Ch12 – Descendents of the Ghost Clan

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translator: transcendentwings

editor: teaff 

The teenage Lu Yujiu incoherently stammered through an abridged version of how he had been accepted into Qingliang Valley.

An idle and nameless ghostly practitioner had fallen in love with a maiden when he traveled to the mortal world for pleasure.
Thus, he bid farewell to Mingya Country and stayed with her in sickness and health.



The maiden gave birth to Lu Yujiu, but fell ill during her period of postpartum confinement.
Her body became weaker and weaker, and she eventually passed away when Lu Yujiu was 3 years old.

There is only a one in six chance for a human to successfully convert into a ghost, and that ghostly practitioner tasted the bitterness of separation by death for the first time.
He was so disconsolate that he left his half-grown child behind and followed her into death. 

After the young Lu Yujiu was able to understand worldly matters, he heard a few pieces of gossip from others and became aware that he was a burden to his aunt.
So he sensibly picked a small bag, stated that he was going to seek out an immortal to gain knowledge about cultivation, bid farewell to his aunt, and ran away from home.


Before his stash of traveling expenses was completely exhausted, he arrived at Qingliang Valley.

The shixiong who led him in hadn’t conducted a meticulous examination which allowed this young ghostly practitioner to slip into Qingliang Valley inadvertently.

And Lu Yujiu didn’t even know that he had a mixed bloodline that was absolutely beyond what the righteous sects could accept.
He was twelve when the bloodline of the ghostly clan awakened.
He planned to leave many times, but he already considered Qingliang Valley his home and was ultimately reluctant to give it up.


Lu Yujiu begged timidly: “.
Xu-shixiong, I don’t want to cause trouble for the righteous sects.
I only wanted to find a place where I could belong.”

Xu Xingzhi hiked up a foot and stepped on the rock: “You sure are brave.
Even after your bloodline awakened you still dare to stay at Qingliang Valley? Are you unaware of the reputation of Qingliang Valley’s Wen Xuechen?”

“I’ve only heard rumors that.
.” Teenager Lu Yujiu hung his head, “Wen-shixiong has always hated those of the non-righteous sects.

Xu Xingzhi: “It’s more than just hate.
How old are you this year?” 

Lu Yujiu obediently answered: “Fourteen.”

Xu Xingzhi let out a sigh: “The year you were born, the rampant and arrogant ghostly clan Mingya Country caused trouble ubiquitously.
Xuechen saw his parents get slaughtered by the ghostly clan when he was a child and was traumatized.
This event induced a heart disease and caused his physical fitness to decline to the extent that even walking became tough for him.
He entered Qingliang Valley in order to practice the immortal arts just for the sake of revenge.
For him to be able to work his way up to become Qingliang Valley’s da-shixiong with his physical condition should’ve already alerted you to how much hatred is supporting him to continue on that path.”

Xu Xingzhi still remembered the day when Mingya Country was destroyed.
Wen Xuchen used the divine arts to operate the Cycle of the Five Elements and shuttle throughout the ghostly realm, bringing a torrential rain of blood wherever he went.

Wen Xuechen always had been in poor health since childhood and was burdened with serious heart troubles that dyed his head of black hair frost-white prematurely.
After that battle, he maneuvered his wheelchair out from that mountain of corpses and sea of blood, effectively coloring his gray hair blood red. 

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The watery blood running down his face was mixed with his tears.

Xu Xingzhi, who was similarly covered in blood, approached him and pushed his wheelchair with one hand.
He waved the folded fan in his other hand and an umbrella painted full of small, scattered flowers shielded Wen Xuechen over his head.
It not only covered up his tears, but also blocked the gazes the surrounding disciples were throwing his way.

There wasn’t anyone who understood the hatred Wen Xuechen had for members of the ghostly clan except for Xu Xingzhi.

Lu Yujiu’s face paled: “Xu-shixiong, I know what you mean now.

Xu Xingzhi raised his eyebrow: “What do you know?”

Lu Yujiu couldn’t help but tremble: “I will leave Qingliang Valley immediately.


“Who told you to leave Qingliang Valley?” Xu Xingzhi felt amused, “I meant, you have to be extremely careful in the future.
Don’t use the ghost clan’s arts so freely because if you’re caught by Wen-baimao then that would be a disaster.”

Lu Yujiu: “.

Wen, Wen-baimao.

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The sect leader of Qingliang Valley, Fuyao–jun loved the art of Go.
He had a leisurely personality and didn’t concern himself with anything, so all of the Valley matters were taken care of by Wen Xuechen single-handedly.
Qingliang Valley was also different from the other three sects in that the ranks were especially strict.
Additionally, Wen Xuechen himself was not a person who smiled easily, so in the hearts of this group of outer sect disciples, he was like a god.
Thus Lu Yujiu was considerably shocked after hearing someone address Wen Xuechen by his nickname.
Only after mulling it over for a while did he understand Xu Xingzhi’s words.

