[Ekrons POV]:

”Wait! ” I couldve sworn that the vial spoke to me. I remain staring at it for a moments pause.

”Vim? ” Raina called out, being puzzled when I stopped.

”Whats wrong? ” And so did Freja, then she peered at the same direction as I.

Why is there still an awakening factor here, and how come its floating? Is probably what shes wondering.

We were honestly confused, and more so for me, when the audible announced:

”Son of Sleipnir, may you spare your hand maiden your time and listen to my words? ” So, its conclusion now that its female.

And she also knows of my ancestor, and indeed I am similar to Raina, in only that I am a Half-Faunus Model Sleipnir. This might be one of my progenitors, servant or concubine.

”Wait here for a moment! ” I ordered the two girls as I walk on over to whoever the heck this was.

I am also convinced that she only spoke to me, of whom all the mentions were known. Their reaction has not changed when I examined them during my address.

I was at hands reach; I told her, ”Speak, servant of Slepnir, what message thou have for me? ”

”Thank you for gracing me my lord, but although I was sent by Lord Sleipnir, I am not his servant but yours… ” She responded.

”… ”

Interesting… she claimed herself to be my servant. My father never owned any servants, and my mother only had one bond maiden I am very familiar of. Could she be a present now being presented unto me?

”Care to Elaborate? ” Unfortunately, I require context.

”It was an honorary exchange between Sleipnir and me. He requires a particular spirit which is I, that will aid you in your process of awakening, and the decision you will make in the future? ” Is what she explained, and though I nodded; I understood, there was one thing.

”Why did he choose to assist me at this time only? Last time I checked, even my father surpassed him, and broke out of his will. He spoke nothing of our ancestor upon my birth, nor did Sleipnir appear in no sense when he died… ” Is honestly what I want to know.

I have nothing against Sleipnir, rather I was indifferent for what I believe he was towards me. My father was independent a long time ever since growing mighty in his power.

”Lord Sleipnir never ignores his descendants, rather it was your father who rejected all manner of assistance and gifts from him, but as for the rest of your time ever since his death? ”

”Even the Lord progenitor wants to steer away from the wrath of the dark beast of apocalypse, Kratos… ” Is what she honestly expressed, knowing the account.

Her answers and his reasoning, were fair. Although I guess there is always a different side of every story…

”Then tell me, who you are, and what benefit will I receive from such a union; why should I accept you? ” I slightly hardened my face, requesting rather sternly.

In actuality, Im not really concerned about the benefits from having a summon, if shes a beauty with no baggage. Having more than one woman to increase my potential stocks is more than enough.

When she acknowledged my words, The vial glowed, expanded and covered my person and the light was so bright it lit the entire classroom, causing the girls to recoil with their hands.

”Whats happening? ” Raina cried as she struggles from the blinding light.

But when I turned to grant comfort, I did not see them. But when I turned to where the vial should be, it was indeed traded for another.

Before me was a large blue serpent with a dragons head with two large Finns that seem to mimic that of wings.

Its presence was astonishing, but not frightening. It paid no attention to me apart from the one it hovered over, for what lie at its base is a seat made of stones, and a woman who sat upon it.

I gazed at this woman who had long flowing hair that looked like it was being swayed in water, it was white but at the same time it had a blue undertone. Her eyes were also golden like Freja, and her skin was fair like Rainas.

She wore a blue corset dress with freely ending, where what would be the uncovered areas were protected by a long white fabric that even extended to her wrist. She also wore a long white stocking that reached to her tie, and blue heel shoes.

This woman who stood at nearly 5 foot 3 also wore a seven pointed black tiara upon her head, and she was marvelous to look at and was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

I looked at her and felt starved, my loins were burning, and I want to go up to her, pin her down and breed her, but.


My clouded judgement immediately went away when I saw shards running down from my forehead, and the woman looked at me with a smile.

”It is not time yet my lord, let the seal do its purpose until your awakening, and then you can have me at anytime that you please… ” She express much to my satisfaction.

She was touching my forehead, or rather, the crystal embedded within the iron crown that was camouflaged upon my forehead.

It was one of the things that Kissa my Godmother give to me to help keep my strong emotions and instincts in check, but seeing that it cracked only now was also a signal of my awakening.

