or him as much as Detective Watson did. Hence, he really liked spending time with him.

Detective Watson motioned for Butler John to prepare the food. Then he asked Bryan, ”So what have you decided? ”

Bryan put on a serious expression, ”Boss, I wish to become a Transcendent. Please guide me. ”

”Very well. I have already prepared the elementary meditation technique that you will need to become a Rank 1 Apprentice. This meditation technique will last you until you
e ready to become an official Transcendent. Lets finish our breakfast then well head to the study. ” Detective Watson smiled.

”Alright boss! ” Bryan said excitedly.

After finishing his breakfast, Bryan followed Detective Watson to his study on the second floor. ”Like Ive told you before, the purpose of the three ranks of the Apprentice stage is to help you lay a better foundation for you when you become a Transcendent in the future. Although one can still become a Transcendent without having to become an Apprentice, their mental state will be very unstable. And having an unstable and erratic mind will become one of their greatest weaknesses. ” said Detective Watson.

”I understand. ” Bryan nodded as he finally arrived at the study and sat on the chair across from Detective Watson. ”By the way, boss. What happens if one uses the meditation technique of one path but consumes the potion of another path? ”

Detective Watson smiled and patiently explained, ”This will lead to the mind and body becoming incompatible with each other. For example, after using the meditation technique from the Fire Path, one cannot consume the potion belonging to the Water Path. Similarly, the Light Path meditation technique will not be compatible with the Dark Path potion, and vice versa. ”

Bryan had a thoughtful expression on his face, So its all about compatibility huh?

”However, the Wisdom path is different. It is compatible with all Paths known to man. And over generations of Transcendents, through rigorous research and modification through trial and error, the meditation technique has been perfected more and more. ” Detective Watson added with pride evident on his face.

So fierce! Bryan raised his eyebrows and was pleasantly surprised.

Detective Watson was very satisfied with Bryans reaction. He then took out a small brown colored wooden box from the drawer and kept it on the table. ”The elementary meditation technique allows one to carve mind runes within ones mind. As a Rank 1 Apprentice, you will have to carve 9 mind runes in your mind, in Rank 2 you will have to carve 18 mind runes, and finally 27 mind runes in Rank 3. However, before you advance to a Transcendent, you will have to combine the 54 mind runes into one and fuse it with your mind, forming the sea of consciousness. This will result in your mind and soul strengthening significantly. ”

He opened the small wooden box, and inside a grey colored, oval-shaped crystal was placed on a red silk cloth. The crystal was shining with lustre. Detective Watson picked up the crystal and handed it to Bryan.

Bryan took the crystal in his hand, took a deep breath and was about to put it in his mouth when he was stopped by Detective Watson.

e not supposed to eat it. Place it on your glabella, between your eyes. ” Detective Watson chuckled.

”Oh. Uh, Okay. ” Bryan was puzzled but still did as he was told. He closed his eyes and placed the crystal on his glabella. The moment the crystal came in contact with his skin, it glowed brightly for a minute and then gradually dimmed down.

When Bryan opened his eyes, he realized that the crystal had transmitted relevant information to his mind and directly imprinted it in his brain. ”How did that happen? I didn even have to study it but I feel like Ive already memorized the entire information. ”

”Hehe, this is nothing. When you become a Transcendent, youll be able to do much more. ” Detective Watson laughed and then added, ”Now review all the information regarding the meditation technique and ask me if you have any queries. ”

”Alright boss. ” Bryan closed his eyes and started going through all the information and knowledge regarding the elementary meditation technique required for Apprentices.

Gather energy particles and use them to carve mind runes inside the mind to increase spiritual force. An increase in mind runes results in an increase in spiritual force. Hmm.. so the mind is the canvas and the energy particles is the ink..and I basically have to draw a painting. Bryan arranged all the information in his mind.

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