Jin Ye really couldn’t understand what that kind of sacrificial love felt like.

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The reason was,

“You know it too, don’t you? That I don’t know how to give and take such a noble and pure emotion.
My heart has been empty for a long time.”

All the senses to feel that emotion had been destroyed when she was very young—even before she could store it in her heart.

“If you think I can hold someone dear in my heart, then you’re wrong.”

“Those people that have cursed you are no longer in this world, Your Majesty.”

Jin Ye laughed at those words while he shook his head weakly.
She noticed she had clearly caught the reason why Seoyeob couldn’t give up like this.

“Is that why you have that kind of hope?”


Seoyeob’s silence was an affirmation.
Men were always that tactless and foolish.

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“They’re not in this world.
But I do wonder if their curses have come true.”

“Why do you say such weak words?”

“I don’t.
That is just the life of this Jin Ye.
Thus, as you stay next to me, I’ll only use you completely as a tool, Seoyeob.
And you’ll probably die slowly and tragically without even getting any kind of compensation for your love.”

These words might hurt him more than the words stating she wouldn’t love him.

This might be cruel for Seoyeob, but that was the reality.
She didn’t want to get tired while playing the emotional play anymore.

The Jin Ye who was thirsty for someone’s love died 5 years ago.

“Anyways, when you return later, it must be treated properly.”

Seoyeob smiled bitterly.

“… This body is yours, Your Majesty.
I will take care of it so that it can fulfill its role, so please don’t worry much.”

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Somehow, his appearance looked a bit worn out.
Despite this, he only spoke the appropriate words.

“And even if I die slowly, if it’s by your side… I, Seoyeob, will be satisfied with that.”

The moment Jin Ye nodded once, Seoyeob slowly walked backward.
As soon as he disappeared behind the door, Jin Ye crumpled her expression.
A sudden piercing-like pain appeared in her shoulder.

She left the bed and strode toward the mirror to see.
The name seal had somehow darkened into jet black color.


Strong Mu, Straight Geon.

He was a man with a quite good name.

As though the pain wasn’t an illusion, she saw the skin around the name seal swell.
Jin Ye furrowed her brows as she had never heard about the name seal becoming like this.

Has he finally died…?

She wondered if this pain was the great price to forcefully eliminate her fated person.

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Then the price was cheaper than she thought.

Jin Ye tidied up her clothes back.



His whole body was tied tightly.
No matter how he twisted his wrists, he couldn’t move at all.
Jo Seoyeob tied his feet so that he wouldn’t be able to escape from this place and put a gag on his mouth even though there was no one around, making him unable to utilize his mouth.

The only movement allowed for him was to wiggle his body on the cold ground.
However, a lot of stamina was required even for a little movement.
Thanks to that, sweat dripped down on his back even amidst the coldest of winter that could freeze the blood.

Mugeon twisted his head to look for a knife.
Earlier, when he found the abandoned knife by chance, it looked far, but now, it almost reached his shoulder.
So, he wriggled his body more and did his best to make his finger catch it.


He repeatedly clenched and unclenched his fingers that were frozen due to the cold.

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He never went through such a kind of hardship.
Curses naturally came out, but only groans were heard because he couldn’t move his mouth properly.

The handle was very worn out, and probably because it was neglected for a very long time, the blade was extremely rusty.
He got mad because that blade uselessly gave him hope to stay alive.
That was also because of what Seoyeob said as he tossed him to the ground.

“I’m sure you won’t be able to stay alive even if I don’t get my hands dirty.”


This location was a little past the entrance of Eupju.
Even if the ikjaes don’t come, he would probably die from the cold due to his situation.

Seoyeob said that while he threw his tied-up body to the ground naturally like a bag of luggage.

Seoyeob then continued with a voice colder than the bleak sound of the wind that whistled in the ears.

“Please don’t give up on the hope that you can survive.”

It was a premise to state that he would die with no exception.
That got Mugeon work up.

“Then what will you do if I really stay alive?”

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