My Overbearing Young CEO


”Why are you here? ”

The girl pouted angrily.

” Didn I tell you not to pick me up anymore? ”

” Whats with your face? ” The boy snorted. ” Is this how you should be greeting your boyfriend whom you haven seen for three days? ”

” I would have been happier if you didn show up here at all. ”

The boy held his bicycle handle. ” Why? Whats wrong Beibei? Youve been avoiding me recently. ”

The girls eyes flickered and she turned away.

The boy looked down depreciatingly. ”Are you….. ashamed of me? ”

” You keep showing up around my school, how do you expect me to acknowledge you? ” The girl finally said. ” All my friends keep laughing at me whenever you are here. ”

” Ha. ” The boy raised his head and laughed. ” So thats it. ”

”And must you show up in your uniform? ” The girl looked at her boyfriends high school uniform. ”Its so out of place here. Do you want everyone to know a freshman like me is dating a high schooler? ”

”What? Do you regret it now? ”

” I don . Don just pick me up anymore. You
e embarrassing me. ”

” Ha. ” The boy lowered his head, his eyes hidden by the hair that hung over his forehead. ”You should have thought of this before agreeing to date me. ”

”Don be so long-winded. ” The girl said. ” Just go. My friends will soon come out. Shoo. ”

The shop behind them opened and a group of chattering girls rushed out.

” Beibei! ”

”Go home now. ” The girl patted the boys shoulder and then turned around and ran to her friends.

”Oh. Its that handsome brother of yours again. ” One of the girls said loudly. ”What did he want this time? ”

”Just came to pass a message. ”

”Why didn he do it over the phone? Seriously, those high schoolers are so annoying. ”

The girls walked off laughing.

The boy was left standing under the tree. His shoulders shook as he laughed lowly, then picked up his bike.

”Wanwan? ”

Su Wan blinked gently as she came back to her senses. Her eyes darted to the boy walking off. Even his back was hunched with pain.

”Sigh. That poor boy. ” Jing Mei pursed her lips. ”What wrong with youngsters of these days? Look how sad the kid is. ”

Su Wan smiled. ” What? Does it hurt your advocate heart? ”

” Its injustice! ” Jing Mei said righteously.

” Pfft….. ” Su Wan laughed. ” What is our activist going to do, huh? ”

Jing Mei frowned. ” Theres nothing I can do, sigh. ” She patted her chest unhappily. ” Come on lets go get dinner. Sigh, my mood has been ruined. ”

Su Wan laughed as she followed her friend into her car. They drove off from the university.

”The usual? ” Jing Mei inquired.

”Yep. ” Su Wan leaned back as she scrolled through her Weibo.

They arrived at their favourite restaurant and headed in.

”Miss Jing, Miss Su. ” The manager came forward beaming.

” Manager Han, its surprising you still remember me. ” Su Wan smiled gently.

” I served you for nineteen years, theres no way I would forget you. ” The man beamed. ” Luckily, your room is open now. Come, come. ”

They went into the private room and ordered. After the manager left, Jing Mei raised a brow.

” Seems you are still as popular as ever, Miss Su. ”

” Not as popular as you. ” Su Wan teased. ” Activist Mei. ”

” Stop teasing me. ” Jing Mei waved unhurriedly. ” To be honest, Im surprised you came back. ”

” Ive stayed away far too long. Its only appropriate I return. ” Su Wan said.

” Are you sure thats the reason…..Or is it because of him? ”

Su Wan pa

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