Bai Ye stiffened, looking hurt. “You still dont want to bond with me?” he asked her. “Do you want to find another male beast to bond with?”

Unconsciously, he looked at his rod again. He had served her well the night before. He knew that much from her expression and reaction during the climax.

But she still refused to form a bond. Why?

Tang Guo was speechless. She did not want to skip the process of falling in love and step into the grave of marriage. It had nothing to do with whether the other party was him or another male beast!

Besides, with his past disdain for her, why would he want to get back together and form a contract?

“Ah, youre imagining things!”

Tang Guo struggled to get off him. “Do I look like someone who needs the protection of a male beast through a contract?”

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She had already seen the prey placed in the cave, so she walked over and happily sized up this huge fat pig.

The wild animals in the Beast World were all very big. This wild boar weighed at least 250 kilograms.

Tang Guo especially liked the fat on its body!

These fat slugs could yield oil!

She was lacking in oil. The previous few times she cooked, it was the oil extracted from the ingredients she brushed. But which kind of meats oil could compare to fat pork!

So instead of talking to him about anything that didnt make sense, she concentrated on refining the oil. Then she filled the wooden bowls and set them aside.

After Bai Ye went out, she put them all into her space without hesitation.

In the end, he returned in the blink of an eye and caught her off guard! Tang Guo was a little dumbfounded. She felt that he was doing it on purpose. “Why did you come back? You didnt say anything. Are you trying to scare me to death?”

Although Bai Ye did not think it possible for her to be frightened, he moved closer to her subconsciously when she said this. He put his arm around her and asked softly and apologetically,

“Are you all right? I didnt mean to scare you. I just … Youre keeping secrets from me, arent you?”

Tang Guo rolled her eyes in her heart. Wasnt it normal to keep secrets from him? It would be wrong to tell him everything, right?

But it was clear that Bai Ye had not come to interrogate her about what the secret was. He simply held her tightly in his arms and then whispered in her ear.

“Your secret. Its too dangerous for anyone else to know.”

Tang Guo didnt think so. Hadnt he already told the tribe that she had some special abilities because she had awakened the Wisdom Star?

But clearly she was worried about the space, and that wasnt the superpower Bai Ye was talking about .

He merely pointed to his right arm with great pride and dignity, indicating that she should look.

Tang Guo didnt understand his intentions at first. It wasnt until she saw the four star markers on the side of the totem that she was surprised. “Your… soul beast has leveled up?”

Bai Ye nodded happily and smugly. His tiger eyes clung to hers, filled with infinite joy and affection.

Tang Guo could not stand his gaze. She felt that he would press her down and give her a good pounding any time.

Just the thought of it made her legs go weak.

Bai Ye caught her quickly, his heart aching. “Are you very tired?”

Tang Guo glanced at him angrily. What was the reason for her tiredness? It was all because he had taken advantage of her last night! He didnt even know how to control himself!

Seducing her while she was asleep was taking advantage of her!

Evidently, Bai Ye had also thought of the passionate scene last night. His tiger eyes instantly became quite dangerous.

Tang Guos body really couldnt take it anymore, so she quickly changed the topic and asked, “Isnt it said that it is very difficult for the beast souls in the Beast World to level up after reaching two stars? The higher you go, the harder it is to level up?”

Bai Ye smiled at her, holding her in his arms. He wrapped his long legs around her lower body and pressed his face to hers. “Because of you,” he said softly, “I mated with you. Thats why my beast spirit leveled up.”

Tang Guo was very surprised. So there were such benefits to mating?

It was no wonder that those male beasts were in heat all the time. Those without partners crazily pursued their partners, while those with partners wished they could stay in bed for a day!

It turned out that this matter was closely related to the upgrade of the beast soul!

However, in that case, why was it still so difficult for male beasts to upgrade their beast souls?

Amused, Bai Ye rubbed the tip of his nose against hers. “Its not about mating, silly. Its about you. Im mating with you. Thats why this is happening.”

Tang Guo was rather surprised. “Because of me?”

Because she was so surprised, she ignored this persons intimate actions just now!

Her eyes widened in shock and her mouth opened slightly. In Bai Yes eyes, she looked cute and alluring.

Unable to resist, he kissed her. Then, as he did so, he said softly:

“Yes, you. My strength increased the first time we mated. Yesterday was the second time. This morning, I woke up and found that my beast soul had leveled up!”

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