This Is Not Time Travelling

The Dragon Princess and Mirifical Enthral.

The energy ball infused with dark dan fire magic flew fast towards him and he braced himself. Cole closes his eyes tightly. After some time, he was confused, about why he wasn hit yet.

”Huh? ” He opened his eyes to see the energy ball was stopped in front of him. No, it wasn in front of him, it stopped at the tip of Luciuss sword. Their jaws dropped. Lucius sliced the fireball and it exploded, sending Cole falling to the back. The Replica looked at Lucius.

”Only now you
e making a move? ” Cole asked.

”Taking too much time. ” Lucius responded, Cole sat up. He just laughs and shakes his head in disbelief.

Lucius starts walking forward. They had been anticipating to see Lucius in action, to see his true powers. He was already in front of the Replica, his eyes met with the Replicas and it jolted.

”You! ” The Replica jumps backward, distancing himself, and pointed all its needles towards Lucius. They were surprised by the Replicas reaction.

”Hes dangerous. ” The Replica launches all the needles toward him, but he avoided the needles barely with any movement taken, missing him by inches.

”White Hole. ” Lucius called out. A large white hole appeared above the Replica causing the Replica and its needle to fall to the ground due to the forceful pressure coming out from it.

”What?! ” They were stunned to see the Replicas situation.

With each passing second, the pushing force got insanely powerful until the Replica was almost buried deep under the floor, leaving only the lifeless Replica a few meters underground.

Lucius snaps his finger and the white hole dissipated.

He touched the Replicas body and plunged it inside, taking out its core, then crushing it to bits. The Replica body disappeared into black smoke.

”Congratulations. Ive sensed only you are capable of defeating him. What a nostalgic type of magic, dark magic. ” Dawn slides her veil revealing wavy ginger hair paired with charming green eyes. She stood near him and hold out a new vessel core, where the black smoke was sucked inside. The others fell off their feet, with jaws dropped.

”What just happen? ” Aurielle was still in shock.

”Did it really just end? That quick? ” Dylan was speechless too.

”We didn have a chance with the golem but when Cole fight it, it was pretty easy for him. Then, he had a hard time with the Replica, but that guy just ended it in a matter of few seconds? ” Remy was dumbfounded.

”As expected from the strongest. ” Cole smacked Lucius back while complimenting him. They began to gather around, the others seem so weak just from witnessing the battle.

”It should be finished by now, right? ” Cole asked. They shrug their shoulders.

”Well, I guess you guys wouldn know that. Im asking the White Knight. ” Cole said. There was silence for a brief moment, they were trying to process his word, before instinctively backing away.

”WHITE KNIGHT?! ” They were flabbergasted for who knows how many times by now.

”No wonder hes so powerful. Its the legendary White Knight. Its really an honor to meet you, sir. ” They bowed.

”Oh my god. Its my dream to meet you. ” Remy was getting teary.

”We have tons of questions but we don even know where to start. ” Aurielle was getting relentless, but Lucius just walks away. A huge disappointment was shown on their faces, dispirited.

”Sorry to break it to you. I tried before too, but he just won talk that much. ” Cole sighs.

”Can we really ask anything about him? ” Remy felt like this will be a wasted opportunity.

”No, he will always say- ”

”Classified. ” Lucius cuts off Coles words. They dragged their feet, disheartened. Its very rare to meet a legend. Not after his news wasn heard for a long time.

White Knight. No one ever had that much information about him, but he was famed for helping kingdoms that were in need. He was also, one of the main figures that assisted in subduing the demons from Aberrant Mortala.

”No worries. Since you guys manage to reach the Ruin of Eve, Ill let you take some of the treasure. ” Cole winked at them.

”Really?! ” Their faces lit up again.

”Anyhow, isn it suspicious that the White Knight seems young? ” Remy whispered.

”Maybe, his father was the White Knight? Now, his son continuing that title? ” Aurielle guessed.

”Or he really is a- ” Dylan tried to make an assumption too but got cut off.

”Hush! Don say the D word! ” Remy and Aurielle hushed him.

”Come. ” Dawn gestured for them to follow her.

She stood at the back of the room and waves her hand against the wall. A golden ancient writing shines, and a secret door opens up, followed by a hidden staircase that appeared before their eyes, step by step. Dawn used her power and created an orb of light to shine their way, one by one they followed her. After a while they descended the staircase, they saw an opening at the end, a blinding light caused them to squint their eyes.

