Somewhere in unknown island

You will find a boy age 9-10 standing in front a big mountain having a length of 1320m while his eyes was close.

Then suddenly the boy open his eyes and draw his sword hanging in his left hip while shouting

[Horizontal Arc]

Suddenly the boy use his sword in his right hand and he swing his sword in a horizontal left to right swing, and right to left swing, and one more powerful LtR swing in a powerful and fast manner.

Seconds later the mountain in front of the boy a x mark appeared in the body of the mountain and collapsed.

It appeared that the boy cut the large mountain like cutting a butter using a sharp knife.

The boy suddenly mumbled and said

Shouting the sword skills is still quite embarrassing even i already doing it almost 6 years now sighed.

The boy put his sword in his scabbard like a proper sword usually seen in movies.

Damn… why the hell in the anime didn explain why the characters need to shout or just say every skills they using!!!

Of course the boy already knew the answers 6 years ago he knew by saying the name of the skills gather momentum before he can release a powerful and terrifying skills.

The boy sigh and suddenly sat on the ground while he crossed his leg he put his right hand in his right leg support his chin.

Anyways i cannot scold the damn authors who creates amazing manga and novels ” Im not in the earth anymore.

Huhhh!!! The boy lift his head up and watch the clear blue sky.

Its been 6 years already when i been reborn in this pirates world ” I didn saw my status almost 4 years now let me see my current strength now.

And the boy suddenly said

Open system

Name: Igneel D. Vince

Height: 5 ”8

Age: 9

Strength: peak of low tier yonko

Physique: steel body (his skin and bones was tough like a steel)

Talent: natural born swordsman

Weapon: Intetsu (In the Chivalry of a Failed Knight anime series, no Blazer is seen to carry their devices—instead, they call them out of thin air with their chants and spells. Kurogane can call out Intetsu with the command: ”Come Forth, Intetsu!) got from the system lottery.

Skills: Rokushiki arts (high tier master level)

Complete immunity, Flash recovery (Max), Ancient Voice(I), concentrated breathing, water maneuverability,Grand imagination,parallel thinking.


Observation haki mastery: Grandmaster (l)

Armament haki mastery: peak-middle advanced

Conquerer haki master: peak advanced

Points: 789,071

Berries: 2.2billion

”Many quest available to be claim ”


Ohh shit i became a yonko level without realizing it… bwhahaha!!

Anyways lets leave this island first theres no anything exciting in here cuz i already destroyed it !! Bwhahaha.

Anyways where the he

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