Thanks to this, I was able to acquire information about this area at least briefly.
First of all, I had to find a place to protect this body, so I looked closely at the map.
Oh, of course, this village where more than 100 people died in an instant is out of the question.
Then, suddenly, there was a place that caught my eye.

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“Se-ja-in – sezaine.
Countryside within countryside, there is no information.
If you go, you will be a farmer there.

It’s a countryside within the countryside… I’d rather choose a place like that.
Even if I went to the bustling capital city for no reason, it is better to be able to think calmly in a quiet countryside with less crime than to become a noble slave for an identity check.
And isn’t there such a thing as rural kindness? Hurriedly, I roughly decided on the target and rolled up the map.
Erina was a girl who dreamed of breaking away, so she had a backpack that was perfect to take with me.
I put the map in, packed a few clothes and a little bit of food, and left the house.

In this eerie town, I thought I had to get out before the sun went down, so I had to act.
I picked up her backpack and hurried my steps to open the door.


As soon as I opened the door, I fell to the floor, screaming at the shape of the person who appeared.
What, what a surprise, are you already a ghost? Humanly… no, ghostly, show up after 12pm!

But what was before me was more than a ghost.

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The Demon King.

“How do you…”

The Demon King bowed to me, who was surprised and didn’t even think to get up. Flinch– I closed my eyes tightly.
Then, the soft and strong force wrapped around my wrist suddenly lifted my body, and I suddenly came to stand in front of him.

“Are you okay?”


I doubted my ears at his worried question.
Are you worried about me now? Hey.

When I blinked and there was no answer, the Demon King’s eyebrows went down pitifully.
Then, he turned my body around and looked to see if there were any injuries.
Oh my, that’s my butt, can you not touch it?

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I felt like he was gently stroking my butt on purpose, so I slapped the back of his hand without realizing it.
The startled Demon King hastily removed his hand.
I couldn’t understand this situation of being sexually harassed all of a sudden.


What’s with that naive expression of not knowing anything? Are you teasing me?

The face of the Demon King still remained innocent.
I don’t know exactly what happened, but one thing is for sure, the Demon King in front of me, whose token disappeared is very different from the Demon King who was aiming for my life with the cruel eyes of last night.

If it’s a chance, it’s a chance…..

I gave up on thinking and walked out of the house past the Demon King.

As always, the Demon King followed me.
Like a duckling who mistakenly thinks that the first person he sees is his mother.

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The sun went down over the sunset.


Unfortunately, the physical strength of the body owner was so weak that it was no different from my original body.
After walking down for a few hours, I choked on my breath and almost died.

I put my hand on my knees and was breathing heavily, the Demon King stood next to me and looked down at me.
Whoa, he doesn’t give up.
So persistent.
My God.

“That’s why I said I’d give you a ride…….”

I had become nervous due to exhaustion.
Without looking at the demon king, I stretched out my hand.
Then carry me on your back.
Because it seems like I’m going to die.

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The Demon King sat down on one knee with his back turned in front of me.
I collapsed on his back.

Forgetfulness is said to be the greatest blessing from God.
I don’t know if this blessing will be medicine or poison, but for now I was quite comfortable with forgetting.
Just a few hours ago, I had been screaming frighteningly, but it was nowhere to be seen now, and I was moving very comfortably with my body completely entrusted to the Demon King.

His wide back was satisfactory.
He should’ve carried me from the beginning.

The Demon King could not remember anything, as if his head had changed due to the sudden evaporation of magical power.
Memory loss, thank you!

Even though I shouted and yelled at him not to come, he followed after me.
After hours of fighting, I was about to give up.

Looking back, when I came to my senses, the situation of the Demon King who could not remember anything was similar to mine, and I felt a little sorry for him.

And now, isn’t he also serving as a taxi? “Good things are good,” I thought to myself.
His magic has run out, so what am I going to do?

After rationalizating my thought process, I leaned my cheek on the comfortable back and fell asleep.

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