it will be very easy.”

Before he knew it, the ponytail was lowering his body.
Is he?

As the ponytail raised his hand, the people standing behind raised their weapons at once.

“Just drop the necklace and go.
Then I will spare your life.”

‘What? I expected it, but it’s a very childish line.’

Without hearing Luon’s answer, the men gradually narrowed the distance.
Judging by their vicious looks, it didn’t look like he was going to be let off simply because he gave them the necklace.

Luon smirked at the sight.

It was so sentimental.
This is the world we live in.
A damn world that wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone for a few pennies.

Luon put his hand in his arms.
Luon gently reached out his arms as the ponytail, who thought he was taking out the necklace, grinned meanly.
A dagger that was shot along the trajectory was buried deep in the neck of the largest man standing at the front.


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The large man’s eyes turned white, and he fell stiffly to the side.
It took less than a few seconds until the movement of the big man, who was shaking as if he had been struck by lightning, stopped completely.
Luon said coolly to the men who were hardened by the sudden development.

“If you leave now, I will spare the rest of you.”

As if those words had touched his self-esteem, the ponytail shrieked in a convulsive manner.

“Shit, damn it.
Kill him!”

At the call, two men came running from both sides of Luon.
It was not an organized movement, but reflexive according to the command.

Luon greeted them with a gentle turn of the wrist.

Avoiding the sword from the left, his fist broke the opponent’s neck.
In the meantime, the other hand pulled a sword from his waist and cut the man’s chest running from the right.

In an instant, two people fell to the floor.
Only then, realizing that something had gone wrong, the ponytail pushed his only remaining subordinate at Luon and began to run away.


The subordinate stabbed the spear with a scream that he did not know whether it was a scream or shout.
After lightly blocking the attack, Luon blew the subordinate’s neck and looked at the man who was moving away.

He didn’t bother to go after him.
Luon, who grabbed the bow from behind, put the arrow on the bowstring and pulled his arm back without hesitation.
A momentary concentration.
The finger holding the tip of the arrow opened slightly.


The man’s head exploded with the sound of watermelon bursting.

Turning his head, Luon stabbed his sword into the hearts of those who were still breathing.
It took less than a minute for the quiet forest road to fill with the smell of blood.

Although he killed five, the experience gained by killing them was far below the level of the previous Banshee.

‘Shit, even in the midst of this, I’m checking my experience points.’

A self-sacrificing smile descended on Luon’s lips as he looked at the road that had been strewn with corpses.

It was hard to think of a 26-year-old college student checking his experience even after killing a person, but Luon didn’t want to make a fuss.
He is just living through the day in this damn game.

Luon threw away the creeping thoughts and rummaged through the arms of the fallen bodies.
There was no sense of shame.

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