Only Vylan and Esecleus were left alive, and the fire within the torches were blazing wilder ever since, giving a vibrant heat on their skin. More pebbles and debris came falling from the ceiling, wherein each rock could definitely inflict serious damage on them.

”You bastard! Have you been hiding your strength this whole time?! ”

Vylan cursed Esecleus from the top of his lungs, enraged and surprised because of the explosive strength Esecleus was keeping a secret from them.

”Now I understand what happened to your party a month ago. You killed them didn you?! ”

Nonchalantly, Esecleus threw the severed head on the ground that kept rolling until it hit Vylans foot. It was the head of one of his lovers from the Lions Mane. A person he would share lustful nights whenever he was lonely.

”I did, so what are you gonna do about it? Kill me? You can always try, though I think you
e incapable of doing so. ”

In contrast to the pathetic loser that Esecleus had always been, the person in front of Vylan was cold, evil, and brimming with bloodlust.

Esecleus did not even hesitate to use the sword and slit everyones throat with it when the guy has always been hesitant and clumsy.

Esecleus was someone Vylan thought that would not be able to kill a human being. But he was all wrong about Esecleus. The latter mercilessly slaughtered the Lions Mane members.

”Bullshit! Don get ahead of yourself! ”

”Hmm, as you wish. ”

[Blood Concentration: Overbrim]

At the sprang of his hand came rising the blood shed on the ground, filtered off the dirt mixed in it, then forming a wiggly sphere of blood.

[Trap Magic: Bind]

”Huh?! I can move my body?! ”

Vylan froze in his place with his mouth gradually opening wide on its own. He struggled, trying to break free from the invisible force holding him down.

”Lets see how much blood you can fill inside your body, shall we? ”

”No, no, no! ”

”Kukuku. There is no point in fighting against it, Vylan. Just breathe deeper, and you might survive. ”

Liter by liter, Vylans mouth was filled with intense amount of blood from his comrades and those from the monsters. Each time, his body would twitch, fighting back from the immense quantity of blood being gulped down.

”Take your time drinking all this blood, Vylan. ”

Esecleus could see Vylans eyes rolling up, and he was starting to gargle the blood, but then Esecleus increased the intensity of flow that was going down Vylans throat to stop the blood from spilling.

”Im drowning! No, please! No more! Stop this. Im really gonna die! ”

It was all in Vylans head. He could not speak nor cry for help. At that moment, the person he suddenly thought of was Isha.

”Without me… Isha will be alone. I am… the only person… she can rely on! ”

Vylan realized now how much a person who wants to live would yearn to be spared at the verge of death. Being helpless and afraid of what was coming, he felt his piss dripping down his armor. No. It was not just piss but also, blood he was releasing all over his holes.

And so Vylan experienced death…

”Guhah! Haa! Haa! Was that a dream? But why did it feel so real? ”

Vylan was out of breath, like he had been drowning for a while, and he was sweating heavily Zaul noticed he went pale.

”Is something the matter, Vylan? ” Worriedly, Zaul asked. ”You look pallid. ”

”Huh? Uh, eh, whats Esecleus doing? ”

He noticed that they were back inside the dungeon, wherein everyone was on standby, waiting for his orders.

”That bastard started pouring out stenchy monsters blood! ”

”No, no! We must stop him! Everyone! ” He freaked out, catching his comrades attention. ”Kill Esecleus this instant! ”

Esecleus turned his head, and the guy had a wide grin on his face. His eyes were fixated on Vylans, showing him once again the gut-wrenching scenarios he experienced.

Vylan felt like throwing up once again. He just could not deal with the psychological stress he felt after watching his comrades had their heads severed from their bodies.

”Are you sure, Vylan? We just got here. But if you insist… ” Zauls words trailed off. ”You heard your guild leader! Get on with it! Kill that black sheep! ”

”Yes! ”

”Im getting ahead of everyone! ”

”Yes, yes! Keep me entertained! Make my excitement last longer! ”

One hunter went first to take out Esecleus.

