Star Gluttony

[S1] Ch10: Happy home #9

ream to be stained. Bed is one of my primary comfort. There was also a chair.

I did my best in just facing her, hiding the thing in my back. I can see any errors. Thankfully, it seems like she really does think that Im giving her a literal gift, and she wants to treat it as a literal surprise so I don think shell see it unless Im not careful.

”Melissa. ” I called.

”I told you to call me master. ” She demanded.

”Master. ” I called again, calling her master this time.

”What is it? ” She replied.

”Lately, youve been mentioning about the atmosphere of our house and stuff. Are there any, phenomenological things happening? ” I asked. Its not like I really care, nor do I even know why I asked. I just asked. She then stared at me for a moment. She then relied. ”Well, don you want to have a playmate? ”

”Playmate? ” I thought about it. Like, its just a playmate. I don have problems with them. In fact, I want to have at least one to be honest. Though, Im not really a literal five year old little girl wholl play dolls so, I don think I really care. ”Im fine. I have papa. ”

”I see. What about me? ” She asked.

”What you? ” I asked too.

”Do you consider me as a playmate? ” She said.

”No. ” I replied. Oops, I slipped.

”What an instant answer, it makes me sad. Why though? ”

”No, thats not it. When I said no, it means yes. ” I excused.

”Really? ” She smirked.

After that. We just stared at each other. It became silent. She seemed like she wanted to say something, so I waited. I stayed silent. I was being generous. Generously generous. Im a good person after all.

”Say, Lylia— ” She said. ”Do you want to have a mother? ”

”… Mother… ” I wondered about it.

I have never really craved for a mothers love, to be honest. I don know why. I really don know why. Rene was the one who took care of me since I was born, so I guess shell be the mother. Though, Ive never really considered her as a mother. Oh right, this is just a dream, not a reality. Still, I don know why, but I seem to not care about it at all. Really.

”With or without, Im fine. ” I answered.

”… I see. ” She said. She then turned back. She headed to her desk. For some reasons, she stared at her desk. I followed right behind her, it really seems like a good opportunity to stab her right now. Still, I waited. She then took something from the desk. It was a box. A kinda small and simple box.

She smiled. ”You think you
e the only who prepared something, hmm? ” She continued to stare at the box. ”Its something I made myself. I want to give this to you— ”

She stopped her sentence. Yeah, shell stop since I stabbed her back. While she was talking without looking, I stabbed her. The part of her back that I stabbed started to bleed. I kinda aimed to her spine, but it looks a bit off to the side. Still, this seem enough, for my wanted dream. I did it. I nailed it.

Along the way, she dropped the box to the floor. The box opened. As it opened, something came out. It seemed to be a hairpin. It was a hairpin with a flower design and a shiny green rock jewel thingy in the middle. The stone thingy glowed the same colour as my eyes, reflecting the moon light. I saw it. I looked at it.

I then stepped back and asked. ”What do you want to give me again? ” I didn smile. I won smile. I just looked at her, with my eyes wide.

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