Choosing His Techniques

”En, Im ready anytime, Sister Huoli. ” Chen Li replied confidently.

After Chen Li said that, Xiao Huoli directly entered his body, surprising him, but she immediately explained to him that their souls were now bound to each other.

[Get ready, Chen Li. Ill start the process right now.] Xiao Huoli spoke straight into his mind.


[The Spirit Cultivation System implementation process begins]

”Argh! ” Chen Li screamed in pain as soon as a notification popped up in his mind, and his brain felt like it was being stabbed by many needles. He clutched his head tightly, as he continued to roll on the ground, enduring the excruciating pain in his brain. Fuck! It so damn hurts.

[Hold on, Chen Li. I know it hurts a lot, but its for your own future.] Xiao Huoli said to encourage him.

”I… I know, Sister Huoli. ” Chen Li replied slowly because the pain was getting worse and he was still rolling on the ground clutching his head.

An hour later, Chen Li stopped rolling, he was panting heavily after enduring the excruciating pain for an entire hour, and another notification popped up in his mind.


[Spirit Cultivation System has been successfully implemented]

”Ha… Ha… What is this? Spirit Cultivation System? ” Chen Li said quietly as he tried to catch his breath again, and slowly the pain started to subside.

Xiao Huoli didn explain it to him directly, and she asked again. [Are you ready for the second phase, Chen Li?]

”Sigh, just do it, Sister Huoli. ” Chen Li said impatiently that he just wanted things to end soon.

[Initiating the bloodline replacement process]

”Argh! ” Chen Li screamed in pain again, but this time not only his head was in pain, but his entire body was in excruciating pain from within.

Somehow, he felt that his blood was being eaten away by something, and slowly a golden aura began to envelop his body, as time went by the golden aura became thicker and brighter. Not only that, but gradually his red blood also turned into golden blood. Chen Li also continued to roll and scream in pain, because the pain was much more painful than before, and this time the process also lasted for hours.


[The bloodline replacement process was successful, now the host has the Golden Dragon Bloodline]

Chen Li gasped in surprise hearing that, he didn expect that such a painful process would be to replace his Human Bloodline with a Golden Dragon Bloodline, and he asked quietly. ”Doesn this mean that I am no longer a human, Sister Huoli? ”

[Well, thats true, the blood in your body is no longer human blood, but dragon blood.] Xiao Huoli said with a low sigh, and her expression looked really shocked. [Frankly speaking, I was also surprised by this, because I myself never knew that Master always kept the Golden Dragon Bloodline with him. Anyway, there are still two processes left. Do you want to do it now or later, Chen Li?]

”Lets do it now, Sister Huoli. ” Chen Li answered without hesitation, because he wanted to quickly check everything, and he also couldn wait to know the contents of Song Tianyis inheritance for him.


[The process of implanting the Golden Dragon Bone Marrow begins]




[Golden Dragon Bone Marrow successfully implanted]





[The process of opening the fifty-two profound veins gates begins]




[Fifty-two profound vein gates have been successfully opened]




”Is it over, Sister Huoli? ” Chen Li asked as he panted heavily, as he had endured such excruciating pain for almost ten hours.

[En, all done, Chen Li. And Ill give you some techniques that Master has prepared for you beforehand.] Xiao Huoli said as she came out from within Chen Lis body, then she touched his forehead, and transferred two techniques into his mind.

”Hmm? ” Chen Li raised his eyebrows at the two techniques that suddenly appeared in his mind, and he immediately read the techniques.

[Divine God Eyes – By using this technique the user can see everything clearly, the user can even see through all things, besides that the user can also read a persons mind and soul.]

[Golden Yin-Yang Body Technique – This technique has ten levels, and each level will increase the users body strength by 5%, and the maximum limit is 50%. But to improve this technique is not easy, because the user requires a lot of Yang and Yin Qi]

Chen Li was excited by the Divine God Eyes, and he immediately concentrated fully on learning the technique. It was the technique he needed the most at this time, and with the technique, he was able to see again even though his eyes were blind.

Before long, Chen Lis eyes turned silver, and his vision was no longer filled with darkness like before, but now he could see everything much clearer than before. And he was dumbfounded as soon as he turned to Xiao Huoli, because Xiao Huoli in front of him was naked, he gulped hard to see the beauty of her naked body.

Xiao Huoli, whose soul fused with Chen Li, could clearly understand his thoughts and heart; her face was flushed red because he was staring at her naked body, and she shouted angrily at him. ”Pervert! Quickly control your eyes! ”

”Hehe, but your naked body is too beautiful, Sister Huoli. ” Chen Li said with a wry laugh, then he tried to control his eyes, and soon Xiao Huoli in front of him was no longer naked.

Xiao Huoli breathed a sigh of relief, but her face was still bright red, as it was the first time a man had seen her naked body. Then she asked in an angry tone. ”Are you thinking of pouncing and eating me straight away? ”

”Haha. ” Chen Li laughed wryly, but in his heart, he couldn deny that Xiao Huolis naked body attracted him to possess her.

Damn it! Xiao Huoli inwardly cursed, because she could also know Chen Lis heart and mind, so she knew that Chen Li wanted to possess her, then she grabbed his arm and seriously spoke. ”If you really want to possess me, then you must become the strongest in the entire universe first, or you will die. ”

– To Be Continued –

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