Days pass luffy always follow ace like he did in original manga while ace ignoring him.

Luffy: hey Im luffy!! Im not angry about you spitting on me anymore!!

Ace didn bother looking at luffy and continued his walk.

But luffy is stubborn and still followed ace.

Luffy: hey where you going?!!

But suddenly ace stop beside a tree and kick the tree causing to collapse and roll over towards luffy direction.

Liffy was shook when he saw ace smash a tree and let the tree roll to luffy.

Instead what in the manga happen that luffy will be crash by tree he destroy it.

Luffy: gomu gomu .. pistol!!


The tree crack to pieces ace eyes almost popped and his jaw dropped by shock when luffy easily destroyed the tree.

Luffy: hey you shock right?!! Shishishi im strong lets be friends?!!!

Ace: lets see if your strong or not.

Ace dash towards luffy and he use the pipe he carried and smash directly to luffy but luffy dodge and he use his right hand and punch ace he hit ace but he aslo hit by luffy by using pipe to counter and hit luffy to his right face.

The two flew several meters and they crash to a nearby tree.

Several minutes pass the two are fighting and then luffy fall backwards and hit the ground.

Ace manage to win luffy by not much of course.

Haa .. haa .. haaa.

The two was grasping air cuz they quite use their stamina a lot.

Luffy: shishishi!! Your strong!! But not strong vince nii san shishshi!

Ace: what do you mean Im weak compared the kid whos with you?!

Luffy: of course… your a lot weaker than vince nii san ” shishishi!

Luffy was super honest

While several distance away a silhouette of a person standing towards a large tree branch looking at the direction where luffy and ace fought.

Vince: heh?!! Luffy lost as I expected but he lost not much unlike the manga ” bwhahaha!!


After the two rest for their injuries ace stills hesitate to let luffy to come with him but of course luffy was stubborn idiot and manage to ace agree to let luffy came cuz luffy annoyed his much and he also acknowledged luffy strength but not much.

Ace: okay come with me ” luffy right?!! Don do anything stupid when we reach that place.

Ace said with a grumpy face.

Luffy pouted: but okay by the way your name ace right?! Grampa called you ace so lets be friends.

Unlike the original manga it takes months before luffy and sabo met but cuz of vince they will met a quite earlier.

After an hour luffy and ace manage to reach their hideout where their stolen goods and treasure and keep for their future expenses when the two start their pirates journey.

A kid with wearing like a magician hat wearing a noble clothes only wears ” he jump down towards from the tree he was standing earlier.

Sabo: hey ace?!! Whos this kid?!! Why did you bring him here?!!

And why your two appearances is quite mess ” don tell me that the two of you just fought?

Sabo ask ace a series of questions but before ace can answer luffy interrupt

Luffy: shishshi!! Im luffy ace friend we just fought earlier but ace manage to beat me but not much!! Shishishi.

Ace crossed his still holding a steel pipe while his doing a famous face slap in the forehead.

Ace: as he said we fought earlier ” he was brought by gramps where i live and i don know what are the exact reason grams leaves him here.

Sabo nods understanding the situation.

While vince in a distance watching them and he will jump and save them theres a life and death situations but for now he will watch.


Weeks pass by the trio was became instantly famous in the gray terminal and also in the inner side of the wall by doing they immediately become known on stealing foods,goods and money from pirates and nobles in the city.

They made quite a ruckus in the kingdom.

They also manage to beat a pirates coincidentally all the pirate they beat are members from blue jam pirates but the pirates blue jam can find trances of the three

In other hand the trio instantly became friends while vince in a distance watching curiously

Vince: so porchemy from blue jam didn catch luffy huh?? So the future did change cuz the trio met earlier or it will happen in the near future but anyways the events where the blue jam burn the gray terminal will happen in the future for now lets just wait and watch

Ohh I remember now!! The event will takes place when those celestial dogs announce their arrival ” tsk3x why I didn remember that!


When the trio parted while ace and luffy returns at dadan hide out in the mountain.

A silhouette can be seen at the distance dragging a big wild boar at-least 7m tall.

Ace was still shook when he saw vince dragging monsters while luffy was excited to see vince dragging a big wild boar he saw it as a food.

Luffy: vince nii-san!!!! Shishishi you manage to bring a big food!!!

When vince saw ace and luffy ” he was amuse luffy reaction when its come with food he just shook his head when he saw luffy.

Karli: hmmm a week worth of food ” as expected of you vince you help me a lot unlike these two only knew how to eat.

She stand outside like waiting for vince arrival she still shook that this kid how strong vince was cause he was dragging a behemoth weight about a ton of kilos with ease.

Karli nods with satisfaction when he saw vince brought a food again she was now accustomed to it when vince dragging a lots of animals when he return.

Karli: hey vince wants some help?!! You now kid i quite like you compared to that two they just gives me headaches everyday.

She pointed her hands to the two in the distance.

Vince was amuse karli comment: hahaha!! Its okay ” treat it as a payment for let us stay here.

Karli: thats why i like about you kid ” hahahaha.

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