Supreme Elf God

Battling Humans!

A flash of thunder illuminated the devastated surroundings. Cracks covered the earth. Sparks of lightning flashing through each crack as Sandstorm filled the entire desert area. The surrounding area was a vast desert, as vast as one can possibly see. However, this was not the only interesting fact about this desert. There was little to no wind in the surroundings, and there was also no light sources readily available. From the sun, moon, stars to even other light sources such as magical crystals or torch-lights, none were available or could be used.

This place was Xerath Island, a relic of ancient times. It was said that as long as anyone in existence could remember, Xerath Island was a unique place in the world. An isolated island where no light could reach, and any light sources that enter the vicinity of the island would immediately stop working. Not only that, wind was a scarcity in this place and the senses of anyone on the island would be dulled considerably. The island was also crawling with monsters, many of them dangerous.

Yet, Xerath Island was a place that was used as a training spot for basically every race that could access it. This was due to the fact that the mana in Xerath Island was incredibly pure and seemingly endless, making it a region perfect for combat training and cultivating. Due to this, many races would send members of their younger generation to train their combat skills on this island since it forced them to improve their senses, prediction capability, magical ability, survival and combat instincts.

In the middle of the lightning ravaged area of Xerath Island, stood a group of 5 Elves. These Elves were special, leading them all was a universe toppling beauty.

Based on her appearance, one would say that she was around six to seventeen years old. Her glamorous long flourescent pink hair looked out of place in this battle ravaged desert and her eyes a welcoming green that looked like nature had sprouted right there. Her graceful presence made her look like she didn belong, as if everything near her was beneath her grace, yet to those near here, two purple haired Eleves, a green haired Elf and a golden haired Elf, her presence seemed to inspire absolute confidence and comfort.

Her slim hands and feet, and her tender limbs made it seem as if her body was finely sculpted. Simply put, her body was perfect even from a skeptical females perspective. She wore an elegant purple and golden robe, which – while exuding an elegant aura – revealed enough of her chest and had a waistband for fair measure, as to further emphasize her curvature. Her hands were covered by two White Gloves that revealed devastating power and within her arms was a green bow that revealed an elegant nature.

This was Terra, the Apostle of Ezreal!

It had been 16 years since the day where Terra was named Ezreals Apostle and was born unto the world. That day, the entirety of Elven Kind had celebrated and instantly named Terra the Elven Saintess yet also been cautious. They knew they had to train Ezreals Apostle to perfection to protect not only herself, but Elven King from the terrifying abyss who seemed like the opposite of Elves. Only seeming to want to desecrate nature and corrupt anything in their path, killing natures beings for fun.

Terra was trained in every form of combat, but mostly hand to hand and Archery. Her magic also was incredibly. She had a perfect affinity to Wind Magic, Nature Magic, Lightning Magic and Space Magic and her learning ability was frightening. She quickly learned various forms of these magic, some of which she even created herself and spread to other Elves, and her cultivation over these 16 years was unheard of.

Now Terra was sent to Xerath Island to train herself, and had been here for 7 months alongside the other 4 in her group, who were the other 4 most talented fighters in Elven Kind. The Green haired lady, Gaia, was someone whom had the Nature Element, Light Element and Illusion Element. Her individual abilities were lacking, but her supportive capabilities were second to none in the younger generation of Elves.

The two purple haired Elves were twins, yet they seemingly couldn be more different. Kaori Miko, the female was a completely rash fighter, who dominated and overpowered her opponents with sheer force and power. Strategy was the last on her mind, a great difference to her twin brother Ayato, who was graceful and elegant in his fights, seeming to effortlessly defeat his opponents without ever being scratched, due to his incredibly strategic combat style.

Finally there was the golden haired Elf, Ignis, who was a pure mage that didn use weapons. Ignis specialized in Fire and Ice magic, and terrorized his opponents with barrages of spells due to his ability to triple cast and silent cast, things that needed an obsessive amount of training, he learned in only 16 years of life.

These 5 were sent by the Elven People to Xerath Island to train for the past 7 months, and their time on the island was finally ending tomorrow.

As they moved through the area that was covered by a blanket of darkness, the entire earth began to shake tyrannically. Taking. a closer look, Ignis managed to spot somethings wriggling in the sand, and they were quickly closing in on the groups position.

