But I want to see you, I miss you.

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After gritting his teeth and saying this, what did that person just say then?

It seemed like he laughed, but didn’t continue bullying Tu Yan’s little sense of pride anymore.
He didn’t ask Tu Yan the reason for stealing his clothes either, only said, “Tu bao, let me in okay?” 

Tu Yan said gloomily, “No.” 

It’s like this was his house, and that person was the one who broke in. 

After a long moment, he slowly stood up, wearing his mask and pulling down his cap.
Opening the door swiftly, he slipped past the man and sped out.
The man chased him for a few steps, but couldn’t catch up. 

Tu Yan wanted to turn back and look at him.
He hadn’t seen that person’s face for over a month.
He slowed down and was about to turn back, but a ringtone sounded, interrupting the dream Tu Yan didn’t want to wake up from. 

It was the manager calling to get him out of bed.
The ringing went on for half a minute before Tu Yan opened his eyes blearily. 

He couldn’t see the face at all. 

“Xiao Yan, there’s an interview at 11.
The makeup artist and I are on the way to your house.
What do you want for breakfast, I’ll bring some for you.”

Tu Yan slept until he was a little dazed, only after a long time did he react to the manager asking a question.
His brain turned slowly as he said, “Anything.” 

After the divorce, he led a muddleheaded life and handled all three meals.
It seemed like it had been a long time since he had a decent breakfast. 

“Is pan fried buns okay?” The manager also didn’t remember what Tu Yan liked to eat, so she randomly chose one. 

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Tu Yan said “okay”, then hung up the phone. 

Kicking off the quilt, Tu Yan glanced down; that person’s knitted cardigan was wrapped tightly around his body, the shirt was flattened and placed under the pillow.
Every night, Tu Yan would only be able to sleep by smelling that faint woody scent that was barely there at all, like it was the incurable aftermath of a serious illness. 

After doing his makeup at 9 o’clock, and the makeup artist had packed up his tools, he  examined Tu Yan’s face with the corner of his eye.
Tu Yan asked, “What’s wrong?” 

The makeup artist waved his hand awkwardly, “Nothing nothing, I just feel that young master Tu has changed a little bit, but I don’t know what changed.” 

Tu Yan’s expression was indifferent, “We haven’t met for half a year, isn’t this normal?” 

The makeup artist nodded repeatedly, but he was in denial in his heart: It’s definitely not just that.
According to his years of experience, how could a cold hearted and frosty person like young master Tu change so much? He must have been nourished by love for the past six months, or suffered emotional damage, it must be one of the two. 

After the exclusive interview at 11 o’clock, Tu Yan left for the filming site of the brand promotional activity by car.
He didn’t think he would attract so much attention.
After all, he had disappeared for half a year.
Who would’ve thought that as soon as the nanny car passed the traffic lights and was a hundred meters away from the venue, the roar of the crowd could still be heard through the windows.
The organizers specifically came to clear the main road and lead the driver to the underground parking lot through the side doors, then directed Tu Yan to the lounge from the staff passageway. 

There was still half an hour until the opening.
The staff were attending to various matters in a hurry.
Some said that there were so many people that the fire exits were blocked and they should change the venue.
Some said a young fan fell and hit a reporter’s camera, and the two groups of people had started to argue.
The brand organizers also sent a few sets of men’s necklaces for Tu Yan to try on.
In short, everything was in a chaotic mess. 

Tu Yan rubbed his temples as he tried to suppress his irritation, but failed. 

His phone was placed on the armrest of the sofa.
Tu Yan hesitated for a moment.
He made a sudden quick decision and picked up his phone, pressing on the screen twice then lifted it to his ear. 

It beeped two times before it immediately got through. 

A familiar voice came from the other end, “Tu bao, what’s wrong?” 

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It seemed like everything turned silent around him.
It was so quiet that Tu Yan could hear the sound of his own heartbeat, gently slowing down one beat at a time.
Has this person become his only medicine now? 

