“…..I feel like a fool.”

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Luon did not miss the sight of the ponytailed eyes staring at the necklace, gleaming with lust for a moment.

From his past experiences he knew better than anyone what people with those eyes could do.

For a brief moment, the eyes of the two entangled in the air.
The moment Luon slowly brought his hand under the table towards the sword handle in the strange atmosphere.

“Now, did you say that you killed the banshee?”

The innkeeper ran over with a gasp.
He was in such a hurry that he didn’t even realize he had a dry towel and a glass of beer in his hands.

“You must have been very lucky, customer, yes!”

Luon returned his hand to its original position as the strange atmosphere was evoked by the unexpected appearance of the owner.

The owner, who had no idea what kind of situation he had barged in, asked in an excited voice.

“Did you run into it last night?”


“Can you tell me how you killed it?”

“Cut it down with a sword.”

The ponytail, who had been silently watching the conversation between the owner and Luon, stood up from his seat.

The reward seems to be quite high, but since you are going to swallow it alone, it’ll taste great.
Enjoy the rest of your meal.”

The ponytail returned to his companions and said some words.

“See you again.”

Luon answered wistfully.

“Is that so?”

Ponytail and his party immediately left the inn since there was no reason to stay any longer.
Noticing what kind of conversation they had, they left through the door and threw sharp glances at Luon.

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Luon, who finished his meal calmly as if nothing happened, went straight to his room and fell into a deep sleep.



The tendons on Luon’s forehead stood out.
When his muscular arm lifted the rock that was blocking the drainage channel, he heard someone exclaim “Wow!” around him.

An old man with sparse age spots approached him, wiping his dirty hands.

“Oh my God, it is said that a strong warrior does the work of ten men.
You are just that.”

“It’s not a big deal.”

Without minding anyone the old man laughed happily.
In his view, Luon was a rare young man with both humility and skills.

“Did you say you were leaving today? Hobson seemed very disappointed.”

“I have been around for a longer time because of that man’s pie.
I have to go now.”

Luon answered, gently pulling away the clinging children.

“I see.
Thank you for everything.”

“Well Then.”

After bowing his head briefly, Luon walked towards the inn.
As he opened the door, he saw Hobson putting down the pie and milk with a smile.

I took special care of it because it was your last.”

Luon looked at the deliciously baked pie.
He ate all week, but still couldn’t get enough of it.
This pie was also the last one for today.
It was a little disappointing.

It has been a week since he had breakfast in this small town where he had no intention of staying for more than a day.
It was no exaggeration to say that more than half of the reasons were due to the pie in front of him.

“Did you really not add any drugs?”

Hobson chuckled when Luon asked.

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“Did you know that it’s already the third time that you’ve asked about it?”

“Because it’s just as addictive as a real drug.”

“Haha, I’ll take it as a compliment.”

Hobson, who was sitting across from Luon, looked at Luon, who finished the pie in an instant, with satisfaction and asked.

“Isn’t it too early to leave?”

“A week for travellers is like a month for ordinary people.
I’ve been around for a long time.”

Hobson, who had been silent for a while at Luon’s answer, slowly opened his mouth.

“Thank you.
We are all relieved thanks to you for slaying the banshee.
Now that there’s no reason to hide the kids in the house before the sun sets, it’s going to be noisy until quite late.
That’s not all.
I’m really grateful for the big and small things that you’ve helped in the town with.”

Luon shook his head at Hobson’s words.

“No, I did it for my own safety.
I helped the village because I felt sorry for eating such a delicious pie for free every day.
That’s all.”

The banshee that Luon killed a week ago was a notorious monster that had roamed the forest for quite some time and attacked nearby residents, and it was also the same banshee who brutally ripped and killed Hobson’s son, a hunter.

Luon looked at the middle-aged man in front of him.
He was well aware that this skillful cook saw him as a benefactor for avenging his son.

That’s why Luon drew the line even more clearly.
He didn’t want to be treated like a hero through

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