Star Gluttony

[S1] Ch5: Happy home #4

I recalled that story my father of this dream told me. From what I realized that time, he has never once told me a bedtime story, it was just that time, and it could be the last. It was something out of his character.

There was a noble man. Hes almost the peak of perfection. He has wealth, authority, strength, and even appearance everyone will admire.

One day, while he was in a hunt, something gone wrong and he got gravely injured. His men all died, he was all alone in the forest. Whats more, the forest has built a bad reputation. He made a mistake, he was arrogant, he never knew that the unstoppable and almost perfect him will be in this state the moment he stepped into the boundary.

Everything he achieved was useless at that point. It was never with him to begin with. All he has was his expensive sword. He was desperate. He must make it alive. You can never bring your treasure when you die with you.

His mana was exhausted, he can fight anymore. He kept running from the meanie. And his hope wasn in vain, as his saviour came. In a single move, everything was annihilated. He looked, it was a woman.

He stayed in a daze. Like him, the woman was unparalleled in beauty. With her calming demeanor, no one couldve ever thought that shes the wicked witch of the forest. I asked if she was just being misunderstood, like if she has a curse or something, but father said shes literally wicked, who wants to pretend to be a saint.

Anyways, the woman then helped the noble man and offered him to rest in her house for the moment, which he humbly accepted. He found it weird how she can live in this dangerous place, though, after seeing how strong she is, that answers his doubt.

He lived in her small and simple house for a while. He thought that the place for a beautiful woman such as her should live in a grand mansion, he didn complain though.

It felt like a vacation for him. He didn want to leave, though, as days pass, he needed to, he still have responsibilities after all. However, the woman unexpected said something to him. ”Will you marry me? ” She said, she offered, which he happily accepted and stayed. It seemed like a dream to him, and it was, since he was already dead the moment he stepped into the pit.


I woke up, again. Not in a desert anymore though. Like, Im laying down, and theres a ceiling above me. A black ceiling, made of stone. Thatll probably kinda hurt if that collapse right above my head. Like, ceilings can be scary sometimes. Without design, ceilings are just an empty space with a ball of light. With a ball of light, it may be bright, but it doesn cover everything, the parts of the ceiling farther than the light isn as bright. If a house doesn have a ceiling, then goodluck to the ones who lives there.

The desert was fun, the desert was not fun. Well, as I said, Im awake again, and always has been. Wait, did I even sleep? I felt like I just blinked.


Anyways, I looked around, I don where am I, really. Its just a large room, with no decorations, or things. Also, I realized that Im laying down on the floor, since its hard, and it hurts too.

”Hello? ” I asked, wanting someone to know about my presence. My voice echoed in the room.

Seconds later, a face of a blond haired guy with green eyes appeared very close to my face, smiling.

It was papa. My father in this dream world.

”My daughter is finally awake! ” He said.

”You were there all along? ” I asked.

”Thats right. ” He replied.

”I didn notice. ” I said. No really, I was still a bit shocked when he just appeared like that all of a sudden.

”Of course you wouldn . ” He said.

”Well, where am I? What am I doing here? and why am I on the foor? ” I asked.

”This is a vacant room of our house. Oh right, youve never been here before. Well, you
e here because I brought you here, and I want you to be on the floor. My daughter sure can sound like shes not five years old. ” He replied.

”I see. Well, I am. ” I said.

”Haha. Anyways, I have something to tell you. ” He said.

”What? ” I asked.

”I think your nose bleeded, right? Do you want to know the reason why? ” As he said that, Renes face suddenly came to my mind. Ahh, the cursed memory I don deserve.

”… ” I didn answer back, because I don know what to say right now.

”Well, that is because you finally received your Awakening! ” He said happily.

”What? ”

”Ahem. ” He cleared his throat. ”So, that just means, you can use magic! You really wanted to try it, right? ”

”…what does that have to do with my nose bleeding? ” I inquired.

”You see, in ancient times, us humans can immediately practice magic the moment they are born. However, the Gods from above didn like this and placed a restriction in our blood. Meaning, if your nose bleeds, then the Gods gave you permission to use magic. Wonderful history, right? ”

Does that mean… It wasn because of that, but because I can use magic? The magic where I can make fire out of thin air? The magic where I can myself fly? Oh well, whatever.

”I should start giving you lessons tomorrow. ” He declared.

”Ok. ” I agreed, and raised my hands upwards, wanting to be carried. He smiled, and carried me. He opened the door and stepped out. And the outside, is a hallway I have never been before. Its dark, with a little light.

”Now that you know this place, don wander here alone too much, understand? ” He said. I nodded. Not like I really care.

He walked farther, and reached through a stair. He got up, and reached to a door. He opened it and steps through. Now, were in… My room?

”Oh. ” I never new theres a secret door in my room, cool. Oh, and since its a secret door, I won describe where exactly it is.

”Haha. ” He chuckled. He then drops me to my bed. He then kissed me to the forehead. ”Sleep well, its still dark outside. ” He then headed to my normal door. He left. I slept, again.

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