Supreme Elf God

The Elven Beginnings on Astrea!

Ezreal manifested a chair using his power and then sat on it. Although he had been using his ability to warp reality recently, compared to the Primordial Chaos, he was still far behind. Ezreal activated his Omnipotence and then began using it to gather all of the information about magic, mana and how to use it. Not only that, Ezreal aspired to learn all of the power-levels present in the Omni-Verse and learn how to use every single weapon, ability and power in existence.

After a while, Ezreal opened his eyes and smiled. It turned out Mana was the essential, compound energy in the entire Omni-Verse. Although there were some Universes that had energy such as Ki, Chakra, Aura and Qi, these were all just mana in different forms to fulfill different purposes.

Magic was only limited by the users imagination, mana capacity and magic attribute. There were a variety of magic attributes such as Fire, Wind,Water,Earth, Space, Darkness,Light and Lightning. There were many more and some subset elements but those were the main ones. It turned out that unlike in novels where people had every attribute, persons could only have a maximum of 4 magic attributes. The only exclusion of this were gods who represented concepts. For example, a God Of Destruction would be able to use any element that could cause destruction. Mana Capacity was simply the maximum number of mana any being could hold, mana capacity could be increased with training but every being had a maximum amount of mana they could hold within a mana realm before they breakthrough.

Mana Realm is simply the realm of strength a being is in.

( This only applies for the multiverse the story is in. And I have no current plans for any mulit-versal events for the forseeable future. Also MC is obviously infinitely stronger than these ranks )

The rankings are:

Body Refinement ( G )

Mana Refinement ( F )

Mana Foundation ( E )

Mana General ( D )

Mana Master ( C )

Mana GrandMaster ( B)

Mana Emperor ( A )

Forbidden Mage ( S )

Arch-Mage ( SS )

Demi-God ( SSS )

God ( EX )


Also, it turned out that you can do anything using mana in theory but the stronger the spell you imagine is, the more mana it costs. Ezreal also learned many things about magic and combat in the Omni-Verse and even not known to anyone in the Omni-Verse using his omnipotence and can now say he is actually equal in strength to the Primordial Chaos.

( Don think too much )

Now, Ezreal was thinking about what he would become the god of in this Multi-Verse. Although he could be cliche and say ”Everything. ” but that would be boring.

After thinking for a while, Ezreal decided on it. He would be the God of Life, Magic, Wealth and Contracts. Although he most definitely stole Wealth and Contracts from Zhongli from Genshin Impact, did he really care? No, he most definitely didn care.

His Divinity on Life meant a large power over life. His subjects would have a lengthy lifespan and would be closely attuned to other forms of life. Plants, Naturally Formed Monsters such as Golems and Elemental Flowers and Spirits would all be close to his subjects.His subjects would also be peaceful to persons who weren aggressive towards them although they would be aggressive to anyone who threatens them or any life they care about.

His Divinity on Magic simply meant he had perfect knowledge and control over magic. His subjects would have higher magical talent and have a higher affinity to the elements than others, especially nature elements. His subjects would also learn magic much faster than others and have a higher natural mana capacity than most races, although to compensate their bodies would be weaker than other races such as Demons or Dragons but still stronger than other races such as Humans. Thankfully, every race could strengthen their body using training and mana.

His Divinity on Wealth means that he was incredibly wealthy and his subjects would get higher luck when related to wealth.

His Divinity on Contracts means that contracts made by him must be held. Unlike other magical contracts in this world which can be broken simply by being stronger than the other person signing the contract. By creating a contract with Ezreals sigil means it was impossible to break without punishment. The lowest and best punishment was your soul being damaged and being completely unable to ever use any form of magic ever again and the worst punishment was instantly dying due to breaking the contract with all of their wealth going to the other party or parties in the contract and their soul going to Ezreal to use. Contracts using Ezreals sigil also defend parties vs being forced to sign, scamming using loopholes and other things like that.

After settling his Divinity, Ezreal decided to go to bed and sleep. Preparing for the next seven days of fun.

On the first day, Ezreal began working on his Divine Realm. With a wave of his hand, an immense amount of nature, life, water and other forms of magic swept the entire lands. The lands were suddenly filled with beautiful and fertile lands. Flowers erupted around different lands and beautiful grass-fielders covered everywhere. Beautiful elegant trees sprouted filled with mana effected fruits and vegetables.

The next day, Ezreal made stone, and made roads and many pathways. Bridges connecting various places were built. Ezreal also created mountains of various sizes.

