Medical Master

Chapter 15 A Mysterious Man Who Astonished the Whole School!

what he had shouted, they could not help but give Chen Cong a thumbs-up inwardly.

He could get up at three oclock in the morning and do it every day. Normal guys could never measure up to his perseverance.

Now, the one issue that everyone cared most was a question that was making them scratch their heads.

That question was who on earth the mysterious man was.

Now, they knew that there was such a marvelous guy living on campus but had no idea about this identity. How could they not want to know more?

Chen Cong let out that shout with all his strength, and then, simply jumped down the stage and left.

The audience also began to disperse in twos and threes. All were discussing the fight with enthusiasm.

After the first round, Chen Cong and the Martial Arts Association were both clear that Chen Congs skills were pretty good.

But after the second round, they all started to understand the saying that there might always be another person greater than you. That man had reached such a high level that they could hardly imagine.

He leaped down to the earth from a place that was eight or nine meters high, and he landed without making a noise!

Further, he could stamp against the 90-degree vertical wall and go up to the top!

Finally, look at his fast movement among trees. How smoking hot it was!

He was just like a character in a Kung Fu novel!

The members of the Martial Arts Association could not be more shocked after seeing what had happened this evening. They were all martial arts practitioners. And they knew that the Chinese martial arts were going downhill now—everything was becoming a set of routine performance.

Although from ancient books they could have a glimpse of how impressive the men living ages ago were, no one had ever seen such a guy in real life. And it seemed that no man in modern society was that good. Despite the fact that they all felt proud of those ancient martial arts practitioners, deep in their hearts, they were doubting whether they truly existed or not.

But today, all their doubts were squashed!

Because they saw a man, a mysterious man, who was even more brilliant than the figures in records.

In comparison with Chen Cong, what they had been practicing was already flashy stuff, not to mention being compared to the mysterious man.

Today, they felt dispirited. But at the same time, they felt excited, for they just learned that martial arts could really be so freaking awesome.

And man could really fly over eaves and run on walls.

Could really throw another man dozens of meters away with one strike.

In the future, if they ever heard anyone claim that the Chinese martial arts were useless, they would be the first to come to him and give him a slap!

“When were back, we have to find out who the mysterious man is! Then make him join our association. No as a member, but as a teacher!”

Ren Longyang, the president of the association, assigned such a mission.

Everyone nodded feverishly.

Even if the president did not say so, they were determined to figure out the identity of this unimaginably impressive guy.

Seeing everyone take their departure, Liu Feifei, Li Qingshi, and students in the student union all let out a sigh of relief. They felt pretty grateful that no big trouble occurred.

But what happened today did exceed their imagination. At first, they just thought it would be a fight like those arena contests on TV and all they needed to do was make sure no one gets hurt.

No one expected the letter of challenge could unveil a really powerful guy!

Flying over eaves and running on walls!

That was the kind of Kung Fu you could only hear in legends.

But today, over a thousand had witnessed that.

They all knew that the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine would certainly be more boisterous in the days ahead.

Perhaps very soon, the entire university would know an expert was walking among them but his identity remained a mystery.

How irritating it was!

It was true that many people became pretty edgy. And the number was quite huge.

After one day, another post being marked “Viral” appeared on the campus BBS of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

“Mysterious Martial Arts Expert Unveiled, Who on Earth Is This Mysterious Man???”

The title was ended with three question marks, which meant the man who posted the post was really eager to know the identity of the masked man.

The post did not beat around the bush but went straight to present a video.

The video started with Fang Qiu standing on the wall top and ended when he disappeared among trees.

Many students of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine were used to check the campus BBS at night. When they saw there was a viral topic, they were all dazed.

“Whats going on?”

“Why another viral topic post?”

“There was one yesterday. Today, there is another.”

“Is it nowadays everyone becomes too excited about everything? Or is the world changing too fast, so topics worth discussing burgeon?”

Curiously, they clicked the video attached in the post, but instantly tossed away their mouse in astoundment.

“Holy crap! What the hell?”

Numerous people posted their questions under the post.

“What the hell?”

“What the hell+10,000!”

“Is it truly a recording? Could it be tempered with computer tricks?”

“Beg for explanations from the person who shot the video! Beg for witnesses! Could someone tell me whether the content of the footage is real or not?”

There were more than 300 comments asking about the authenticity of the video.

That made the record of entailing 300 comments in the shortest time since the BBS came into being.

And more comments were still flooding in!

Not until 7: 50 in the evening, did those who watched the fight go back to their dormitories and start to write their replies.

At first, they planned to hurry back to the dormitories to post what they had seen today onto the BBS. But to their surprise, someone beat them to it. It appeared that the post was sent through a smartphone, which did not describe the whole thing due to the lack of time.

“Im one of the witnesses who saw the scene recorded by the video in person. The following are the things I saw with my own eyes. Believe it or not!”

A net friend whose ID was “Wild Scholar” commented under the post, straightforwardly describing everything he had seen tonight.

“Yesterday, at the freshmens Mid-Autumn Festival gala of the School of Chinese Medicine, a student named Chen Cong announced a letter of challenge in public, hoping to have a contest with an expert off the stage. He made the appointment at todays dusk. Ill not elaborate that event here, because there is a specific post about it.”

“I, hoping to see something big as everyone else, rushed to the platform in the afternoon, even without having dinner. In light of my spirit of being such an enthusiastic onlooker, I extend sincere respect and admiration to myself!”

“Well, no more crap now. Ill tell you the whole thing in the following.”

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