The biggest confusion was what this powerful thing was?

Now, after hearing the words of Qi they knew.

It turned out to be an unprecedented weapon!

“Gun powder?”

The city lord of Jiangcheng was also chewing on this new term.

In his long career, something that could make him take a closer look was not many left!

As for the big competition this time, there was more than one such experience!

With this order from Qi, the guards behind moved.

A few more large sealed boxes were brought over!

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The amount of gun powder just now was more!

A few moments later, in the battle room, Bu Jing Yue’s voice sounded: “I admit defeat!”

A white flag rose up on the battlefield on the side of Bu Jing Yue!

Looking at this white flag, Qi breathed a long sigh of relief.

In fact……

All of the gun powder was used up in the explosion just now!

Qi’s command was just for bluffing!

Even if these Xiu Ling people were trapped in the big pit, it was impossible to actually beat them without paying a huge price.

In order to make the Xiu Ling people lose their fighting spirit, Qi had to resort to the trick of bluffing.

As a result……

It worked!

Everyone agreed.

The few large boxes carried by the personal guard must have contained such horrible weapons!

In fact, there were just a few big rocks inside.

Xiu Ling people and Bu Jing Yue were hit.

They could still fight but even if it was humiliating to admit defeat, they surrendered to ordinary people because they didn’t want to experience it again……

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That terrible weapon!

“The warriors of the Xia Kingdom, we…… won!”

Qi stood on horseback, raised his long sword, and shouted loudly.

All the soldiers of the Great Desolate Army and the Transcendental Research team cheered in unison!

Some of them even shed tears with excitement.

This trip to the Grand Competition in which there were nine group matches, five elimination matches was completely over!

They won all the matches!


Take the glory!

“Well done.”

Jiang Fan also could not help but open his mouth and praise.

The victory of the Great Desolate Army was not beyond Jiang Fan’s expectation but doing it so perfectly was rare and valuable.

The performance of the Great Desolate Army this time also made Jiang Fan realize that the human beings born on the Blue Star seemed to be more powerful than the human beings of the former Earth!

It was not just about physical fitness but the spirit, willpower, fighting spirit, hard work, self-confidence, etc.

All were way higher!

With Bu Jing Yue’s own words to admit defeat, inside the viewing room, it was more like a gun powder explosion blew up right away!!!

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