Medical Master

Chapter 19 I cannot trust you

nt is suffering. How about you let go of me to treat her first?”

But Fang Qiu shook his head slowly.

He did not believe in the expert in front of him.

From Dr. Shens bone touching techniques just now and the judging results, he knew that Dr. Shen must be an orthopedic expert. But he clearly knew one thing.

Dr. Shen may heal her, but he was confident that he himself could a hundred percent relocate the malposition.

In this case, he couldnt trust anyone but himself!

“This student, you are unreasonable if so. If you dont let me treat her, then who you let treat her? Do you have the heart to make this girl who is as pretty as a flower suffer?”

Dr. Shen frowned. “Now how could these students let him worry so much?”

“I will!”

Said Fang Qiu simply.


Everyone was shocked.

No one had expected that Fang Qiu would say such a thing.

He said the words that he would treat her by himself!

They didnt know how to judge the behavior of this student in front of them.

“Brain convulsion?

“Kicked by a donkey?

“Out of his mind?”

“I know how to do. I want to treat you. Is that OK?”

Fang Qiu asked as he looked at Jiang Miaoyu who lost her head.

Jiang Miaoyu had not spoken but Li Qingshi aside was anxious.

He pointed to Fang Qiu and said angrily, “Who do you think you are, Fang Qiu? Whereby do you treat Maioyus foot injury? What if you fail to cure her? Get out of the way! Do you hear me?”

“Do you believe me?”

Fang Qiu ignored Li Qingshi. Instead, he continued to look at Jiang Miaoyu and asked.

“Believe or not?”

Jiang Miaoyu really hesitated.

She had proved that he could cure her with bonesetting. But did he really have the ability to cure her sprain?

She wasnt sure.

And there was an orthopedic expert next to her. She did not believe that Fang Qiu could be more outstanding than Dr. Shen in bonesetting.

But Fang Qiu had asked for it.

“Reject or not?”

Li Qingshi nervously looked at Jiang Miaoyu and was really very nervous inwardly. He was very worried that Jiang Miaoyu would say “I believe”.

What kind of relationship and what kind of trust could make a woman entrust an injury to a man?

That was by no means an ordinary relationship between students!

Jiang Miaoyu belonged to him, which he confirmed in his heart!

He wouldnt let anyone else get his fingers in!

And he could not allow others to be more close to Jiang Miaoyu than him!

People around also surprisedly looked at Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu. They kind of did not understand what was going on.

But they expected Jiang Miaoyus answer. “Do you believe him or not?”

Dr. Shen, as an onlooker, watched everything that happened in front of him.

He suddenly thought of his green years.

He found that everything in front of him was very interesting.

“Believe or not?”

Jiang Miaoyu fell in silence.

One second.

Two seconds.

Five seconds passed.

The whole scenes silence was terrible.

Ten seconds passed.

Twenty seconds passed.

Jiang Miaoyu still remained unanswered.

Or, it seemed that her silence was the answer.

Fang Qiu smiled with a dash of desolation and sadness flashing across his eyes. He loosened his hands gradually.

This dash of desolation and sadness made Jiang Miaoyus heart shake a little. She couldnt help blurting out, “I believe you.”

Just before she finished speaking.

Fang Qiu moved his hand instantly.

With a sound of “Ka Ba”.

Her foots bone was relocated.


Fang Qiu put Jiang Miaoyus foot on her shoe and got up to leave after he said that.

Almost no one had time to react.

Including Jiang Miaoyu.

“How did he reach out his hand all of a sudden?

“Why was she suddenly healed?

“Did it all happen so suddenly?”

Only Dr. Shens eyes lit up.

“This technique… is experienced!”

He quickly came forward to check it and found that it was really cured, so he quickly said to Jiang Miaoyu who was in a daze, “Your foot is really cured. The ligament injury can only rely on self-recuperation. Do not do strenuous exercise and pay attention to self-recuperation.”

He said as he pushed his way through the crowd and chased after the direction of Fang Qiu.


Everyone was in a daze.

“Really cured?

“How could it be cured before they have time to react?

“The student just now really had the ability of bonesetting?”

They kind of couldnt believe this, but the orthopedics expert Dr. Shen had personally confirmed that it was really cured.

The fact happened before their eyes! They had no choice but to believe!

Thinking of the word “I cannot believe you” by Fang Qiu before, they suddenly felt amazing. “It turned out that the student did not bite off more than he could chew and he was a man of real learning!

“He was an expert!

“Just with two actions of “Ka Ka”, her foot was cured!


Jiang Miaoyu dully looked at her ankle and didnt react for a long time.

She seemed to feel a little bit glad in her heart, but also a little doubtful.

She was glad that she believed in Fang Qiu.

But she doubted did he deliberately distract her attention like last time?

Li Qingshis face was terribly gloomy. He didnt expect a guy who just entered the university to have such great strength.

“Good at singing.

“Good at the instruments.

“Even good at bonesetting!”

He felt a deep sense of crisis.

He believed that this time Fang Qiu absolutely left a deep impression in Jiang Miaoyus heart. It was not an act of a hero saving a beauty, but it almost was.

There was nothing more shocking than giving a helping hand in time of distress like the plot of a hero saving a beauty.


He had to find some ways to retrieve himself from an inferior position!

The three people of the dormitory, Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian looked at each other, all finding the deep shock from each others eyes.

“The youngest had more secrets than they had imagined.

“This guy actually had the ability of bonesetting and had never told them.

“This guy was really keeping his own counsel!

“Im wondering what else this boy can do!”

This side, people were hurried to help Jiang Miaoyu to the infirmary for the simple treatment of swelling and pain. And on the other side, Shen Chun caught up with Fang Qiu.

“Student, wait!”

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