Ch5 – Lord of the Savage Wasteland

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Translator: transcendent.wings

Editor: teaff 

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A warm and soft palm covered Xu Xingzhi’s eyes, blocking his view: “.
. Shixiong, everything is all right now.”



Meng Chongguang raised his other hand, and the spider condensed from spiritual energy instantaneously dispersed into ashes.

He curled one finger to hook onto the strand of spiritual sense that Zhou Beinan didn’t have time to remove, and then flattened his palm, pushing it forwards. 

Outside the tower, hundreds of thousands of vines ruptured out from beneath Zhou Beinan’s feet and dragged him into the ground before he could even react.


Zhou Beinan was outraged: “Meng—”

Lu Yujiu opened up the distance between them, laid the repaired ghostly spear flat next to his head and commented with disdain: “Who told you to court death, you deserve it.”

Zhou Beinan: “.


Xu Xingzhi spent a long time coming around before he finally recovered from the catatonic state where his limbs were cold and goosebumps were raised all over his scalp.
He blinked and asked: “Is it dead yet?”

The sensation of eyelashes fluttering against his palm was very subtle.

Meng Chongguang withdrew his hand, looped an arm around Xu Xingzhi’s waist, and then used the back of his own hand to rub Xu Xingzhi’s forehead gently.
He spoke in a soft tone: “.
. Shixiong, don’t worry.
All annoying pests in the way will perish.”

A chill ran down Xu Xingzhi’s spine as he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something wrong with that statement.
He loosened his legs and jumped down from Meng Chongguang’s body, shaking his sweaty hands and pretending to be calm: “Scared me to death.” 

He didn’t know what kind of temperament the original owner had, but since he was Number One on the Heavenly Ranking, he probably wasn’t as petrified of bugs as he was.
He secretly glanced at Meng Chongguang to observe his reaction.

Meng Chongguang smiled as he grasped the chain attached to Xu Xingzhi: “No worries, Shixiong doesn’t have to be shy.
In the past when you were frightened by a Gu worm, you blew up the entire Ghost Clan’s tribute altar in response, don’t you recall?”

Xu Xingzhi: “.
.” I don’t remember, I’ve never heard of that, how shameful, farewell.

With the crisis over, Xu Xingzhi finally realized how ambiguous their positions were. 

Beauty presented directly up front appeared even more alluring, but he wasn’t so muddle-headed to have forgotten the grievances between the original owner and this villain before him.

He pushed Meng Chongguang aside, responding coldly: “Many thanks.”

Before he had even finished speaking, Meng Chongguang yanked the chain without hesitation, making Xu Xingzhi lose his balance and stumble headfirst back into Meng Chongguang’s embrace.

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Dazed by the crash, Xu Xingzhi raised his head to look at Meng Chongguang before asking: “.
What are you trying to do??” 

Meng Chongguang ignored Xu Xingzhi and commanded Zhou Wang: “Leave.”

Zhou Wang, who had watched the fun spectacle the entire time, hopped off the bed and even considerately closed the door for them on her way out.


Xu Xingzhi felt quite regretful that he was unable to uncover any useful information so his gaze chased after Zhou Wang’s back until she disappeared at the doorway.

Meng Chongguang glanced back and forth between the two: “.
. Shixiong, is she pretty?” 

According to Xu Xingzhi’s distinctive personality, he would’ve definitely spoken the truth, for example, “You are much more beautiful than she is; if it wasn’t for the fact that yours is bigger than mine, I would’ve married you into my family” or something like that.

But since the occasion wasn’t appropriate, he could only continue to pretend to be indifferent: “.
Don’t fuss.”


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Meng Chongguang suddenly reached out and pinched both of Xu Xingzhi’s cheeks.
Within seconds, Xu Xingzhi’s face became numb, yet it was Meng Chongguang’s gaze that formed a layer of shimmering light first: “.
How much longer does Shixiong plan on being cold to me? How much longer will you punish me?” 

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Meng Chongguang was startled by this yell and an aggrieved look flashed in his eyes before raging flames flared once more.

Immediately after, Xu Xingzhi’s collarbone was bitten. 

It was a bite, a genuine chomp that numbed Xu Xingzhi’s scalp and almost forced out his tears.

Meng Chongguang, who leveled up from a harmless brat to a rabid one, exclaimed, filled with desire: “.
. Shixiong, call me by my name again.”

