The tall Deerkin leaned down, pressing her lips against mine and flooding my mouth with her minty taste.

Dropping her prey to the ground, Rhefia crouched in front of me, gently coiling her tongue around mine as she pulled me into her warm, muscular body.

I instinctively gave this woman access to my mouth, wrapping my arms around her back as relief washed over me.

She came back…

I was safe…

Licking my lips, Rhefia pulled away, breathing heavily as she stared at me, her amber eyes gentle.

”Did you miss me..? ”

Nodding, I laid my head on her chest, gulping as I recalled the despair that coursed through my veins when she had left me this morning.

”I… I thought you weren … weren … ”

”Coming back? ”

I nodded, refusing to meet her gaze.

Sighing, she stroked my hair as she whispered ”You are carrying my child; of course I would come back. Besides… ”

Pushing me away from her chest, she grinned at me, her eyes radiating lust as she looked me over.

”I don think I could ever find anyone like you again… ”

Shivering under her heavy desire, I turned around, getting on my hands and knees as I presented myself to her.

Feeling her lift the wolf pelt from my shoulders, I shivered as the slightly chilly breeze of dusk washed over me, only to moan as a thick warm rod slid into my pussy.

Leaning over me, Rhefia pressed her body against mine, her hands groping my large tits as she started thrusting into me.

”I want you more than I care to admit, Astra… You feel so great wrapped around my cock… ”

Speeding up, I moaned in response, making the Deerkin chuckle.

e mine~! All mine~! ”

Sinking her hands deeper into my giant breasts, I shuddered as her cock knocked at my cervix, scraping away at my insides.

My senses were entirely swept away by her…

Her weight on my body, pushing me under her as she pounded away at my cunt, all while her hands squeezed my breasts…

The minty scent and taste that flooded my mouth as she kissed me, making my head spin.

Those amber eyes that glowed with lust as she took me, her thighs slamming into my ass echoing around the small clearing.

Rhefia was claiming all of me…


She already owned my deepest part…

Her child was growing in my womb, and her cock filled the rest of my snatch, which desperately massaged her thick shaft as it tried its hardest to get another fresh dose of her seed.

Losing myself to her heat, I moaned as she **ed me, Rhefia doing as she pleased to my body.

Pouring her searing cum into my body over and over again, the night eventually claimed us both, falling asleep in each others arms.


Waking up, I yet again found myself coated in her seed, but this time…

Wiping it off my body, I gave it a taste, wondering if it was as minty as her tongue…

Licking some of her seed from my body, a sweet and sharp taste entered my mouth, making me purse my lips.

She really did…

”Awake? ”

Looking over to the fire, I saw her sitting with her back to me, making me relieved that she hadn seen me taste her semen.

”Y-Yes… ”

Crawling over to the pool, I washed off before sitting beside her, enjoying the way she instantly placed her arm around my shoulders.

Leaning into her side, we watched the flames crackle in front of us, before…

”How did you make all of this? ”

She gestured towards the Lean-To, my axe, and the large workbench.

Biting my lip, I continued staring into the flames, wondering how to respond.

”Do you have crafting magic? ”

”Crafting… magic? ”

Confused, I looked up at the taller Deerkin, who was staring at me with narrowed eyes.

”Can you take a stick, rope, and combine them, with magic, into something else? ”

Nodding hesitantly, she grinned at me, placing a sloppy kiss on my lips.

”I knew you would make a great mate! Haha~! ”

Seeing her so happy made me smile to, only to tilt my head as she gestured to the axe.

”Are you capable of making other weapons? Maybe a spear? ”

Nodding again, I held out my hand, summoning the spear from my inventory.

Staring at the long, sharpened wooden spear that appeared in my hand, she nodded.

”Alright; Since we have enough food for now, I shall procure materials for you. Focus on building us a house. ”

Giving me another kiss, she stood up, stretching out her long, lithe figure.

However, seeing her other long, not so lithe figure, I moved over to her, making her tilt her head in confusion.

”I-I can … have you work like… that… ”

Gesturing to her erection, she was about to say something when she gasped.

Kneeling in front of her, I wrapped my lips around her searing cock, enjoying the sweet taste that permeated my mouth as I started sucking.

Using one hand to fondle her heavy balls, I moved my tongue around her shaft, bobbing my head up and down her long dick, sucking everything out of her urethra.

She was staring at me with wonder, before screwing her eyes shut, panting slightly.

Grabbing my head, she thrust herself as deep as she could, her balls pulsating against my chin as she came.

Trying to gulp down the torrent of semen that sprayed from her wide tip, I moaned on her cock as her sweet semen coated my throat.

Draining every last drop from her dick, I released her cock with a plop, swallowing down everything I could before opening my mouth, revealing my clean tongue.

Her amber eyes were overflowing with lust, but she managed to rein herself in, taking deep breaths before grinning down at me.

”Thats one way to start the morning… lets do this everyday… ”

I nodded, my stomach filled with her semen.


Could get used to that sweet taste…

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