Upon leaving the dark staircase, not far from them, they saw a large floating, garden gazebo on top of a flowing spring waterfall. Leisurely, they walk down toward it. They can also smell the fragrances of flowers, carried by the soft breeze, mainly white roses that bloom in there with numerous colorful butterflies fluttering. They saw a large tree hovering at the edge of the gazebo, it provided shade from the sunlight, with that being said, they were actually on the other side of the cliff, where Ruin of Eve was built inside of Aesthete Cliff. It was breathtaking.

”So beautiful and calming. What are we doing here? Is there even greater treasure hidden in here? ” Cole was getting excited.

”Yes. The most priceless treasure, more precious than any gold and diamond could provide. ” Dawn smiles while walking gracefully, enjoying the mesmerizing scenery.

”Wait. Now that I think about it. The Replica was a clone of the Dark King, does that mean?! ” Aurielle was stricken by realization.

”Could it be?! ” Remy finally caught onto her. They were more excited and anticipating the priceless treasure that Dawn mentioned.

As butterflies flew elegantly around them, they saw it. Ahead of them was an overgrown bedding of flowers, with a white coverlet draping down, touching the grass. Lays peacefully on the bedding was a silhouette of a young girl, with long pure white hair hanging by the bedding. They gasped, it was overwhelming that Aurielle had covered her mouth, she was touched.

”Welcome to the Garden of Eternity. ” Dawn welcomed them.

”The legend was true… In the past, no one knew where she was taken, all assumed she might be dead already, but all this time, she was sleeping in here? The Dragon Princess… ” Aurielle was stunned.

”The Dragon Princess? ” Cole was curious, so they move closer to inspect her. She was sleeping quietly in her white dress.

”Princess. You have a lot of visitors today. ” Dawn whispered softly while placing her forehead against hers.

”Shes a lot smaller than I thought. ” Remy commented.

”And very white too. ” Dylan said. With her pale complexion, long white hair, lashes, and dress, it is only normal for him to think that way, only her cherry lips were the most noticeable contrasting color on her.

”Oh my god. This is a very lifetime experience! ” They cry for joy.

”Thank you, sir White Knight and Dawn for bringing us to see the Dragon Princess. ” They thanked both of them, still overwhelmed by their feelings.

”Errr. Don forget about me. I did some of the work too. ” Cole felt dismayed, theyd forsaken all of his efforts.

”Dawn, just what is the Dragon Princess? ” Aurielle asked the most controversial question about the girl in white.

”By all means, I don quite understand that question. ” Dawn was confused.

”We heard many stories about her. Is she actually an angel or a demon? ” Aurielle asked again. Dawn just chuckles, while brushing the girls head softly.

”Our princess is a normal human being. ” Dawn replies with her gaze softened. They were baffled by her answer.

”Thats impossible, no human ever lived that long, theres nothing normal about that. Unless she is an immortal. ” Remy was skeptical.

”Wait, didn she had wings too? How would a human possess that? ” Remy continued, which made them nod in agreement.

”I understand your doubts but the princess is just a sweet young human girl. The seal not only made her sleep for eternity, but it also stopped her internal time from flowing, thats why she doesn age. As for her wings, Im not quite sure, but she did say that it was a gift. ” Dawn explained.

”Wings as gifts? How is that even possible? ” Dylan was bewildered.

”The Dragon Princesss wings must have been bestowed by God. ” Aurielle was sure of it. They partially accepted her answer.

”So her seal caused her to be timeless, which also caused her to become temporarily immortal? ” Remy questions and Dawn responded with a nod.

”Temporary? I don think temporary is the right word. ” Dylan disagrees with that statement.

”Can we really not wake her up? ” Cole turns to ask. Dawn shakes her head slowly.

”We can break her seal, though we have tried many ways to break it, all have failed. ” Dawn said.

”Why don we try it? ” Cole suggested. They nodded and surrounded her.

”Ready. Now. ” He said. They began channeling their powers to her. Steadily, golden chains appeared on her skin, it was the seal.

”Don stop. ” Lucius ordered out of the blue. After a long period of time, nothing happened, and they already felt drained. Dawn looks at the other struggling with full concentration. She lets out a sigh while lowering her hand and stopped channeling her power.

”Lets just stop. ” She urged everyone.

”We can do it. ” Aurielle tries to persuade but Dawn shakes her head.

”The seal is just too strong. I don even think we can unseal her anymore… Theres no need for you all to waste your energy. ” Dawn kneeled beside the girl.

”When will the day come for me to hear her laughter once again? Ive already forgotten what her voice sounds like. ” Dawns tears fell onto the girls hand. They sympathize with her.

”We should get going by now. Ill show you the treasure as a gift. ” Dawn stood up and wipes her remaining tears.