”LOOK OUT SAINTESS! ” Shouted Ignis as a pillar of sand erupted from underneath Terra, whom quickly jumped into the air milliseconds before, already sensing the beings attack just before it struck.

”UARGGGG! ” A screech erupted from the being that erupted from the sand. As the sand fell off the body of the monster, its true form was shown. A gigantic centipede taller than most buildings. This was a fully grown adult Sand Centipede, a monster that very rarely showed itself on Xerath Island due to its immense power when fully grown into an adult.

The centipede roared and a massive blast of sand shot from its disgusting mouth, targeting Terra. The blast of sand travelled at a speed that was near unreactable to most beings, yet just before it hit Terra, a voice sounded out and a barrier appeared, protecting Terra in the nick of time.

”Natures Protection! ” Said Gaia, her voice ethereal and calming to the group. Terra instantly grasped her bow and readied her aim, pulling back as a mana in the surrounding area began to gather to form an arrow.

”Natures Grasp! Sealing Chains! Lights Blessing! ” Gaias voice resounded again. One after another, spells were shot out. Firstly, green vines appeared out of seemingly nowhere, binding the Sand Centipede that appeared and making it unable to move. Secondly, chains of light appeared, binding the centipedes mouth and sealing its power temporarily, making it unable to use its Sand Blast. Finally, a aura of light surrounded Terra, buffing her attack power and penetrative power.

”Ezreals Wrath! ” A ethereal, serene voice left Terras mouth, and with that, the string of the bow was released. A ferocious arrow with a hint of purple tore through the sky in an instant, spacial tracks left in its wake due to its ferocious power. As the arrow connected with the Sand Centipede, it couldn fathom how it had died, as the ferocious arrow tore through its body from its mouth, through its stomach to its base, crashing onto the ground and causing a mass implosion that shook the very earth.

As the shaking slowly stopped, Terra glided onto the Earth and glanced at Gaia, nodding and acknowledging her assistance, but suddenly, three more Sand Centipedes, alongside many smaller monsters appeared in the distance, charging at the group.

To most of them, this was seen as a tough fight. The toughest fight they will have ever faced so far and likely their last battle before leaving the island. The atmosphere was tense, that is until….

”COWABUNGAAA BABY!! ” Screamed Kaori as she darted to the horde of incoming monsters. A massive amount of lightning wrapping around her bodies as her mouth was wide open, excited for a potential fight as two short swords appeared in her hand.

Kaori lept into the air and crashed down, a small earthquake occurring before she got to action, lightning flashing with every strike of her short blades as she took down opposing monsters one before the next.

”That girl is crazy, wholl ever date someone so crazy? ” Exclaimed her brother, Ayato as he dashed forward to assist her, with every step, the head of another monster going flying as he elegantly danced through the battlefield, his efficiency in slaying enemies nearly unmatched.

Meanwhile Gaia and Terra worked together flawlessly, with Gaias Natures Grasp and Chains of Light, she was able to bind a massive amount of enemies swiftly, and Ignis did not miss his opportunity.

”Dimensional Oblivion! ” Roared Terra, her elegant nature slightly faultering. A massive amount of mana shot out of her arrow. Space was annihilated, dimensions eradicated and reality smashed into pieces, anything and everything in Terras arrows path was completely sent to the nether realm, not even a body path remaining.

”My decision to team with her gets better every day huh! ” Muttered Ignis as he finally finished charging up his new spell, ready to test it out of the remaining monsters whom were shocked in place from Terras attack.

”NOW GUYS MOVE! ” Shouted Ignis. Instantly, the Miko twins disengaged from their battles and ran behind Ignis alongside the others. Gaias Natures Grasp entrapped the remaining monsters for a short couple of seconds, but that was all Ignis needed.

”FrostFlame: Wrath of the Nine Suns! ” Roared Ignis. Suddenly, nine cruel suns appeared in the sky, all of the suns a combination of Fire Magic and Ice Magic. The flames were unstoppable and burned anything they touched to ash while the frost was below temperature 0 and froze beings with a mere breath. So incompatible, yet so perfect together. The Suns smashed down onto the monsters one after another. The Earth shaking with every crash as frost and flames danced on the ground, sending any and every living being touched to the River of Reincarnation. Monsters didn even get to screech in pain before they died. It was a silent death. One where they simply stood no chance!

This was the Power of the Elven Younger Generation!

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