The moon shines brightly in the night. Its soft glow lies upon the bustling city full of joy and surprise. You can hear the horns of cars and the laughter of passionate people as the night lights of the streets illuminate the city.

But as much as there is light, there is also a darkness that hides from within.

In the dark and murky alleyway of the city, a rough-looking man ruthlessly beats a young boy. Anyone nearby can hear the pitiful boys sobbing throughout the alley, but it does not stop the man from kicking the boy in the stomach. The skinny body of the young boy crashed into the nearby trash bin.


” Give the money, kid~. I don have time for this!… ” The man edged closer to the helpless boy as he threatened it.

” No, please don take it! I didn eat anything since morning. I can beg for money at night. ” the young boy said as tears and snot flowed free from his face.

The 17-year-old boy can think why the world hates him this much. He can only keep the anger and injustice in his heart as he protects the money in his embrace.

Just as the man is about to continue the beatings, A resounding heavy step comes closer to him.

Does it feel good to beat that pitiful brat? ” A mysterious voice of a man came from the shadows of the alley.

The vile man quickly looks at the source of the sound in fright.

” I don give sh*t about who you are! But you better not give a damn about this! You little sh-. ” just as the man was about to continue trash-talking, He saw a figure walk out from the shadows.

The moonlight gently touches the young mans face as he steps out from the shadows. He has short black hair, a perfectly heart-shaped face, and a chiseled chin. It is the face of an angel that looks upon the world. The thugs attention, however, was solely on the young mans eyes. It is like an exquisite blue gem that shines and brings light to the night, entrancing anyone that dares to look at its profundity that equals the bottomless ocean.

” Why don I let you experience the same pain you inflict on others? ” The young man continues to walk closer to the man.

” Don come closer! ” The frightened thug pulled up a knife and pointed at the young man that didn even change expression.

Seeing that the young man is not threatened at all, after moments of hesitation, the man quickly lunges at the young man.

The pitiful boy gasped in horror when he saw the mysterious young man dare to fight the ruthless thugs without any weapon. Just as the young boy thought the handsome young mans blood would soon splatter in the valley, the unexpected happens.

The young man swiftly side-step to dodge the knife, then quickly grab the hand of the thug holding the knife.

A flash of surprise appeared on the thugs face as he tried to pull his hand away. However, It is too late. The mysterious young man slightly bends his knee as he throws a hook.

The heavy punch makes the thug stagger and instinctively touch his bleeding face making the knife drop to the ground.

Without hesitation, the mysterious rushed forward in front of the thugs. He jumped like a tiger ambushing his prey before delivering a devastating flying knee to the thugs vulnerable face.


The flying knee was so powerful that it launched the thug through the air and landed heavily on a nearby wall.


” Arghh! Huff~ Huff! P- Please stop! I don know who you are, But here take my money and leave me alone. Spare me. ” The thug was barely conscious with a bloody face as he begged the mysterious young man. His begging, however, does not stop the mysterious young man from stomping his legs.



The young boys mouth can help but gape in surprise. He did not expect the viciousness of the handsome young man.

The mysterious young man glanced at the wriggling figure of the thug as he turned his attention to the young boy. A flash of profoundness appeared in his eyes as he slowly walked toward the boy.

The young boy started to feel nervous as he saw the handsome young man approach him. As his heart raced, he closed his eyes in fear and anxiety.

A warm hand grabbed his shoulder a moment later. He opened his eyes to see the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen in his entire life. Its like a bright blue star that brings peace and tranquillity to any

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