His fanatical gaze seemingly ached to ignite Xu Xingzhi on the spot.

Though he wasn’t sure what feelings the original owner held towards Meng Chongguang, but in order to get rid of him, Xu Xingzhi suppressed the doubts in his heart and coldly rebuked: “Meng Chongguang, if you still consider me your shixiong, then don’t chain me here.
I saved your life today, is this how you treat your savior? Is this how I taught you in the past?” 

Meng Chongguang immediately came back to his senses, he frantically let go of Xu Xingzhi, and knelt before him: “Yes, Shixiong.
I, I know I was wrong.

Xu Xingzhi thought, okay, this time he’s finally figured it out; this child’s zodiac is a spinning top, he needs a beating.

As he was thinking, Meng Chongguang raised his head slightly and pleaded: “.
But Shixiong, the wasteland truly is dangerous.
I locked Shixiong in this room because I was afraid Shixiong would wander around and meet some danger again.
Chongguang cannot lose Shixiong again.
I can’t bear even the slightest possibility of that happening.

Xu Xingzhi always had a low resistance against beautiful things, even more so against the pitiful-looking face before his eyes. 

For a brief moment, Xu Xingzhi even felt a wave of unstoppable paternal love rise within his heart, and being bitten by this pup didn’t seem like such a sorrowful thing anymore.



Xu Xingzhi took a deep breath and bargained with him: “But I can’t stay in the room all day long.
That’d be even worse than squatting in jail.”

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Although the wasteland itself was just a giant prison, at least it was spacious. 

Meng Chongguang pondered this for a while and reluctantly replied: “.
Then Shixiong can go out for a walk during the daytime, but please don’t leave the tower and make sure to come back at night.

Although this wasn’t much better, at this point, a benefit given was another one gained so Xu Xingzhi didn’t mind.

When he nodded in acquiesce, Meng Chongguang finally revealed a smile.
He then crouched and unexpectedly bridal carried him.

Xu Xingzhi was startled, and because of the sudden loss of balance, he could only instinctively wrap his arms around Meng Chongguang’s neck: “What are you up to now?” 

Meng Chongguang replied extremely sincerely: “Shixiong, night has already fallen.”

Xu Xingzhi looked out through the window lattice and only felt that the color of the sky outside now was the same as it was before.

Meng Chongguang considerately helped Xu Xingzhi solve this mystery: “Day and night doesn’t exist in the wasteland, but it is indeed night time now, believe me.”

Xu Xingzhi: “.

As if I’d believe in your bullsh*t.

Meng Chongguang carried Xu Xingzhi back onto the bed and begged: “Shixiong, let Chongguang sleep with you ba.”

Xu Xingzhi knew that all objections would be pointless.
If he were to speak a little more harshly, he might even see a Meng Chongguang whose eyes brimmed with tears, as if someone had seriously wronged him.

He simply closed his eyes in defeat and rolled to the innermost side of the bed, making room for Meng Chongguang. 

Meng Chongguang delightfully climbed onto the bed and pulled the blanket over.
He first carefully covered Xu Xingzhi and then occupied a small part of the outermost edge of the bed, covering himself with a corner of the blanket before falling asleep feeling at ease.

Xu Xingzhi, on the other hand, could no longer fall asleep.
Following a long session of tossing and turning in bed, he finally settled on facing Meng Chongguang.

After his gaze flickered about turbulently a few times, Xu Xingzhi used his right hand to hold down the golden chain that bound him, preventing it from making a clinking sound, and used his left hand to pull out the dagger that was hanging by his waist.

He pointed the tip of the dagger downwards, aiming at the center of Meng Chongguang’s forehead. 

With a single stab, everything would be solved.

He could walk out of this damnable wasteland and return to a home where his father and little sister resided.
As long as he didn’t pick up the pen and continue writing this story, he would be able to bid this world farewell forever.


And yet, Xu Xingzhi couldn’t shake off this inexplicable sense of peculiarity with everything before him.

Logically, this was a false world he personally created, but Xu Xingzhi felt as if he inadvertenly caught a glimpse of reality after only spending a day here. 

These characters were no longer the 2D fakes constructed on scraps of paper.
They had flesh and blood.
They could move and laugh, could be annoyed and angered, could be mischievous or affectionate.

Including Meng Chongguang.