”Thank you from the bottom of my heart. No, from the bottom of our hearts. We from Mirifical Enthral, thank you for seeing our princess today. She would have been so happy to meet all of you. ” Dawn delightfully bowed to them.

”And so we are. Thank you for letting us meet her. ” Aurielle replies.

”Let me show you the way. After all, the guardians are still roaming around. ” Dawn offered.

”That would be lovely, thank you. ” Cole thanked her for the kind gesture.

”I would really love to see the Dragon Princess again but those Killer Gliders give me the creeps. ” Remy shivers.

”This might surprise you but they are the princesss favorite friends. ” Dawn chuckles softly. They were taken aback by the information.

”No offense, but she surely has weird taste in friends. ” Dylan commented.

”You are wrong, they were all gentle creatures in the past. However, since the princess got sealed. They somehow got cursed and turned into those dangerous monsters you humans called Killer Gliders. ” Dawn clarified.

”So they were infected by the Cursed Woods? ” Aurielle asked.

”To be honest, there was never a Cursed Woods. ” Dawn admitted.

”So it appeared only after she got sealed? ” Cole guessed to which Dawn nodded.

”They lost all their colors, their voices. I guess it was connected to their feelings towards the princess since all I felt from them was… Sadness… ” Dawn lowered her head.

”If you listen closely, youll hear it. They were not laughing… ” Dawn mentioned.

”They are not laughing? ” They were surprised, since they clearly hear the Killer Gliders laughing, was it not the case?

”The masks were made into smiling faces, which misunderstanding couldn be avoided. However, if you listen attentively, you can hear them… Crying… ” Her words made them feel regretful.

”I never knew that… That is very sad indeed. ” Remy pitied.

”What about the Dark King? ” Dylan asked.

”I think, you humans are well aware of it. ” Dawn said, which made them turn to each other.

”So hes really still missing? Don you know anything about it, Dawn? ” Aurielle asked her.

”We don . He went to visit her like usual, but one day, he just disappeared without a trace. ” Dawn explains.

The Dark Kings disappearance was a mystery, he did go missing after the sealing of the Dragon Princess. No one knows his whereabouts. Others speculated, he disappeared because he felt guilty that he didn manage to stop her sealment, and some say he got taken away by the Evil One since he is the original dragon from Aberrant Mortala, it was backed up by the incident followed after her sealment.

”Oh my, I know no stop when its regarding Mirifical Enthral, our king and princess. Im ashamed. Please, this way. ” Dawn leads them to the treasury room.

The others began to follow her but Lucius stayed beside the girl. He watches her attentively and saw something shining hidden under her hair, he carefully slides her hair strands, unveiling a beautiful unrefined crystal necklace. He put it inside her palm which was placed near her face.

”Ive found you, at last… I will come again… Emi… ” Lucius kissed her forehead, tenderly.

Before leaving, he taps his index finger softly onto hers and walks away to catch up with the others. At that moment, what went past him was an illuminating butterfly, it stood out from the rest of it. Lucius felt uneasy and turned to see the butterfly, fluttering closer to Emi. It rested on the crystal necklace, which the butterfly began to vibrate in a light color. Lucius was distracted and alarmed.

”Whats wrong, Lucius? ” Cole called out to him after noticing that he was frozen in place.

”Shes! ” Luciuss eyes widen.

The golden chain appeared on her body and it began to vibrate with the butterfly. The place began to shake violently.

”Whats happening?! A quake?! ” Remy panicked.

The forest was also going wild and every creature was running in one direction. The Killer Gliders were getting restless too. Rocks began to fall from the caved ruins and the energy core of the Replica began to pulse.

”Impossible! ” Dawn looked at the girls body and gasped.

Her body little by little was levitated in the air and the chains, in a flash, become physically separated from her body, circling her.

”The Dragon Princess! ” They exclaimed.

The light was blinding when suddenly the chain broke into pieces and fell to the ground, disappearing. The quakes have stopped and her body descended back onto the flower bedding. Lucius rushed beside her, and there was silence before he saw her fingers slowly begin to move.

”Ugh. ” She grunts softly, trying to pull her body up. But, she was still too weak and almost falls where Lucius immediately held her up. She took support from his hand and brushes her eyes. It was still blurry from her sleep.

”Who are you? ” She asked while looking at him with a sleepy face. Her enthralling rose quartz-colored eyes lock onto his; enamored purple eyes, she saw.

”Father? ” She asked with a tilted head. Did an angel pass by? Silence has suddenly fallen, followed by;

”WHAT?! ” They screamed in shock.

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