“…I called the wrong number.” Tu Yan’s acting was poor and he was at a loss for words. 

The person on the other end of the line wasn’t annoyed, his voice gentle, “Really?” 

Tu Yan said, “Yes,” but didn’t hang up the phone.
After a while, he spoke again, “Gu Chenbai, it’s my comeback today, I have to attend a brand launch.” 

“You called me because you’re feeling nervous?” 

Tu Yan’s expression turned cold, he said firmly, “What’s there to be nervous about? It’s not my first time going up on stage, I’m just telling you in advance so you won’t be frightened when you check the news on your phone later.
After all, I’m too popular, the venue was even almost jam-packed.” 

Gu Chenbai laughed deeply, “I’m already afraid, there are indeed a lot of people.” 

Tu Yan only reacted after a long time, “What, what do you mean?” 

Gu Chenbai probably just got out of the car and came out of the underground parking lot, the sound from all directions becoming louder and louder, “How could I not be by your side for your first appearance on your comeback?” 


Before he spoke, Gu Chenbai had already entered the event venue.
Tu Yan didn’t even dare to move his hand, the receiver plastered tightly to his ear.
His heart hung on Gu Chebai, following his breaths and imagining the pace of his steps.
Tu Yan thought: You be careful, walk slowly. 

He almost blurted it out, but still held himself back.  

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Gu Chenbai’s walking speed wasn’t slow.
Although he had been crippled for many years, he was diligent in keeping fit, his muscles were very well developed.
But Tu Yan was still scared.
Whenever Gu Chebai was close to a crowd, Tu Yan felt more afraid than Gu Chenbai himself.  

“Hey, sorry, sorry, are you alright?” 

A stranger’s apologetic voice suddenly came through the noisy line.
Before Gu Chenbai said anything, Tu Yan stood up abruptly and shouted on the phone, “Did you get hit? Stupid, can’t you find a corner seat to sit down?” 

“Tu bao, don’t worry, I didn’t get hit,” Gu Chenbai paused for a moment before immediately comforting him. 

“What are you so affectionate for?” Tu Yan regretted his lack of self control.
After he calmed down, he habitually bared his sharp teeth, “I’m just afraid my comeback would be ruined from you causing a stampede accident.” 

Gu Chenbai found his seat, kept his walking stick and sat down.
He understood Tu Yan too well, knowing that his mouth never matched his heart.
Pretending not to listen, he simply reported, “I found my seat, in the southeast corner, but you probably won’t be able to see me.” 

“Who wants to see you?” Tu Yan said coldly. 

“But I want to see you, I miss you.” 

Tu Yan became silent, his face heating up.
He then thought about the scene of fleeing in defeat at Gu Chenbai’s house a few days ago, and his face heated even more. 

Just then, the manager knocked on the door, “Xiao Yan, it’s time to get on.” 

Tu Yan nodded.
As he was about to hang up the phone, he suddenly heard a woman’s voice on the other end. 

“Handsome guy, are you Tu Tu’s fan too?”

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“I still have some hand signs and light sticks with me, I’ll give them to you for free!” 

“Can I add you on WeChat? I’ll add you to the fan group chat!” 


Tu Yan’s face instantly turned cold for a moment, the look in his eyes becoming gloomy.
He hung up the phone and stood in place like a viscous devil, startling the makeup artist who just came in for a touch up. 

That evening, that female fan chatted with her friends: 

  【Ny god! There were so many people at the event venue today! The male god is still so popular!】

  【How was it? What change did Tu Yan have?】

  【Even more handsome!!!His handsomeness could blow up the sky!!!】

  【Wuwuwu I wanna go to the event too!】

  【Let me tell you, I feel like……today the male god looked at me a few times, I really wasn’t dreaming, really, we met each other’s eyes several times.
It made everyone around me turn and look at me, I didn’t even dare to move, I didn’t even dare to click the shutter of the camera.
It’s just that……】

  【Just that what?】

  【It’s just that his eyes were so fierce, I felt like he wanted to kill me.】

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