her after sending their champions away. Odia, Erdros, Qrina, Urus, and Baxses started talking about the wishes of their champions.

Mine wished for the ability to manipulate somebodys fate and the other one for the ability to see into the future

Mine wished for the ability to have a mini realm of creation and destruction and the other one for a spear with destruction element

Mine wished for the ability to have a seed of a world tree and the other one for an egg of a divine beast

Mine wished for the ability to be able to use all the elements and the other one for the ability to nullify all the elements

Mine wished for the ability of devouring and the other one asked for the ability of the seven sins

When the other supreme beings heard Baxses they were surprised and started remembering the time they were born with the other two supreme beings.

So what did you give him

I miss him, why did he do it on his own

Very interesting

Hmmm, I can wait to see what will happen to our children

I gave him Otriumuss method of the seven sin seals

The other supreme beings were shocked as Otriumus spent billions of years perfecting this technique so he could pass it to his successor and could leave a legacy to be remembered by. Otriumus is the former strongest of supreme beings and the one that sacrificed himself to save this dimension.

So he left it with you

You two were always close, we should not be surprised

HAHAHA, his legacy lives on

Urus was the only one that said nothing as he was contemplating something. I guess we will have a new member soon as we already know who will win Said Odia. That might not be true we are not so much weaker than Otriumus and we had much more time to perfect our respective powers Said Erdros with a serious tone.

lets just wait and see what happens with our children and let them decide their fate Said Qrina with a gentle tone.

Qrina is right Said Urus. Nothing is set in stone


Tutorial island

Areus secured a water source but could not find any animal he could take on as they were all too big. A bunny was as big as a bear and a tiger feasting on a gigantic horse. Areus was scared out of his wits and ran as quickly as he could to his shelter.

How am I going to survive this Areus began to almost have a mental breakdown as he was drowning in the despair of his disability to do something. Again I will die again because I am useless Screamed Areus as he began banging his head against the wall.




My successor…

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