He pursed his lips tightly: “Xu-shixiong means… I can still stay at Qingliang Valley?”

“Why not?” Xu Xingzhi patted him on the head: “Think about it, even as a ghostly cultivator, you can continue the immortal ways, how great is that ah.” 

Lu Yujiu was both delighted and surprised: “Xu-shixiong, you won’t tell Wen-shixiong?”

“Divulging secrets is the most meaningless act in this world.” Xu Xingzhi took a sip of water from the canister and used his sleeve to wipe the lip before passing it over to Lu Yujiu, “The first year I entered Fengling Mountain, I also participated in the Eastern Emperor Sacrificial Ceremony.
I fought with Yingtianchuan’s Zhou-dagongzi over the ownership of some hao zhici.
Lord Zhou was a spoiled brat at the time, but he was also domineering as heck, and I wasn’t that good at learning the arts so my right arm was injured by him.
My Master asked me later on why I was injured, I said that I broke it myself accidentally and that it had nothing to do with him.”

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Oe Teple: “.
Ccv atfc?”

Xu Xingzhi: “At the Eastern Emperor Sacrificial Ceremony two years later, I found an unoccupied recess in the mountains and beat him up personally.”

Lu Yujiu: “.

People who bore grudges are so scary. 

After telling his story, Xu Xingzhi stretched out a hand and patted Lu Yujiu’s head, reminding: “Remember, don’t disclose your identity to anyone ah.
Having the two of us know this secret is already sufficient.”

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For Xu Xingzhi to trust him so much, Lu Yujiu was rather at a loss.

He tentatively asked: “Xu-shixiong, you aren’t afraid if there’ll be a day that.

Xu Xingzhi retrieved his water canister, turned his palm over and transformed it back into the bamboo-ribbed fan: “Afraid of what? That one day you will change your mind? That one day you will betray Qingliang Valley?” 

Lu Yujiu pressed his lips together and didn’t dare to continue.

Xu Xingzhi responded easily: “Let’s talk about this sort of thing when that time comes.
At least at the moment, you acted as a buffer for the other sects’ disciples, making you trustworthy enough, so why should I drive you out of the home that you finally found with such difficulty just because of a what if?”


After speaking his peace, Xu Xingzhi leaned in closer, reining back his devil-may-care attitude and warned: “But, Lu Yujiu, you listen carefully, if there comes a day that you draw your sword against Qingliang Valley, I will come meet you; I can only swear that I won’t draw my sword out of its sheath before you, do you understand?”

Lu Yujiu couldn’t help but straighten his back and nod very seriously. 

Xu Xingzhi stuck out his pinky: “It’s a promise?”

Lu Yujiu bent down and pressed a kiss on top of Xu Xingzhi’s pinky.

Xu Xingzhi was taken aback: “.
This is.

Lu Yujiu’s cheeks flushed slightly: “This is part of the highest etiquette in Mingya Country and represents an oath.” 

Xu Xingzhi laughed and smoothly tore off the silk gauze that was looped around Lu Yujiu’s neck.

Lu Yujiu was tugged forward a step, his eyes became watery, and he seemed puzzled.

Every disciple participating in the Eastern Emperor Sacrificial Ceremony has one of these pieces of silk.
There was a trace of spiritual power buried in it that connected to the jade chain encircling Xu Xingzhi’s neck.
It allowed him to monitor the circulation of spiritual power in every disciple and distinguish whether any were in danger or in need of rescue.

Once a participating disciple was injured, for their safety, they were not allowed to continue participating. 

Regulations Officer Xu Xingzhi performed his duties; he folded the silk twice before he stuffed it into Lu Yujiu’s embrace then flipped his hand over to pat him twice: “Your right for participation has been revoked this year.
Take care of your injuries and come back in two years.”

The Eastern Emperor Sacrificial Ceremony was held at Luwang Terrace where the participating disciples from various sects gathered once every two years.

The four sects each occupied the four halls in the north, west, south, and east.
It was already getting late and the disciples who had gone to search for sacrificial offerings had returned to their respective halls to rest and replenish their energy, waiting to fight again tomorrow.

The resting quarters of the Qingliang Valley disciples was in the southern hall.
After Xu Xingzhi handed the injured Lu Yujiu over, he walked over to the northern hall where the disciples of Fengling Mountain were situated. 

From a distance, Xu Xingzhi saw two silhouettes sitting side by side projected in front of the embroidery hall’s silk room on the northern side.

Xu Xingzhi had a faint inkling in his heart and headed over.
As expected, it was little Jiu Zhideng and little Chongguang.

