Hello my name is Mikozo Kinomo and I am the yungest son of the royal family Kinomo. Our family is the strongest rayal family in the entire world.

I am just a boy and will not be able to inherit the throne, Since I am just a boy and my big sister will probably inheret the throne.

In this world the woman are more stronger than men and men don really have a word in what they say.

My mom and dad died when I was 4 from the war with the monsters that come out from the space cracks.

I am now 16 years old and my older sister Rin is now the new queen of Philippines and is bow the strongest woman alive.

” I greet the queen ” I said as I bowed with one knee.

” I have called you here to say that you are now engaged ” She said as she looked at me in her throne.

” And the person you are engaged to is the princes of America Maria White and you will be leaving tommorow morning ” She said as she looked at me with a death glare.

She was the queen of Philippines and had black hair with white skin and black eyes. She wears a pure black leather cloth that covers her entire body with a black cape. She specializes in space magic.

” As you wish ” I said as I bowed and left.

I went to my room and lied down on my bed. I looked on the sealing and was feeling a little sad.

I am now 16 years old * Sigh * I thought feeling sad that I woud be now married since I am 16.

and with my apearance and background, I woud be engaged to a wralthy family I thought feeling really sad as a tear came out of my right eye.

I was a hadsome man, With pure black hair and a handsome face. I have black eyes that looked like the night stary sky.

I guess ill just read some manga I thought as I pulled my phone and read some manga.

I slept reading a manga. I was then woken up by the maids and they washed my hair and put me on a suit. It was a pure white suit.

” Let us go ” Gunther said as we left the cassle.

Gunther has been our butler for over 500 years. She was immortal and was loyal to our family. She wore a butler suit and her eyes was black and and hair was black.

I sat on the car untill we reached the private jet.

” We are here ” Gunther said as he opened the door and I went out.

” Please come inside ” A woman said as she bowed slightly.

I then sat on the chair and fell assleep. I woke up and it was 12:45 PM on the afternoon.

” Come this way ” Gunther said as he opened the door.

I rode the choper and looked at USA while having a single tear drop on my right eye.

” Ara you ok sir? ” Gunther said as I wiped the tear off my face.

” I am allright ” I said as I looked at the bustling city.

” Allright the sir ” He said as he sat down and just watched me.


We arrived in there cassle and it was a color white cassle with multiple level 70 Middle level guards on the front.

” Come this way sir ” A maid said as I walked inside there cassle.

” We greet the future King of America ” The servants bowed as they looked at me.

” Take

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