The First Reaper

The Orphanage

t about the maddening mystery surrounding his Inherent Ability, he slowly made his way towards the sound in one of the alleys nearby.

As he got closer to the sound, he could hear the cries of a toddler, that of someone who is roughly one or two years old. Beginning to have a theory on why his Ability wanted him to avoid the orphanage, he rubbed his face with clear exasperation before quietly cursing This damned Instinct of mine. Reaching a point where he could tell by the sounds that he was just around the corner, he listened in further and could hear the voice of someone else.

”Come on sister, I know weve had it rough for a while now but you need to eat this food. I can guarantee when youll get more. ” A young boys voice so raspy that it only barely contains the hint of youth that would be expected from him.

Charon sighs before turning the corner and seeing them. One of the them is a young human girl, probably only one or two years old with blond hair and brown eyes. The other is also human, but is a young boy who looks to be around five years old with the same hair and eye colour as the girls. Both of them look so malnourished that for a brief moment, Charon feels his anger from earlier return. He takes a deep breath before coughing to get their attention.

”Wh-Who are you? ” The boy protectively stands in front of his sister who is curiously staring the strange white haired man.

”When was the last time you two ate? ” Charon redirected the topic.

The boy looked at his sister before glancing at Charon with suspicion, ”A week ago, now will you leave? ”

”Alright, come on. Im taking you to a castle I guess. Ill have the servants clean you both up and then we can get you both some food and water. Come on. ” Charon nodded to himself and turned around to lead the kids to his families castle.

”No! I don trust you. ” The boy held an arm out and looked ready to die for his sister.

”Now, I can go on and on about how Im doing this for your benefit but Im not really in the mood. See, Ive had a very weird day today so I just want to get some sleep after this. So Boy, you have two options. Either I knock you both out and force you both to do whats best for you or you just stay conscious so you can see whats happening around you both. ” Charon looked over his shoulder, barely glancing at the boy while standing still.

”Fine, Just don do anything! I still don trust you! ” the boy carefully followed Charon after that, keeping his guard up and his sister behind him the whole way.


In a dark room, the four mysterious figures were still gathered as they conversed about their plan and the two freelancers separated from the noble and bureaucrat.

”So, did you do what I said? ” The veteran stared down at the younger freelancer with a patient gaze.

”Yes master. The only person to worry about finding them now should be Hades but I doubt that he will due to him no longer patrolling as much. ” The disciple responded, unaware of how wrong he was.

”Good! After this we can escape this continent, You are not strong enough to be involved in this war yet. We shall instead join those who are exploring the Brindwal continent. ” The veteran said with a grin, unaware of a shadow in the corner of the room which seem to move as if it was alive.

The four people then nodded to each other before leaving the room, failing to notice the shadow following them out. Once the shadow made it onto the open streets as the sun was almost fully gone, it rapidly shot out towards the area of the city with the castles of the Four Houses.

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