The two weren’t sitting very close to each other.
One was using a piece of bamboo sheath that he plucked to weave a ring and the other was writing something on a scroll of bamboo slips under the dim candlelight coming from within the hall.

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Xu Xingzhi approached and cleared his throat softly. 

Hearing the sound, the two raised their heads in one synchronized motion, seeming especially cute.

Chongguang’s pair of peach blossom eyes were sparkling as if he had been awaiting with great anxiety for an eternity and finally saw the person that he waited upon.


In contrast, Jiu Zhideng seemed much more nonchalant.

He greeted him: “Shixiong is back.” 

Xu Xingzhi asked: “Why didn’t you guys go back to sleep?”

Jiu Zhideng placed the bamboo slips and brush back into its portable case and replied: “Waiting for Shixiong to return.”

As he spoke, that cold-faced brat wanted to stand up by propping himself up with his blade that he placed on the ground.

But as soon as he put weight on his foot against the ground, he gave a low groan and knelt down.
His originally cold expression distorted slightly. 

Xu Xingzhi furrowed his brow: “What’s wrong?”

Jiu Zhideng bit his lower lip: “Nothing.”

Xu Xingzhi clicked his tongue, crouched down, and squeezed Jiu Zhideng’s right ankle that he didn’t dare to touch to the ground.

Jiu Zhideng wasn’t standing stably and fell into Xu Xingzhi’s arms. 

Blood rushed into his cheeks and that pale and indifferent face was colored with a few hints of panic.
Jiu Zhideng tried to pass it off like nothing was wrong and tried to struggle out of Xu Xingzhi’s arms: “.
Don’t worry about it, it’s just numb from sitting too long.
It’ll be all alright after a while.”

Xu Xingzhi smiled, supported him up, and then turned around to squat down on the spot: “Get on.”

Jiu Zhideng’s face reddened further and the fingers pinching the corner of his clothes loosened and then tightened again: “.
. Shixiong, there’s no need.”

Xu Xingzhi joked with his back still turned: “What, do you think your shixiong can’t piggyback you?” 

“No, that’s not.
.” Jiu Zhideng stood on one leg and surprisingly stuttered over his words as he seldom did, “Shixiong, this.
isn’t proper.”

Xu Xingzhi: “What’s proper? Master isn’t here, Shishu isn’t either, so I’m what’s proper.
Get on.”

Jiu Zhideng overturned the decision over and over in his heart then ultimately clambered onto Xu Xingzhi’s back bashfully: “I’ve troubled you, Shixiong.”

Chongguang on the side watched with wide eyes as Jiu Zhideng looped his arms around Xu Xingzhi’s neck, rather indignant. 

He pulled on the corner of Xu Xingzhi’s clothes.

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Xu Xingzhi turned his head: “What’s wrong?”


Chongguang bit his lip and aggrievedly requested: “.
. Shixiong, my legs are also numb.”

The final ending wasn’t difficult to imagine.
The two of them were perched on Xu Xingzhi’s back at the same time, each occupying one side. 

Both of them were slim so it didn’t take much effort to carry the two of them at one time.

After ensuring that the two were hanging on him securely, Xu Xingzhi strode forward towards the inner hall.

However after a little while, a commotion broke out behind him.

The two childish brats originally were only nudging each other but then they started to pinch each other.
Eventually, it was unknown who was a bit too rough, but the two actually started to kick each other’s calves. 

Xu Xingzhi was forced to stop in place: “.
What are you guys doing?”

Chongguang was disquieted and announced: “Shixiong is mine.
Move over.”

Jiu Zhideng: “Not moving.

Xu Xingzhi wasn’t sure if he should laugh or cry as he interrupted their quarrel: “.
The two of you, you two, is Shixiong some sort of precious commodity? For you two to fight over it? If the two of you continue to squabble then I’ll make you guys get down and walk on your own.” 

And so, peace was finally restored to the world.
Xu Xingzhi carried them on his back and ambled towards the brilliant lights.

Those lights gradually dimmed.
He watched as they condensed into a single wavering beam and then it violently brightened up again.

Xu Xingzhi’s eyelids twitched and then he opened his eyes.

He was still in the wasteland. 

Maybe it was because dreaming in the wasteland consumed more energy, but Xu Xingzhi’s entire body felt powerless and his arms were exceedingly sore and weak.

After expending a copious amount of effort to sit up, he discovered that Zhou Wang was actually in his room.
She had a pair of giant blades strapped to her back as she leaned against the wall with her arms crossed, a dissatisfied look hanging on her face.

Xu Xingzhi endured the dizziness in his head and inquired aloud: “Why are you here?”

Zhou Wang pointed towards the outside: “Feng Mountain’s people have come to save their leader.
They’re fighting like they’re crazy this time.
Meng-dage told me to guard you well here to prevent accidents.” 

The author has something to say:

Today’s Xu-shixiong is still full of paternal love

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