P / 200 DMG]

The boy glanced over at his Magic Points, noticing that he had more than what was required to pull off the technique. It was risky since Joshua still had a Trap Spell placed on his side of the field and if it were to counter Genjis attack, Genji would have nothing left to attack with if he somehow received another turn.

Taking the risk, Genji swung his right arm to the side, dismissing his Chronicle and choosing his spell. Seeing that hed made his selection, the crowd roared, ready to witness the supposed overwhelming strength of the South Tsundoran warriors firsthand. His magic points depleted upon his commitment, going down to just 2 MP, prompting the announcer to speak.

”Here it comes! This is Genjis final attack! Will it all end here!? Only one way to find out! ”

As the crowd boomed, the Eastern boy placed his hands in front of him as if he were holding an invisible ball before gradually beginning to spread them apart. As he did this, a ball of ice began to form between his palms. He could feel the freezing element on his palms and fingertips as he pulled them apart and began warping the ice into the form of a tatsu. With a stirring motion, the boy began to marionette the dragon to fly into a circle between his hands as it continuously grew in size.

The then child-sized dragon spun around the boys body as his stirring motions had then become wide, prompting the dragon to continue to fly around him until it became as big as the mythological creatures were once told to be in legend. The boys freezing hands began to rise, and so did the tatsu, as Genji continued his swirling motions above his head, using his whole body to tame the beast.

The tatsu had reached full size, all that was left was for the boy to unleash his attack. ”Ice Dragon: Frozen Bite of Death! ” Genji roared as he used his entire body to send the dragon forward as if he were physically throwing it. The crowd looked on in awe as they watched the massive frozen beast soar gracefully through the sky toward the English boy with a slight arc. Once it reached the peak of the arc, the tatsu sped up, making its hasty descent toward Joshua.

Joshua, seeing the massive beast approaching him, could do nothing but watch as he accepted his demise. He did have a Trap Spell on the field, one that halved the damage of the next attack, but it didn matter. He only had 95 HP left, therefore halving the 200 DMG attack would be pointless.

Hearing the dragons icy breath drawing near, Joshua stood up straight and closed his eyes. He was afraid, scared to death, truly, but he was proud of himself. Out of the two hundred and fifty participants, he achieved second place. His homeland of New Chelmsford and his family would receive his prize, his gift to them upon his untimely departure.

He thought of his mother.

His brother.

And his best friend.

A single tear began to fall from his eye, just before the mighty, frozen dragon unhinged its gaping jaw to swallow him whole. The beasts mouth consumed the boy, hitting him with an explosive ice attack and causing an icy fog to cover that side of the arena.

The crowd was silent, looking on at the chilling cloud in astonishment as it began to slowly fade over time.

Once the fog cleared, Joshua was seen standing in the same place, this time, his body was completely frozen as if he were an ice sculpture. Above him, a hologram of his Health Points did nothing but confirm what we already knew.

[Joshua Bale – HP: 0 MP 25]

The crowd stared at once living sculpture silently as the announcer declared the winner.

”And the four hundred and ninety-ninth winner of your annual Magic Metaverse Tournament is Genji Ishiwatari! ” As those words left the announcers mouth, the crowd erupted, giving Genji his well-earned applause for his hard work.

Regardless of the applause, Genjis masked face showed no emotion as he glared forward at the boy to who he just delivered a swift, icy extinction.

Having no interest in celebrating, the boy walked away from the stage with his hands in his coat pockets, walking past his victim without even batting an eye at him, nor did he show any remorse.

South Tsundora was once again victorious, becoming the third nation to ever win five years in a row.

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