It shouldn have been damaged at even this moment, regardless if she was a beauty I have never seen before, and have yet to grow accustom to.

But now that we were fave to face; ”Where are my manners, I shouldve introduced myself long ago… ”

”My name is Melusine, the Fresh Water Serpent. ”

”Or the Avatar of the Holy River. ” I interjected. I was amazed since I know who this was.

”Judging by your words and reaction, you are well aware of who I am … ” And she appeared to be glad that I was already aware of her.

I understand, but though she isn exactly a known figure, nevertheless she was still a historical person that transcended time.

”I am glad to have a knowledgeable master, I do not need to explain my background to you, but I will explain to you the benefit of having me… ” Is she lacking her lips?

”If you choose to have me as your servant, I will grant you the benefit of sustaining your wisdom under both frustration, and temptation. I will grant you the power of maintaining your mind under constant pain, and pressure, and as a water spirit, I will grant you the power of manipulating the element of aqua to your very whim… ” Were among the most important that she explained.

And what should I consider? I have a smoking hot waifs who give me babies, but not only that I can acquire vastly more control on the aqua element and can use her passives for major decision-making, whether its running a government or military campaigns. My guardians made sure that I was both knowledgeable and acquired wisdom at every spectrum.

I thought upon that but remembered something crucial, and it was something I must affirm with her:

”How will we go about it? After my awakening and I made heir of everything my father represents? ” It was another way of letting her know that I lack a substitute of that of a summoning system.

”You do not need to worry, everything was discussed, and we came prepared for this moment… ” and much to my surprise, Melusine expanded her arms and tip her toes as she brought my head down low, Id even say that she hopped slightly, aiming as I felt her soft lips that were focused at the brow above my nose.

[System Transference…]


[System Received…]

I see, so this is how getting a personal system is like. I must say it feels very invasive.

[System Initializing…]

[System Designation: King of the Herd is now active]

[Presenting system status right now]:

Designation: King of the Herd

User: Ekron Fearghast

Level: 1

Companions: None

Thralls: None

Mates: None


[Displays the emotions, and conditions of all servants. Every servant received will boost the will and the feeling of happiness of the user. Mentally linked with the servants at every turn.]

And as I examine the details of this new system. I must say I was very impressed. Lord Sleipnir had given me a godly birthday present…

[Melusine POV]:

Aww, hes speechless… I can help but express how adorable my master is.

According to all the accounts I have heard, and judging him in person, he truly does take after his father, and seems not to have taken anything behavioral wise from that wrathful being.

I was expecting impatience, arrogance, neglect, and crudeness. Fortunately, I receive patience, wisdom, consideration, and gentleness and most of all, he is really, really hot.

I can see why these girls are constantly over him, and I am willing to see what more I can learn from him.

”Do you like your new gift? ” I asked, and by now he should understand its functionality.

”Yes, and Im very impressed. And while I am aware of our traditions, it seemed that Lord Sleipnir took a glimpse into the future. It looks like it will compliment me far too much… ” seems like hes smart enough to know how to fully utilize it. As expected of my master.

Though, to answer the latter of his statement; ”Lets just say Lord Sleipnir was also a big fan of your father. ”

”Fair. ”

”Then lets get down to business. Inch closer and kiss me. ” He commanded.

”What is to say this is whats required for our Partnership? ” I said wryly in turn.

”Am very much aware of my heritage, and although what I initially need of you is your submission and holding me at full devotion in your mind, I know that the union of our bodies will make the process much more convenient. ” He responded slightly, giving in to my joke.

What he said is true, especially from all the information I was given. There are many processes of having a contract between masters and spirits, and one of submissiveness and devotion was among the many compared to the likes of blood bonded, ritual taming, and contract between partners.

Once again I brought his head downward, closed my eyes as I place my lips unto his.

”…soft… ” His lips felt really nice, and his odor was really captivating.

Honestly, I found that we kept to it longer than we should, but I saw no status. I didn want this to end, but seeing no system pop-up was concerning.

Was I not devoting and submitting myself to my new master? I was certain that I am, but why is it getting nowhere? Is my master growing impatient?

