The Dream: Casey, Charlie and Lee




”Where is that bastard that calls himself Finn. Finn, Finn, Fi…..nn. ”

” Hey, why are you yelling my name like that. ”

” How dare you. Oh ho, you now have the guts to talk to me like that. ” I got so angry and as I spoke there was lightening and thunder.

” When I called for beast, why did you send the bats. ” I asked.

” I sent the beast because you didn keep the keys to the dungeon of the beast. ”

I now remembered that I didn drop the key, it was in my pocket.

” So you can see that you made a mistake so you can apologize ”.

I rolled my eyes and sighed ” Im sorry ”.I just fumed it out of my mouth. He rolled his eyes, sighed and then walked out. I opened my mouth in surprise as I gawked at him as he walked out on me.

I used my power to glue him at the spot, but he turned back and yelled at me.

”If you dare stop me,I would make sure you pay for it ”. I could see fire in his eyes but I can take any form of defeat, so I spoke back.

” So you have the guts to walk out on me ”. I watched him as he released a horrible laughter.

”(Laughing hysterically)Who are you? Who the hell do you think you are? See let me tell you something your mother didn tell you when you were still a kid. You
e nothing but a wasted tissue who goes about wasting others lives and destinies ”. With that he sighed and walked out. I was boiling with anger. I wanted to call him but I left him cause I know he would be back. Besides I need to collect that power from that girl, unless who knows what shes up to. I searched for my magical little pot and couldn find it. ”Gosh, I can remember where I kept that useless pot. ”

I searched and searched until I found it under the shelf. ”(sigh)You this pot ”. I said and grabbed it and quickly got out some mixtures from the shelf. I made a powerful concoction and poured it in a spray bottle.

(laughing hysterically) Now I can have that power. I looked into my mirror and saw Casey and Lee at the beach. Hmm humans are there but this is a good time to launch my attack.

Then I disappeared to the human realm.


(laughing softly) ”Oh my Lee are you serious. ”

”Yeah Im damn serious. ”

We had been chatting and racking jokes since midday. I suddenly felt a familiar presence.

”Erm Lee ”

”Yeah ”

”Im having these strange feeling ”

”Strange feeling, how? ”

”Its like someone is spying on us. ” I said and we turned round but seeing everyone busy with what he or she is doing.

”Casey are you sure of what you
e saying ”.

”Yes Im very sure ”.

Lee used his hands to cover mine and looked straight into my eyes and said ”Casey don let this strange feeling spoil your day. okay. ”

”Ok ” I said trying to forget about it. We continued chatting, when we discovered it was getting dark, we stood up to go. I looked round once more to be sure no one was following us, but seeing the calm faces of others I felt relaxed. We haven gone far when we heard someone yell.

We turned and saw a little girl thats close to the sea and the wave was so high getting ready to swallow her. Her mum kept on shouting her name, no one dared to go closer to the beach. The girl turned and tried to run but the wave came down so fast. I didn know what got into me and I ran towards the girl in a twinkle of an eye I got there and grabbed the girl out. All I could hear was shouts, I pushed the girl faraway from the shore. That was when I discovered that the strange feeling I was having grew stronger. I looked up expecting the wave to swallow me but it stood still and I discovered it the form of a human, it was a lady to be precise and she laughed horribly. Then I immediately recognized the voice and said

”Charlie what do you want now ”.


”Yes, so whats it this time? ”


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