[Earth Magic: Crushing Hands]

At the clap of his hands emerged two blocks of earth from the ground, which collided with each other where Esecleus was standing.

Esecleus jumped back. His back hit a wall his enemy created. He had a quick look at it, and when he turned his eyes forward, another block of solidified earth came trampling on his way.

A loud crush happened, but Esecleus was not in it. They saw him above them holding an arrow thunder in both of his hands. While still in mid-air, Esecleus hurled the arrows at their location that came whizzing like a missile.

It was impossible to avoid due to its destructive and explosive effect it did around. Ten of them were caught in the arrows thunderous clap, and

the counter was now down to 15.

Only fifteen of them were remaining, fourteen against one person. Vylans guild against Esecleus.

”Hes using lightning magic this time?! Just how much magic and skill he possessed?! ”

”What do you mean, Vylan? Can he use multiple magic and skills at once? ”

”Im confused! I have no idea how he did it! But we must kill him

immediately! ”

Zaul sensed that the matter at hand was crucial. He himself made the move against Esecleus.

[Ice Magic: Blizzard]

Sharp ice particles poured down on Esecleus spot. It caused dusty fog to form in the air, which obscured their vision. And Vylan felt chill at the back of his head, his hair standing at the cold breath he felt behind him.

”Suffer the experience of reliving your death. Id love to see how broken you will become. ”

Just thinking about his death put Vylan on the edge. And he will be dying repeatedly until Esecleus is satisfied, and he will be there to torture him for eternity.

”Oh, Ive done this before, Vylan. I can do this for how long you want. ”

Esecleus is willing to spend eternity in the same loop just to break Vylan mentally before he finally kills him. He wants to squeeze out every ounce of fear and terror from Vylan. He won be satisfied until Vylan completely gives up with him kowtowing.

”Be ready, Vylan. We have all the time to ourselves! ”

”Uwah! ” Shoutingly, Vylan decided to pull out the sword once again, not to use against Esecleus but to use on himself. ”If you
e not dying, then I will! ”

”Kuku, fool. Sure go ahead. ”

”Vylan! No! ”

By ending his life, Vylan thought he would end the loop, and he would be free from Esecleus grip. But then he found himself once again standing beside Zaul inside the dungeon. Over Zauls shoulder, Vylan saw Esecleus waving his hand on him with that sinister smile on his face.

Esecleus put both of his hands on his face, like he was gonna shout but then whispered his words.

”Killing yourself is pointless! Ive got time on my hands! ”

Vylan suddenly felt ill and dizzy, nauseous upon thinking of experiencing hell at the hands of evil. Esecleus was much more terrifying, he thought.

”What do you want, Esecleus?! Get the ** out of my head! ”

”Oh, Vylan. You know full well what I want. It is not money nor fame. Listen to what your mind is telling you. Only then will you know what I want, although youve always known what it was. ”

Yes, at the back of Vylans mind, there lies the answer. Only then will Esecleus be satisfied if he had his head on the ground, begging for forgiveness, and is willing to take his own life for being unjust and making Esecleus life hellish for the past few years.

”If thats what you want, then Ill do it! Just— spare me. ”

”What are you saying, Vylan? This is not like you! We
e a pride of lions! We don fear anyone or kowtow to someone! We should be looked upon from below and praised by people! ”

”Yes, leader! Raise your head, and lets kill him! ”

”Vylan! Lets not shame ourselves just because of a lone cockroach! ”

”You guys don know! None of you! He is… ”

His words trailed off. He could not say anything more than that. His tongue would fold itself whenever he tried to reveal what Esecleus was doing to him.

”Its either I do this, or he dies… ”

He lowered his head on the ground, his forehead touching the cold and bloody ground. Vylan was unhinged.

”Then we will do our best to kill him! All of you, commence attack! ”

Vylan was crying. ”No, guys… You don know who we were messing with. We should have left him alone while we have the time to do so. Im sorry, everyone. All of this is my fault. Forgive me… Please, Ive seen enough of their deaths already! ”


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