On the third day, Ezreal shot out water from his hands and his lands were filled with water. Beautiful elegant rivers sprouted up throughout the Divine Realm with waterfalls, springs and pools springing up.

On the forth day, Ezreal simply rested. What can you say? He was a lazy otaku at heart.

On the fifth day, Ezreal filled his divine domain with energy filled with vitality and nature and also mixed a calming presence inside of it. Ezreal also created tree houses made from the Bark of the Omni-Verse tree.

On the sixth day, Ezreal filled his divine domain with energy from his other divinities alongside Mana.

Finally, on the seventh day. Ezreal completed the finishing touches on his dimension and floated at the top of his Divine Realm. Viewing the beautiful, ethereal continent before him made him chuckle before Ezreal decided to do the final thing. Looking at the pitch black sky and the dark surroundings without any form of light. Ezreal raised his hand into the sky and said a saying that will be handed down throughout all of his people


”LET THERE BE LIGHT! ” Saying that a gigantic, beautiful sun expanded from his fingers and rose into the sky, whilst a moon sat in the background, waiting for nighttime behind the puffy white clouds.


The next day, Ezreal arrived in a beautiful patch of land in the middle of his Divine Domain. It had everything needed. A beautiful waterfall leading to a river, an elegant view, lots of plant-life and beauty and finally free space.

Ezreal moved his hands, and the entire continent shook, a massive, beautiful castle appeared. The castle was honestly too big for any practical use, but Ezreal didn care as he would find a practical use for them. The fabric for the castle was made with you guess it, Bark from the Omni-Verse tree, however the castle was Green and Gold.

There was over 50 rooms, with beds made from the fur of a Overlord Dream Fox, so anyone who sleeps in the bed would have good dreams. The pillows had angel feathers in them for supreme comfort.

There was a room with a Television so Ezreal could watch anime, TV and movies from all over the Omni-Verse without knowing the endings since he turned off omnipotence. There was a training room for every major element and every major weapon. There is a library filled with books from all over the Omni-Verse, from eras that had passed and even from Multi-Verses that were destroyed.

Finally, the throne room was massive and elegant, the throne was massive and gave off an aura of supreme power yet also nature and comfort.

Finally, sitting on his throne, Ezreal began to create his race to inhabit the mortal world in this realm. His race were Elves. Ezreal made them based off of himself, obviously except less handsome and without the divinity aspect.

In the end, he made 3 men and 3 women. One pair of men and women had golden hair and golden eyes. One pair had Green hair and Green eyes and the final pair had Purple Hair and purple eyes.

Finally, it was their racial attributes. All Elves would be able to use nature magic which allows them to be able to manipulate plants and flowers. Next they had a high chance of being able to use wind magic. As for other elements, they could use them all aside from dark or evil elements such as Darkness, Curse magic or others.

The Golden Haired Elves would have special eyes that could see through illusions as long as the illusion isn too far above their level and could see through basic lies, alongside night vision and better sight.

The Green Haired Elves had much cleared hearing and further hearing range alongside the ability to stop themselves from hearing certain sounds to focus in on other sounds.

The Purple Haired Elves would have much stronger smell with the ability to control it to ignore certain smells and theyd have the ability to read the earth to sense movement.

All Elves would feel naturally attuned to nature and dislike when it is destroyed willfully. They would also be stronger in the forest and have better talent at wielding weapons compared to other races alongside better regeneration and agility. Elves would however, be weaker to evil forms of magic compared to other races and have a weaker body compared to Demons and Dragons but stronger than Humans. Elves would also be unable to make children outside of their race.

Ezreal did this since he didn want to have half-elves in his race who could potentially be discriminated. So no interbreeding altogether.

”Now what language will they speak? ” Ezreal sat and thought for a good couple hours. In the end, Ezreal simply decided to create a new language. The language was made based on all of the different languages that do exist and existed in the past alongside some of Ezreals own personal ideologies. The language would be the most elegant and calming language in existence. A perfect match for Elves. Also, unlike the Draconic Language which boosted Magic, the Elven Language would boost the power of Mana Formations and Enchantments. Unfortunately, Ezreal didn want to make the language buff their direct magic since that will make the race too OP which was exactly the opposite of what he wanted as he wanted to see their ups and downs, obviously whilst protecting them.

After copying the language and basic knowledge into the 6 Elves that were in slumber until further notice, Ezreal went to bed.

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