Within an infinitely expanding realm of nothingness, a single figure could be seen.

This figure had extremely long luscious dark hair that reached the ends of the realm this being was in, a body adorned with incredible muscles that had survived that terrific passing of time. These same muscles were covered in an uncountable amount of blue and red runes, instead of tarnishing the beauty of the being it added to it and it seemed mystical. On the beings face which seemed to be a male in his forties, a perfectly groomed black beard could be seen as he slowly opened his eyes.

”So it is finally over. The last clone took a bit too long. Thankfully he managed to get his task done. ”

The words of this man seemed to be the words of Harmony and peace itself as a weird aura hung around him.

”Let us commence. ”

The void around him disintegrated leaving place to an expanse filled with every imaginable energy type in existence.

Instantly, An infinite amount of beings appeared within this expanse. They all looked different and emanated different auras of incredible power, they only had one thing in common, their name.


As the True Lucius stood above all the clones all their knowledge and experience flooded his brain. Despite the infinite amount of information, his soul managed to process it in less than a microsecond not even showing a sign of struggle.

”Everything went according to plan. That Kia girl is gonna be really useful. ” Calmly said, Lucius.

”[True origin: Father of the heavens.] ”

Lucius cast this spell and immediately all the clones turned into runes and gathered into a single point, a singularity. Not even a second had passed and the infinite amount of clones of Lucius had gathered within a single point that kept compressing and absorbing the energy around them.

”[True origin: Traitor of the heavens.] ”

All the energy that was within the expanse immediately rushed within the singularity and was immediately absorbed. In an instant sources of energy that could help Heavenly Mythical beings and beyond disappeared.

”[True origin: Glimpse of revelations.]

As soon as he cast this last spell something strange happened. His body, soul, mind, existence, and even his terrific cultivation base were turned to runes and immediately fused within the singularity yet he was still standing just fine. not even a second later the same thing happened. This cycle continued for what seemed to be an eternity until the singularity was finally full.

Even with his existence having been devoured countless times Lucius stood as if nothing had happened, his expression being as stoic as it could get.

Without wasting time Luxius extended his hand and the singularity appeared within his hand.

”The last step. ”

”[Birth of the Usurper.] ”

This time he fully fused with the singularity. Every single aspect of his was now part of the singularity that had now changed from an ethereal orb to a small infant. Slowly but surely another energy that didn seem to previously exist within the expanse started to gather within Lucius newborn heart.


Divine Palace-

Within the Divine Palace of the heavens, the mood was somber and dark. The Ultimate Taboo had been committed again. This was the second time anyone has ever committed this taboo.

Within a room that seemed to be filled with golden clouds and heavenly stars, a beautiful starry round table existed. Around this table 7 seraphic angels sat, all looking at a single figure. This being looked like the embodiment of light, love, goodness, and positivity itself. With long Blonde hair and an ethereal transparent skin full of slender mucked his beauty was blinding. His eyes stood out the most as they seemed to contain the hope of everything that existed, they burned with the passion and determination of all existing life.

”Its him again. ”

Shock filled the faces of the 7 Kings of the heavens as this announcement implicated too many things.

”H-…How? ” Asked one of the kings as they all regained their calm.

”Its not surprising. With his intellect his surviving our assault shouldve been the expected outcome, he most likely tampered with our reasoning. ” Calmly said the ethereal man as a strange smile formed on his face.

”Brother Azrael, should we not be worried? I don think father will ignore our failure this time. ”

”It does not matter what father thinks. His power is not absolute anymore and Life has Transcended the shackle of the divine. The only reason the heavens still exist is because they need us to keep the lower life forms in check since they cannot be bothered to do it. ”

Normally any angel that wouldve heard these words wouldve been fuming with rage, ready to battle it out with anyone. But they were The seraphic Kings of virtue. They knew the truth behind their father and their race.

”An age of absolute Freedom is to come my brothers. An age with absolutely no limitations. Can you fathom how grand this is? Do you have any idea of how many monsters, legends, and Gods will be born during this age? I cannot stay behind. I want to live and thrive during this era. If he did it then so can we. You all know what our true potential is, are you willing to leave it untouched here? Will you follow me ? ”

These words contained shocking truths and secrets that could cause irreparable damage to existence.

Seraphic Angels. They are thought to be the direct Creation of the Almighty father and the very Rulers of heaven. They were incomparable to celestials who could only be considered as messengers of the heavens at best.

But the truth behind their origin was much darker.

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