steps backward.

Staring at Bryce with a straight face, Lucas said, “Dont think that no one knows the sordid things that you did in the past.”

Although Lucas didnt have much of an expression on his face, Bryce still felt a chill in his heart as he was overwhelmed with fear. Feeling guilty, he said, “What nonsense are you spouting? Damn it! One day, Ill make sure I kick you out of the family, you trash!”

Bryce hurriedly left.

The other Carters left too.

Lucas glared daggers at Bryces back.

Back then, Bryce was the one who gave Dominic Carter the idea to frame Cheyenne and Lucas so as to snatch the Brilliance Corporation away.

Having done such a disgusting thing, he definitely had to pay the price one day!

Lucas and Cheyenne were the only ones remaining in the reception room.

Cheyenne fell helplessly onto the couch with a blank expression and a soulless gaze. At this moment, she looked extremely vulnerable.

“Cheyenne…” Lucas squatted beside her and whispered.

Upon hearing his gentle voice, Cheyenne burst into tears, unable to hold them back any longer. Her tears slid down her cheeks like the beads of a broken bracelet.

Cheyenne looked at Lucas and broke down, weeping silently.

Feeling immense heartache, Lucas reached out to pull her into his arms.

Cheyenne clenched her jaw and sobbed before pounding Lucass chest again and again.

“Its all your fault… It was your fault then… and now too… What am I lacking? How did I offend you?”

Lucas hugged Cheyenne and allowed her to pound his chest continuously, regardless of how hard she was hitting him.

After a long while, Cheyenne finally calmed down. She was sobbing, and her nose had turned red. She wiped the tears on her face and immediately felt embarrassed when she saw the mess on Lucass clothes. It had been years since she cried so hard. To make things worse, she was crying in front of Lucas.

“Im sorry…” It was unclear if she was apologizing for her actions or for dirtying his clothes.

Lucas didnt bother about that. He asked Cheyenne seriously, “Do you really want the Brilliance Corporation back?”

Cheyenne was stunned for a while. “I dont want the Carters other companies, but the Brilliance Corporation is different. I established it step by step years ago, and I put my heart and soul into every stage of development. It will only be ruined in the hands of those who are incompetent! I just dont want…”

“Okay, I understand.” Lucas nodded.

“As long as you wish, Ill get the Brilliance Corporation back for you.”

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