He seemed to be a pup that couldn’t be raised into maturity.
Yet, when he embraced him, when he covered his eyes, and even right now, gentle warmth could always be sensed.

For Xu Xingzhi, perhaps acting promptly would be the best strategy, but the feeling that a character one has created themself has come to life was too peculiar, and Xu Xingzhi couldn’t persuade himself that the person he needed to assassinate was merely a fictional character from a book. 

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Xu Xingzhi derisively laughed at himself, retracted the dagger, and laid back down with his eyes closed.

He wasn’t the real Xu Xingzhi.
He didn’t actually experience the hatred caused by the murder of his master or the pain from his celestial root being stripped, as such, it was difficult for him to hold true hatred for Meng Chongguang.

On the contrary, he actually held a little affection for Meng Chongguang instead.

Meng Chongguang was a living and breathing person.
He traveled from his dreams onto paper and subsequently arrived right before him. 

Xu Xingzhi needed to find another reason to kill him, otherwise, he couldn’t bear to deal the finishing blow.

After Xu Xingzhi resheathed his dagger, untangled the troubles in his heart, and drifted into a sound sleep, Meng Chongguang slowly opened his eyes.

His gaze was fixated on a certain point in the air.

It was the exact spot, without any margin of error, where Xu Xingzhi hovered the tip of his dagger. 

Meng Chongguang sat up silently and watched Xu Xingzhi’s sleeping face.

Finally, he lightly traced his fingers over Xu Xingzhi’s lips and muttered: “Shixiong, I’ve always wondered, where have you been all these years?”

After a moment, he had an epiphany and smiled slightly as he murmured to himself: “.
. Ah, I’ve got it. Shixiong was with Jiu Zhideng, right?”

“I was in the wasteland, while you were staying with him every day in the present world. Shixiong believed his words of slander and wanted to kill me, isn’t that right?” 

With that, Meng Chongguang lifted a hand to strangle Xu Xingzhi’s throat.

His slow and steady breaths underneath Meng Chongguang’s palm undulated like a rolling marble.
All he had to do was apply slight pressure and he could easily break that neck.
It was unknown how long Meng Chongguang maintained that gesture.
In the end, Meng Chongguang released his hands with a complicated expression and whispered under his breath: “.
. Shixiong, I know that you’ll change your mind eventually.
I don’t mind.
I’ll just wait a little longer.”


While he spoke, a light fragrance of foliage spread throughout the room.
Meng Chongguang laid back down again, no longer in the previously reserved position that gave Xu Xingzhi a little more room.

Instead he tightly wrapped himself around Xu Xingzhi’s entire body, pressed close to his ear, and whispered in a breathy voice: “Thank you for not killing me today.
However, Shixiong, you’ll have to be punished a little as recompense.

Xu Xingzhi, who gave up on the assassination, rapidly slipped into a deep slumber, entering dreamland instantly.
But somehow, his body felt like it was slowly burning up, his temperature climbing to the point that he was hot to the touch.
His limbs felt weak, and his entire body was numb, as if he lost every ounce of his strength.

In his dreams, there seemed to be a vine-like foreign body climbing up his legs, slowly tugging his ankles and separating his legs like it wanted to coil around him.
It patiently teased him and played with him, often lowering its head to take a sip of water from the gurgling spring.

Xu Xingzhi wanted to struggle, but his hands and feet were powerless and numb, as if layers upon layers of cirrocumulus clouds enveloped him savagely yet gently until he was floating in midair.

He anxiously tried to extricate himself from this strange dream, but everything he did seemed to have no effect.
When he was finally able to force himself to wake up, his lips felt scorched and he had a splitting headache.
He struggled to get up, wanting to get a drink of water.
Who could have known that the moment his feet touched the ground, a tingling sensation would shoot up from his heels, making him unable to support his weight and fall straight to his knees. 

Meng Chongguang was startled awake.
He quickly got off the bed and hugged Xu Xingzhi from behind: “Shixiong, what’s wrong?”

Xu Xingzhi’s body was very sensitive at this time and couldn’t handle any bodily contact.
When he was touched like this, he almost lost control and nearly kicked Meng Chongguang away.

After taking a moment to recover, he recovered his voice: “Nothing, I just had a nightmare.
Pour me a glass of water ba.”

Xu Xingzhi was completely unaware that, at this moment, his cheeks were flushed, highlighting his teardrop mole and showcasing a beauty that only he himself was oblivious to. 

