officer? ”

”Does it matter? Everyone is equal when they
e fighting each other. ”

I couldn see his expression as he fell silent behind the closed helmet. He tightened his grip on the hilt of his sword and braced his footing, ready for a fight.

I swung my sword, he swiftly parried it and counterattacked.

Swing after swing he launched, his speed amazed me, but I was good enough to fend him off. Its just that I couldn see an opening at all. All the moves she made were very effective in both offense and defense. If I forced myself to attack, she might have slashed my head first.

Moreover, look at the layer of steel covering his body, its impossible for me to penetrate that thing in a single blow.

But a fight is not merely swinging swords at each other.

I kicked his leg, and without a balanced footing he fell, hit the muddy ground. Seeing an opportunity, I swung my sword at his wrist.

Damn, the iron glove was too thick. But even though I couldn cut his hand, I was able to make a deep cut.

”You bastard! ” he cursed.

Blood flowed from where I attacked him, now he couldn use the sword with that hand.

I picked up a large rock and attacked his helmet with it, the attack was strong enough to leave a slight dent on the surface.

The next target was the back thigh that was not protected by armor, I pierced it with my sword, making sure to go as deep as possible so that he could not walk for a while.

”Aaagh!!! ”

He screamed, his scream a little heavy as it was covered by his dented helmet, it must have been quite embarrassing.

”Stop right there! ”

His subordinates acted, breaking the rules that had been set.

Without further ado, I drew my sword and pointed it at this womans neck.

”Stop, or Ill cut her throat. ”

They stopped.

”What are you waiting for?! Seize him! He must be a warrior from across the sea! ”

They didn budge even though their leader (apparently) told them to.

This was a golden opportunity to negotiate.

”Lets negotiate. ”

”Negotiate? ” one of the Cavalry replied.

”I don mean to antagonize you. Im just lost here. ”

”Don listen to him! Kill! ”

”I want you to take me to the nearest settlement, and Ill spare this mans life. ”

”Mercy?? Don joke, kill me! ”

The leading cavalry seemed to think for a moment, calculating the advantages and disadvantages.

”Just tell us where you
e from, and well take you there. ” the cavalryman said.

”My general is such a bad person, hed kill me for getting lost for two weeks, ” I lied.

The cavalryman turned to his comrades one by one, all his comrades nodded, signaling their agreement.

”Alright. ”

I pulled the corners of my lips up slightly, the agreement had been made.

”Now lets shake hands. ” I offered my hand, waiting for the cavalrymans warm reply.

He hesitantly extended his hand.

A fatal mistake.


I slashed at his hand, this time accurately enough to pierce through the armor he was wearing.

”Aaaaah!!! ”

He screamed, a pretty normal reaction for someone who lost his hand. Without wasting time I thrust my sword into his helmet, one was down, two more to go.

The rest immediately screamed while swinging their swords, I stepped back and beheaded the closest one to me. I did the same to the last one.

All three dead, the fight was over.

I breathed a sigh of relief, it was short and tense. My gray eyes looked back at the woman, I could hear her sniffling behind her helmet.

Despite her uncomfortable grumbling, I was curious about the face behind the helmet. I had never seen a woman lift a sword.

I forcibly removed the helmet, and what I saw left me gaping in disbelief. Ive never met a woman as beautiful as her, never in my life. From the prostitutes, to the plebians, or even Patrician, none could compete with her.

Cornelia, Cornelia my wife… Perhaps she is the only one who deserves to be above this woman.

Her green eyes were puffy, seemingly unable to bear the pain I was inflicting, perhaps the worst of which was the punctured wound on her head from the rock I had hit her with earlier. But her beautiful face hinted that she was not frightened, but rather, angry.

His hair was black and messy, about the length of his neck. Her skin was reddish-white, her lips were pink and petite, and there was a scar next to her left eye.

”Kill me bastard! ”

While I was captivated by her beauty, thick red liquid was still dripping from the wound I had stabbed.

If she died, it would be difficult for me to find a settlement as quickly as possible.

”Do you have any bandages? ” I asked as I approached one of the horses that was still standing. Next to each horses belly was a small bag useful for storing the necessities of a cavalryman, so there should be something I needed.

I found a bandage and drinking water stored in an animal skin bottle, since I might need water later, I took it without thinking.

I used the bandages I had to wrap around the womans wound. She protested when I was wrapping the wound, but eventually everything was done.

”Now that I have spared your life and treated your wounds, I also did not **** you and sell you as a slave, now show me the nearest settlement in return. ”

”Im not asking you, damn it! ”

”Give up, our fight is over. ”

”Our fight will only end if you kill me! ”

For a moment, my gaze was fixed on a horse. It seemed to be this womans horse. A white horse that looked elegant and athletic, it must be very expensive.

I approached it and stroked it gently, although there was some resistance but it was okay after a while. ”Nice horse. ”

”Don touch him! ”

”If you won show me the way, Ill take this horse. ”

I jumped up onto it. This horse show a strong resistance. I was tossed around on it for a few minutes, until it finally gave up.

”Impossible! It took me two months to tame him! ”

”Thats because you
e stupid. ”

I jumped down from my mount, and held out my hand.

”Just show me the way, miss, I know you love your horse, right? ”

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