The System Destroyer

Rules of the System

I turned to see a ball rush towards me. Instincts took over and I made a grab for it, catching it before it hit my face. All those lives as a martial artist were suddenly paying off. Although I should work out in this body. It was incredibly weak and just catching this ball had hurt my wrist slightly.

A boy with a green shirt and sweatpants ran up to me, nervously smiling. He had hazel eyes and an aura of confidence even if he was nervous.

”Sorry about that. ” He laughed, running his hand through his short blond hair. ”Didn mean to hit you. That was a good catch. ”

”Yeah… ” I muttered a little annoyed handing him back the ball. ”Thankfully I have amazing skills. ”

”I know right. Most people wouldn be able to catch that. ” He took the ball from me. ”By the way, Ive never seen you before. Are you new? ”

”Y- ”

”Hey Nick, what are you doing? ”

A dark-skinned boy appeared looping his arm around Nick. He turned his head towards me and smiled. ”Sorry about earlier. Looks like I can throw further than I thought. ”

”Great to know. Now that everyones cleared their conscience Im going to get going. I have places to be. ”

I turned and walked to the direction of the office, leaving the two boys shell shocked and unable to speak.


”Have a good day Miss Chirm. Let me know if you need any help. ”

”I will. ” I smiled a fake smile to the elderly secretary.

It wasn that I didn like her, niceness and random acts of kindness just rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe it was because of what happened in my first life, but I didn want to go down that route. That was a long time ago.

Walking through the empty hallway, I made my way to my first class – English. The secretary had given me directions and the classroom was easy to find with it being close to the office.

After a few minutes of walking, I found myself staring at a wooden door with a sign saying English on it. Sighing I grabbed the door knob and opened it. Time to shine and act like the new girl.

When I walked in, I found that class had started and Mr. James, my new English teacher, was in the middle of an explanation. He turned to see me walk in and smiled.

”So you must be Kira. Mrs. Kee told me youd be coming a little late. Its nice to meet you. ”

I nodded my head. ”You too. ”

”Class this is Kira. Shell be joining us for English from now on. ”

I turned my attention to the classroom and looked around. It was quite ordinary, posters and individual desks with chairs in rows. People sat with friends, a few messing around and talking.

The front was filled with the studious bunch while the back had the naughtier kids. There was even one sleeping in the corner. A typical classroom scene really.

I spotted a seat next to a window a row behind the front one. ”I guess Ill be taking that seat. ”

”Ah right. ” Mr. James laughed. ”Yes, please do. Normally someone else sits there but Ill arrange for them to sit somewhere else. ”

”Thats fine by me. ”

I walked over to the seat and sat down. Pulling out a notebook and pen I looked in front to see Mr. James had returned to his lecture on some school book. Blocking his voice out I stared at the view outside going over the memories I had gotten earlier from Bia.

At the moment, the story was looking to be a teen one, but with the different gaps in Kiras memories, I knew there was something up or even someone. Maybe the reason she left her home city and moved here.

Parents wouldn be a problem but the maid might be. She regularly came to check on Kira and take care of her needs. And then there was that whole thing about the curfew and something strange happening in the city.

Kiras curfew in her old city was basically non-existence. For her absent parents to pull a move like that, something was definitely stirring. The plot of the story maybe.

Bia bring up world information for me. I asked telepathically. Make sure to give me all the details.

Normally I would ask her aloud but there were too many people in the class. I didn need the crazy girl rep right now. Of course the telepath wouldn last long, maybe an hour a day because it drained my energy too much for me to do it all the time.

[Right Away]

A womans voice sounded in my head before a blue screen popped up before me.

[ The Last Fight

The Last Fight is an urban fantasy game based on Earth in the year 2018. The world is attacked by demons from another realm who want to take over the world. This school is one of the most important parts of the game as most of the characters in this game are from this school.

Additionally many of the characters gain magical powers which allows them to fight off the demons. Your character Kira is the catalyst to the plot of the story as well as a minor love interest to the main character.

… ]

Great, I was in another harem story. The plot so far looked horrible so I wasn counting on the harem being any good. It also seemed Bia had made me a catalyst character again.

I didn mind playing the catalyst but being a love interest, well those types of things and feelings weren in my blood. I wasn into the touchy feelings type of stories. At least the plot looked to have some action.

Scrolling the screen down I read the rest of the information.

[The demons are ruled by a tyrant king who wishes to control the universe. However to do that he needs the mystical stones hidden on Earth. These are what will make him more powerful and are what the heroes use to gain magical powers.

When the first attacks happen, half the world is destroyed sending the rest into an apocalyptic state…]

I continued to read the rest of the details but couldn find any more information into how Kira was the catalyst. Damn it. It probably had to do with the hidden memories. I hated that I wasn allowed to know everything about the world but I didn have the right to complain.

Not with what was at stake. For me at least.

Bia- I started to ask but a voice interrupted my concentration.

”Miss Chirm. ”

I looked up to see Mr. James was staring at me, his arms crossed.

”Yes sir. ”

”I asked what are your thoughts on this book. I get that you
e new but at this distinguished school we don take not knowing as an excuse. You should always try. ”

I sighed and rolled my eyes, inside my mind. Looking at the board I saw it was a book I had done in a previous life and tried to recall the information. With a little help from Bia I gave the teacher some explanation from that class.

He nodded his head and huffed, a little upset that he hadn caught me not listening. ”Alright, I see you were listening even if you were staring outside. Did you perhaps read this book at your previous school? ”

”No, I didn . ” I smiled a fake smile. This was why I hated people who acted nice. ”I just listen better when my eyes are closed. I thought it would look better if I was turned away so it wouldn look like I was sleeping in your class. ”

”I see. Well, next time- ”


The school bell went off mid-sentence and blocked out what Mr. James wanted to say. It helped that some kids started getting up and walking out of the class for their next lesson.

I went along with them and walked out, watching as some kids gathered around Mr. James to ask gods knows what.

”Thanks Bia. ” I whispered knowing she had caused the distraction.

[No problem, Kira. Hes just one of the many that die when the demons attack so theres no use in wasting energy on him. The attack happens in two days anyway.]

”Is that so. ” I muttered.

The timeframe didn really give me much time to plan but I could make do. Ive dealt with worst situations before. I wanted to ask Bia more about the attack but the hallway was already packed with people by the time I made my way out the class.

Most were rushing around to get to class, get things from their lockers and talk to friends before they went to different classes. I didn need anyone to learn or overhear what I was saying.

So, I kept quiet making my way through the sea of people to my next class for the day – Chemistry with Mrs. Ericson.

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