The initial birth,

The first kill,

And the cover of a sacrifice

Began centuries ago, at the peak of civilization and the masks of desire framing the art of sin. Just like the essence of society harbored volition like the open sea, entitling its creations to acquire natures blessing to their bidding war.

Dwellers differentiated it as earth, a domain of celestial body shifting around light positively influencing life, unlike any other ground.

Though the semblance of persuasion and decree fouled the brinks of existence, putting out everything and everyone, particularly those in command. Consequently, living wasn about the unity of people anymore; it was about management and those who worshipped power above all.

Colonies reaped segregation in arenas that valued the element of differentially, with the downward embodying the impoverished while the extraordinary exceeded in abundance.

Many opposed the uproar, prevailing outbreaks throughout the globe. Wars foretold a future, and just as the mind prevails impulsively, the sentiment fell apart from history.

Not an act of courage stood against the opposition. Parliament hadn merely adapted its tactics but redefined technology as a whole.

Regiments were molded and put in charge of society. Their forms regulated the acts of empathy and supremacy. No disruption heightened without being silenced. All acts of valor and oversight perished in the shadows. Those who endured surrendered to the law and mustered out the silence.

Unsettling life as we know it.

Because underneath it all, power rose through the influence of new propaganda, Alchemy, with its legion of soldiers Division —that oppressed societal restraint and the illusion of a nation through corporate and technological leverage.

Perception and creed were the governments most obstructed factors. Strategic

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