Star Gluttony

[S1] Ch2: Happy home #1

Today is finally the day Ive decided to kill myself, yey.

Im in our classroom right now, all alone. Its currently 5:58 pm so I guess that means that everyone has already gone home.

Well, Im hiding behind our door. In my hands, Im holding a paper and pencil, writing my useless last will.

A useless, useless, useless letter.

”Though, I think this is good enough. ” I muttered then placed it on top of my desk.

I then opened the window and stared down the cement floor.

Well, yeah, this is it. My life was not great, but it wasn the worst either. I am simply just alone in this world, and I can take it anymore.

”Hah. ” I sighed.

I climed up the window and enjoyed the wind.

I then letted go with no hesitation. However, somehow, I didn continue to fall. It was weird, as if a magic spell pulled me back.

”…Who? ” I wonder whos the attention whore who can mind its own business.

I looked back only to see a weird kid. It was a cute girl with white hair, wearing white cloak, and has this realistic wings on her back.

”A little girl? ” I muttered.

”Who are you calling a little girl? ” Her face darkened, but not like I care. ”Anyways, I think its not a great idea to jump only from the third floor if you really want to die. ”

”Third floor? ” I thought about it for a second. ”Now that I realize, it can kinda hurt if its not that high. ”

”I know right? ” She said.

”Should I just hang myself instead? ” I asked.

”Well, you don need to hang yourself anymore, because you
e going to another world with a painless death, as I am a Goddess! ” She replied happily.

Hearing that, I stared at her. However, instead of being amazed, no, rather, I am amazed that I am laughing so hard. ”Haha…Ive been hallucinating weird things these days, and now its a little goddess. ”

I guess Ill be leaving now, it seems like it isn my time yet.

”Should I demonstrate this to you? ”

I was about to leave, however, as she spoke those words, everything suddenly became white.

Wait, what happened?

Now, the heck is this? So Im actually dreaming, huh.

”Fine, think of everything as a dream. All I need to do is to force you with me to another world, no time wasted dealing with someone like you who can think straight. ” She said.

”What? ” I asked.

”Just say—Yes, I accept. ” She said.

Sigh, just let me die already…well whatever.

”Yes, I accept. Happy? ” I replied.

Suddenly, my vision started turning black. The last thing I saw was the little girl smiling, with feathers flying all around.


I opened my eyes slowly. I am awake, but I feel weird. I can tell that Im crying, crying, crying, and crying…wait, its hard to breathe…


”Please… Work… ” I heard a voice of a man, he sounded desperate. ”How can this be… ”

I don know whats happening, and I don know who in the world is that voice but, I wonder where am I?

No, really, where am I? I can see. And it hurts… ARGH.

”… I am… I am very sorry my lord… Its my fault… ” Said by another voice, a womans.

”… Its not anyones fault… ” Said by the guy.

OwwoooooooAH…. I don know why but I feel so weird. Hahhhhh….

”She seems to be moving a lot, can I hold her? ” Said by the guy again.

Then, for some reason, felt like I was just handled by someone.

Wait, am I being carried? Like, for my age. I mean, Im fourteen, but really? Im getting carried?

Did I get injured somehow? And why can I talk!?

OwwoooooooAH! Im crying, wow.

e so beautiful, just like you
e mother. ” The guy said. Then, I felt something on my heads, it felt like I was getting patted. ”You
e going to take over you
e mothers name from now on, Lylia. ”

Suddenly, my vision became clear like before. What I first saw was a guy with blond hair and teary green eyes, smiling at me.

His face is very western. Though, why does he look so large? Is it because Im Asian? Well, so he was the guy talking English from earlier, huh.

Oh well, why is he staring at me?

”Hehe, you stopped crying. ” He said.

… Certainly, I stopped crying.

Well, I then looked at my hands. It was small, like a babys. With this, I have come to a conclusion that…

I am still dreaming, theres no other reason why I would be in an unfamiliar place anyways.

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