[ Revenge] (n.); the action of hurting or harming someone in return for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands.


” How can there be an Alpha when Disha killed him? Did Ace have a secret child that we didn know about? ” I question the King and Queen of moonlighters trying to sound not too offended.

” From informers, we got to know that Alpha is the former Gamma, Jayden. After the war which killed the Alpha and Beta of the Unknown Pack, Jayden was promoted to the Alpha position, ” Edward answered.

” Doesn an Alpha wolf is required to be an Alpha of a pack? ” Roshini asked this time. As we learn, werewolves won accept a leader who doesn have an Alpha Wolf. And to gain or raise the rank, a wolf has to kill an Alpha or have Alpha Blood.

” We are still figuring out about that, ” Charles muttered looking serious which was new to me.

” Since how long were you informed about it? And who told you that, King Victor? ” Disha asked looking directly at the King with the same amount of aura.

” The Council personally informed me as soon as they found out about it, ” He answered in a matter-of-fact tone.

” How long was that? ” Her question shows that her priority is to know if she held the same importance and respect as King Victor. As if she was informed late about it then it shows the council doesn take us, especially Disha seriously.

” About a week ago, ” King Victor answered making Disha take a deep breath.

” I am WolfQueen and I should be treated as important as you are, King Victor. So tell the council the next time they are the ones to inform me immediately about any danger that will threaten my pack or my family members. And if they don , I will gladly remind them of my position, ”

King Victor immediately looked offended by Dishas speech and we could hear him suppress his growl.

” I am not a messenger, Queen Disha, ” He gritted his teeth as he spoke making me shiver in fear.

” I didn say that or had any intention to insult you, King Victor… I am done with the excuse you have been through a lot so we thought to tell you later and being treated as a pushover by the council. I apologise if my words have hurt you or your wolf, King Victor, ” I could feel the sincerity in Dishas apology and thats why King Victor nodded.

” A King and a Queen never demand respect but people give them on the biases of their attention and work towards community, ” He muttered sending a message to Disha to take the responsibility seriously.

Disha didn utter a word and was having a staring contest with King Victor. As if they both agreed, they looked away at the same time.

” Do the council have information about Alpha Jayden or his pack? ” Roshini questions to break the silence in the room.

” Yes, they will discuss it with you tomorrow, ” Edward spoke and thats when I understood King Victor will answer directly to Disha and not us as its a protocol of the royals. That the King will speak directly to the Queen or an Alpha and the Kings Beta or Gamma is allowed to speak to other members. I forgot about it completely along with other protocols that are popping up in my mind now.

” Asha, arrange the meeting for the council in the afternoon tomorrow, ” Disha orders me to which I nodded then she turns her head to King Victor.

” If there isn anything else then we should go back to the function otherwise our parents will come looking for us, ” She said and went out after King Victor nodded in agreement.

” Is it just me who thinks that Disha just burst out her frustration? ” Roshini asked me once we came out of the room.

” I think the same and its good that she isn acting like a zombie now, ” I muttered.

” So now I hope, we will be treated as Royals and not like a child, ” She said to which I nodded in agreement.

” I hope it as well… This Jayden guy will attack our family because they are humans and our weaknesses. I still can believe one of his members has talked to Luv, ” I spoke in low volume as we entered the hall which was filled with music and laughter.

” I will talk to the security head in charge of protecting our family and I think we should increase the number of guards as well. What do you think? ” Roshini looked at me as she inquired about my opinion.

” Thats a good idea and I think I should look into witchcraft to find something that will help us protect them, ” I said as I looked at our fathers who were laughing at something.

” I sometimes think how come our parents with sunshinner genes become friends? ” She points out an obvious question that everyone thinks about.

” It was fated, ” I shrugged my shoulders as I answered. After all, our fate was written at the moment when we open our eyes and everything in our life goes according to it.

” Out of billion people in the country, we were fated to be royal werewolves of sunshinners. Sometimes, its just fate and no other explanation, ” I further explain my statement yet I felt she wasn convinced.

” Asha, ” Amma calls my name out as she walks towards me with a joyous aura that made me smile.

” Yeah, Amma, ” I said as I walk in front of her.

” I want you to talk with Mrs Chaddahs son. He is a nice boy and I think he will be perfect for you, ” Ammas words shocked me to stand still in disbelief at what she said. Whereas, Astra growls the loudest I ever heard and began to fight for control.

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