But when I opened my eyes, I saw his slightly opened. He showed no tinge of anger and annoyance and looked to be into it as much as I was.

But he had different ideas. I felt as his hands reached down, cupping my ass cheeks, but before I can utter anything, his mouth became heavy and:

”Imph!!? ” I was caught off guard as I felt his tongue by passing my lips, and now assaulting my throat.

I was stunned, and soon my mind became clouded after the sparks produced from the working of his tongue that now danced between mines.

”Ah♡… ”

He lifted me up as he held his back straight, and I got more into it. And as he was assaulting my mouth, he was fondling my ass, bringing his fingers strikingly close to my already soiled crotch.

[Congratulations; you are now a mate of Ekron Fearghast].

Had the requirement been passed? Honestly, I don know what is reality anymore.

”Ahh♡♡♡… ” But after a few seconds he separated his lips from mines, no longer fondling me but kept me at the same position within his grasp.

That… was amazing….

[Ekron POV]:

[Congratulations; you have acquired Melusine the Fresh Water Serpent as your mate].

[Unfortunately, stat points gained will be withheld until your bloodline awakening].


Designation: King of the Herd

User: Ekron Fearghast

Level: 1

Companions: None

Thralls: None

Mates: Melusine

Abilities: Aqua Elemental Manipulation Lvl?

(Summoned Spirit)

Passives Earned: Calm Mind Lvl?

Magical Coolant Lvl 1


[Displays the emotions, and conditions of all servants. Every servant received will boost the will and the feeling of happiness of the user. Mentally linked with the servants at every turn.]

I checked the status of my new system after separating myself from Melusine unfortunate as it was.

I saw as was promised, that I gained sovereignty of controlling her along with the element that she harnessed. The calm mind Ability is obvious to the other promise that she made.

However, ”This Magical Coolant passive… ” She mentioned nothing about this, and whilst I was minded to ask whether she knew of this or not, I cannot ask someone I forced into a euphoria.

”Haah… Haah… Haah! ” She was still squirming from ecstasy.

Keep it together… I had to steel myself and do this after I noticed that the process was taking a bit too long. If I was truly serious and my seal did crack, I wonder what I wouldve done to her.

Now I am making a new theory. What if the requirement of receiving companions, thralls, and Mates within my Herd require not just devotion and submissiveness.

What if it depends on the intention and the intensity, that is depending on both party. Clearly, Melusine wanted to be more than just a thrall and companion, so I had to treat her as though she were my woman.

Seems that despite her demeanor shes more of a virgin than I thought… she was mightily convinced as was I that the kiss was the medium to finalize it all.

I can be certain, though. I must test this theory.

[Regular POV]:

It was only a brief moment in actuality that the light consumed the room, as if no time had passed at all. Vim was received onto both girls again.

Though, both Raina and Freja were confused as to why the vial was no longer there.

What happened to the vial. Where did it go? Was what they were wondering.

”Vim, did something happened? ” Raina reached out to him in concern.

”Did you absorb the Awakening Factor? ” Assumed Freja. She also ran towards him.

Such a thing had transpired, It was unlike any phenomenon they had ever seen before.

”Don worry, girls, Im alright. ” Vim assured them, but quickly he saw the atmosphere became strange.

They were concerned moments ago, but are now looking at him suspiciously, he thought.

”Why are you looking at me li… ” He was about to ask until he recognized as to why.

He examined his shirt collar, his stomach area, and the groin area of his pants and saw that they were still soaked and there was still residue of a slime like substance, and knowing Raina, especially Frejas sensitivity, they must have smell something off about him.

Raina looked at him with her head cast down. She looked disappointed with disbelief in her eyes.

Freja, on the other hand, looked at him mighty angrily, clenching her fist whilst shaping her face into a growl.

”Haaa… ” He sighed with defeat, but before he can give an explanation, Melusine suddenly appeared before them, hugging his neck from behind.

Seeing this appearance was shocking to them, but when she planted a kiss upon his cheek, Freja began boiling with rage.

And when she declared that; ” Sorry girls, hes my man now ♡. ” she even gave them a wink.

Freja could not help but flare out:

*What the **???*

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