No matter how many tears I shed, no matter how much blood I vomited…

Even if I was called a demon, even if I had to become a monster…

“But… Sorry, I’m sure this is creepy.
Someone who was called a failure up until yesterday suddenly became that strong…”

What’s in this body isn’t this era’s Chrom.
The Chrom El knows and I changed.

The first time around, I did anything to get power.

The power I have now is sullied with blood.

It can’t be helped if she hates me for being creepy, or if she thinks I’m a monster.

I really didn’t want El to see me fighting, but…

“…Don’t say that.”


For some reason, El looks at me like she’s about to cry.

“You stood against that monster stampede by yourself to protect everyone.
I thought it was really scary, but you went out there and did your best.
I would never call you creepy… And I don’t want you to do it either.”

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“You’re the Chrom I know.
No matter how strong you get, you’re kinder than anyone I know, work harder than anyone else, and no one’s cooler than you… You’re the same Chrom as always.”

“…Am I…”


El smiles.

She steps forward, and then looks back at me.

“Well then… How about we go home, Chrom?”

She extends her hand to me, just like she did when I was stuck in the darkness hating the world, and she pulled me into the light…

I feel like this small hand is always guiding me.

I look at it for a bit.


I take her hand, and we start walking.

“Ah, now that I think about it…”

As we make our way home, I remember something.

I ask a question that’s been on my mind for the last hundred years.

“What were you going to say back when we were on the hill?”


Chrom… I…

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I feel like I can finally hear what comes next.

“T-that… Hum… Uu…!”

El’s face is turning red.

“O-one day, we’ll talk about it again!”

“I see.”

One day…

Oh well, that’s fine.
There’s no reason to rush.
We have a future now.

I peek over at the clock tower

The goddess calendar, tenth day of the fourth month of the year one thousand two hundred, six thirty six in the evening.

Originally, this town would’ve been overrun by monsters by now.

But now, the town is peaceful, and El is smiling.

I reached a future that’s different than last time, but there is still a lot I want to redo.


(Let’s start, from here in the past.)

My best life with both time magic and knowledge of the future, with no regrets.

Surely the future that awaits me now is happy and peaceful.

Looking at El’s smile, I can’t imagine it any other way.


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