me to my room ” I said as Gunther led me to my room.

I went inside the bathroom first. I took a bath and changed my clothes. I went inside the room where I was going to sleep in.

” The wedding will be tommorow morning ” Gunther said as he bowed and left.

” Ok ” I said as I closed the door.

What now? I asked myself as I looked at the sealing.

I was going to get married tommorow morning and my life was going to be sealed. I woud make a new air to the throne with Maria White and live like this forever.

I don wan this but if I try to leave I woud be locked up I thought feeling completely sad and lost all hope.

Lets just go to seelp I thought as I fell assleep.

” Miss wake up it is time to wash up ” A woman said as she opened the door.

I woke up and multiple maids toke me away and washed my body. The put some make up and put me on a wedding dress it was a color white floral dress with pind roses on the left side of ty

he dress.

” The wedding will begin in an hour ” Gunther said as he left.

” Ill be there ” I said as I looked at myself in the mirror.

Smile I thought as I smiled.

Lets do this I thought as I left the room.

( I do not know what happens on wedding so fast forward )

I was walking to the altar where I saw Maria White on a white tuxedo. She had platinum blonde hair that reacbed his neck with blue eyes and the head of the Vatican Sophia White was also there. He had pure blond hair just like Mria but was more older looking.

” Do you take Maria White as blah blah blah ” He said as I just smiled and said yes to all the stuff.

Night time.

” You are going to work hard for the future of the Nation, Now have a nice night ” A man said as he closed the curtains and the door.

” So what do we do? ” I asked as I looked at her with a sad face.

” We do this ” She said as she grabed my two hands using her single hand.

She kissed me and pulled off my pants and reped open my see through shirt. She biten my neck and just kept continuing not caring about me.

I guess this is it I thought as I just closed my eyes.

I woke up next to her and was sleeping on her right arm. She was patting my head as I just slept.

” Oh you woke up? Good morning! ” She said while smiling at me.

” Good morning ” I said as I sat down.

” I am going to eat in the dining room ” I said as I left like a noble.

Some maids came in and changed my clothes before I left the room. I sait down on the right side of the table as Maria was on the head table.

” So how was last night? ” She asked as she ate some stake.

” Its fine ” I said as I looked at my food.

” Oh ok ” She said while just eating.


( MARIA P.O.V. )

O.M.G. did I do anything to upset him? If he says to his sister that I bullied him in oue 1st night, There woud be war I thought while finding a way to start a conversation.

( M.C. P.O.V. )

” I am now full I will be leaving ” I said as i patted my face and left the room.

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