”Where are you coming from ”. My sister was sitting on the sofa . she had her phone in her hands . I guess she has been up with someone on phone. She really was like me . we were late perchers and late wakers. she hardly wakes up early . I wondered why she was awake at this time .

I summoned courage to answer because I thought shell understand.

”what if she doesn ”I muttered under my breathe.

”What did you say ”. Her voice seemed calm as though she wasn going to make a noise out of it. But trust me , shes my sister. , she always Makes noise about everything I do especially the wrong part .

”Nothing ”

”I am really sorry , please don tell Mom . ”I begged . I was this proud type at home but trust me . I really was the humblest person at that moment. I would never believe I had to drop my pride for her .But at this moment , Maybe I had to .

she stood up from the sofa and headed for the stairs . I was about to say something when she cut me in

”Well , Mom shall see to this case at the GFM. ”

Mom ., General family meeting . Two things I feared the most .

”What .No Marina please I really …… ” Tears rolled down my eyes as I sobbed gradually.

initially I was faking it all. But now the script turned real. Each time Mom called for a general family meeting . it always indicated that someone had offended or a family problem.. It was usually my sister but now it was going to be ME ! .

Marina left for her room. Cuddled up in fear I walked towards my room . I showered and changed into my night gown . I could feel the impulse of fear pumping out in my veins . I was too weak to think. I scouted my eyes for the clock . it read two thirty five . I lay on bed facing up to the ceiling with my hands intertwined on my chest . I closed my eyes . It was hard to think about it . Was Marina really going to tell Mom?

I opened my chats and a lot of messages had been up. I ignored them all and went for our group chat . I mean ”the girls ” group chat. I typed some few expression and emoji noting concern and sadness. i knew in a matter of seconds someone will show up. I was indeed correct.

”Whats wrong honey , Are you alright ” Isa was the first to see the concern messages and replied

”No Im not, ”

”spill it out , whats the matter babe . ”

”my moms going to find out about my night sneakings. ”

”Wow. Thats really going to be world war three. ”

”Did she catch you , As in red-handed . If she did .I really don think theres hope but if not deny it . Thats the best hope ”.

”No Isa she didn . Marina was the one who saw me . She promised to talk about it to Mom . Trust my mom shes really going to make a war out of it. ” I poured out my fears to Isa as if she was really going to help me out.

”elder sisters . Thank Goodness I don have one . They are really kill joys . ” There was really no solution to this

I switched off my phone after the short conversation hoping it will ease of the fear . I closed my eyes waiting for sleep to take me . At this time it was already five thirty .

”Marina , don screw things up ”. I whispered to my self .

”What ” I heard someone scream . The voice seemed to be coming up the stairs . I quickly covered my self up pretending I was sleeping

”When did that start in my house . she really has such guts to go out in the night at such dangerous time ” Mom was now furious . I knew that bitch will tell her . she has done worse when she was my age that no one knew about . Why won she let me enjoy my time . I was getting angered . I just had to hold my peace

Mom walked up stairs towards my room and screamed my name as if she knew I was already awake . I shivered in fear of her screams and walked towards the door and opened it. I was welcomed with a slap on my face.

”it really hurts mom ” I spoke under my breathe

Mom pulled my ears and started for the stairs . On getting to the sitting room , Marina was sitting on the sofa making sarcastic looks at me. I was so angered and I couldn hold it any longer . I yelled at her like a fierce animal hunting for its prey . ”I hate you Marina ”

”Mom , shouldn this be at the general family meeting . I really have some reservations and also for the selection of punishments. ”. Marina spoke with a sarcastic smile on her face. if I had wronged her Ill think she was getting back at me . ”Is Marina really being Mean or sarcastic ” I thought .

”General family meeting ”

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