Meng Chongguang obediently left to pour him a glass of water with an unspeakable joy radiating from his back and his dog tail wagged back and forth.

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Xu Xingzhi was propped into a sitting position, and as he leaned against the bed’s headboard, he thought that Meng Chongguang actually seemed quite adorable like this.

In a corner of the savage wasteland, there was a mountain with the title of “Feng Mountain” where yellow sand covered the sky, the frost and wind were bleak and persistent, and the mountain caves were lit up with a wan and flickering light that might be extinguished by a gale at any moment.

In the cave. 

A person of high position with sallow skin wrapped in beast hide leaned forward, his eyes gleaming with light: “You’re sure you saw clearly? It’s really Xu Xingzhi?”

The subordinate below replied: “I genuinely saw it when I retreated.
The one standing next to Meng Chongguang was definitely the first disciple of Fengling Mountain’s Qingjing-jun, Xu Xingzhi! That year, on the day of the heavenly ranking competition, I happened to meet him once so I remember him clearly.”

The person with the beast hide smiled with joy and laughed as he clapped his hands with delight: “Good, that’s great! With him, there’s hope of us leaving this savage wasteland!”

The area below suddenly burst into noisy chatter, not comprehending. 

The Beast Hide Person suppressed his glee: “Let me ask you guys, who is the master of Fengling Mountain now?”

Upon mentioning that person, everyone below couldn’t help but gnash their teeth.
A voice reluctantly answered: “It’s Jiu Zhideng.”


The Beast Hide Person replied: “That’s right, as long as we catch Xu Xingzhi and make an exchange with Jiu Zhideng, he’ll definitely let us go!”

Someone else objected: “That Jiu Zhideng is deranged, he’s always wanted to put us to death.
Why would he do that for this one person named Xu Xingzhi.

“Why wouldn’t he?” The Beast Hide Person laughed cruelly, “Jiu Zhideng is like Meng Chongguang, they were both raised and taught by Xu Xingzhi personally from young.
Who doesn’t know that Xu Xingzhi has the demeanor of a cut-sleeve; all the good shidis that he brought up are all beyond saving.
The relationship between him and Jiu Zhideng is unlike that of others.
If we were to capture his shixiong, then it’d be equal to us having a firm grasp on his lifeline!”

The more he talked, the more excited he became and his expression bordered on fanaticism: “I’ve long had enough of being a bandit for all these years! We only need to seize Xu Xingzhi and we’ll be able to.

A graceful woman that was leaning against the rock wall contemplated for a long time before she decided to interrupt the Beast Hide Person’s zealous ramblings: “Xu Xingzhi suddenly appeared in the wasteland now, don’t you find that strange? In these ten odd years, the only person who holds the key to the wasteland is Jiu Zhideng, so how did he get in here?”

She played with her newly painted nails, her lips carrying a smile: “Could it be that Xu Xingzhi failed to take care of Jiu Zhideng beneath the sheets? Or did Jiu Zhideng send him here on a mission? For example, kill off that good shidi of his, Meng Chongguang.
After all, Meng Chongguang is a unique existence in the wasteland.
If he had any plans to break out of the wasteland, Jiu Zhideng would also find him troublesome as well, right? .
.If it was one of these two possibilities, detaining Xu Xingzhi here would be pointless, and you’d just be dropping a rock on your own foot instead.” 

The Beast Hide Person was speechless.
The more he thought, the more reasonable it became so he couldn’t help but reveal a dejected look.

He bitterly forced out: “That’s true.
The fact that Xu Xingzhi murdered his own master back then is a truth known to everyone underneath the heavens.
Who knows what this kind of human scum wouldn’t do?”

The woman clicked her tongue twice, hating iron for not becoming steel, and slowly approached the Beast Hide Person step by step.
She sat down beside him on his stone seat and pressed her chest against his arm, smiling exuberantly: “Who said that Xu Xingzhi was completely useless?”

The Beast Hide Person: “.
What do you mean?” 

The woman teased the Beast Hide Person’s chapped lips: “Jiu Zhideng is far away from the wasteland, but.
don’t you want to control Meng Chongguang? Don’t you want to snatch back the position of the Lord of the Savage Wasteland that he seized?”

The author has something to say:

Chongguang: I have a special telepathic technique.

Shixiong: .

Chongguang: Woof!

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