Its all I ever felt at the end. Today its a burning pain, one that engulfed my body and burnt my skin. Tears rolled down my eyes as the smoke stung them. It would all be over soon…

[Soul is ready. Rebirth is progress…]

I looked up to see a blur of the familiar blue screen. It seemed my time in this world had ended. I smiled and closed my eyes, thinking about where it would send me next. Hopefully, this would be my last life…

But I was doubtful.

[Transferring soul to new body…]

A sharp jolt of pain hit my body but I don flinch. I have gotten so used to the pain now. Soon everything blacks out and I lose consciousness.


”Kira wake up. Its time for school!! ”

”Aghhh… ” I groaned and opened my eyes.

A blue-eyed woman who looked to be in her forties stared down at me. I blinked at her before everything became clear.

”Argggh… ” I jumped, nearly falling out of bed.

”Did seeing my face scare you or something? ” The woman walked to the door. ”Whatever, youve got ten minutes to get ready for school or you
e going to be late. ”

She walked out the room, closing the door behind her and leaving me alone. Well, almost. I glanced down at the small back cat that had curled itself into my lap.

”Hey there kitty. ” I scratched the back of its ears.

It purred and rubbed its head over my hand. I smiled. Looking back up, I looked around the room. It was a little small bedroom with white walls and a desk with a small bookshelf above it. There were a few cardboard boxes here and there.

There was a window above the bed I was sitting on. It had a nice view of the skyline which meant this house was probably an apartment, in an apartment building.

I turned away and spotted a cupboard in the corner with an outfit hanging on the door knob.


Crap. That woman, Kiras mother maybe, had said that I had school. I got out of bed, after dumping the cat on the bed, and ran to get dressed. The clothes were normal enough– black hoodie with a pair of leggings.

I looked at the mirror I found leaning next to the cupboard and stared at my new body. I didn look too bad. Long black hair, bright green eyes and a slightly curvy figure. My olive skin gave a nice glow and I was a nice height, maybe 165cm. Most would call me beautiful.

I shook my head. Now was not the time. I had to leave for school soon and figure out everything on the way. Bia was taking her time, but I could wait. At least for an hour. Then I was going to need her.

Putting white sneakers on and a backpack filled with who knows what over my shoulder, I was ready. Grabbing the phone and earphones left on the desk, I walked out of the room and into the new world.

The house was small and it took me a few seconds to navigate my way to the kitchen. I saw some breakfast had been laid out. Grabbing the toast and a few pastries for lunch I was about to leave when a voice spoke.

”Aren you forgetting something? ”

I turned to see that the woman from earlier was standing behind me with her hands on her hips. Looking at the woman, I realized that she probably wasn the original owners mother.

She was wearing a cleaners uniform and looked quite different from me. She had brown hair with grey streaks in it and a few wrinkles around her eyes and mouth. Her skin was slightly lighter than mine and she was thin.

”Umm… ” I shrug unsure of what to say.

Bia needed to hurry the hell up. I needed the information about this new world now. When I got hold of her….

”Your keys. ” The woman sighed, handing me a pair of house keys. ”I know you
e upset about moving here and having your parents leave you with me but please stop this. ”

Damn. I was reincarnated as the new girl. At least it was in the modern world and I could do what I wanted. Make my own identity. That actually wouldn be a bad idea, I thought. I can do what I want and be who I want.

For now…

”Okay. ” I took the keys from her and placed them in the back pocket of my backpack. ”Ill get going now. ”

”Make sure to take bus 2 to your school. Oh and heres some money. Your parents hope its enough for this week. ”

The woman pulled an envelope from her apron pocket and handed it to me. ”Also make sure you
e back by 10pm. I know its not your normal curfew but there have been strange things going on lately. ”

I nodded and took the envelope from the woman. Opening the door, I left the apartment and made my way to the bus station.


I stared at the window watching as we passed buildings and huge streets. I was in the city by the looks of it. Music blasted in my ears from the earphones blocking the noise from inside the bus.

It was filled with mainly teenagers, probably going to my new school. I was lucky enough to get a seat by the window. Leaning my head against the window, I sighed. This world wasn too bad. It was like Earth, my original home. It would be easy to adjust to.

The person I had reincarnated into wasn too bad either. From what Id learnt from her phone and surroundings she was well off. The money in the envelope was enough to tell me that. Her parents seemed to be absent in her life most of the time and she didn seem to have any friends from before the move.

Her social media was also quiet with them all private and barely any photos. I had also managed to go through her contacts which had no one. Bia still hadn come so I had to rely on subconscious memories.

It was how I was able to get into her phone and learn more about the girl I was going to live as. Eighteen years old in her senior year and a boring personality. I could definitely make this body my own.

The bus came to a sudden stop and people started disembarking. Looking to the other side, I saw the bus had stopped near a school. Looks like this was my stop. I got up and went to the doors.

Stepping out of the bus and onto the pavement, I glanced at the school before me. The school building was huge and looked quite old, but well cared for. There were two black gates in the front and a stone pathway leading to the school entrance.

The school was definitely one for the rich kids. Or there at least was some money in this school.

Teenagers of all shapes, sizes and colors walked around the school, most in pairs or groups. Friends were greeting each other as if summer break had just ended. It probably had.

I sighed and pulled the earphones out. Placing them in my hoodie pocket, I walked to the school entrance, looking for the school office. Itd be the best place to start, especially as a new person.

[Welcome to The Last Fight.]

A blue screen appeared in front of me suddenly. Finally Bia had arrived but what the system was called did not look good. Maybe it wasn the type of story I thought it was but with Bia you never know.

”Its about time. ” I whispered.

While conversations between Bia and I were completely private and something no one could hear, I didn want to take risks. Bia at times was unpredictable and I didn need to be known as the crazy girl on my first day.

[Apologies Kira. I was upgrading the system. You have now unlocked new rewards from your previous life.]

”Thats good. Now give me the info I need. ”

[Yes. Sending memories…]

Pain hit the back of my head but I ignored it. I had gotten used to the pain and it was more of a slight discomfort. Scenes flashed here and there but within a few minutes I had all of Kiras memories.

Just as I had thought. She was well off and had absent parents. She moved for some weird reason and had to live by herself for now, but why I did not know. Sometimes some memories were locked and I had to complete quests to get them.

I spotted a sign that said Office and smiled. Time to get registered and get my schedule. Then I could work through these memories and figure out what my goal was in this world.

But before I could someone yelled.

”Hey. Watch out!!! ”

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