Because I’m a mom now

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The hotel door was shut with a “bang”, and Tu Yan trembled with it.
He glanced at Gu Chenbai’s expression with the corner of his eye, seeing his eyebrows knitted in a frown, the corners of his mouth pursed into a straight line as though he was trying to resist his anger.

Tu Yan knew that he was in the wrong.
He mumbled quietly, “I’m not even hurt.”

Unexpectedly, Gu Chenbai didn’t respond, walking past him and headed straight to the bedroom.

Tu Yan had never seen Gu Chenbai being angry at him before, so he panicked for a moment and followed helplessly.
He took out the voice recorder from his pocket for Gu Chenbai to see and defended himself, “I wasn’t going to look for a fight with him, I just wanted to get the words out of his mouth and keep them as evidence.
Besides- besides, I didn’t really make a move, it’s just to scare him, I just pushed him twice.” 

Gu Chenbai took off his suit jacket and put it at the end of the bed.
He then loosened his tie and turned around to say to Tu Yan, “This isn’t the reason why you can fight with others while you’re pregnant.”

Tu Yan was speechless, he opened his mouth but couldn’t speak.
He knew that Gu Chenbai was indeed angry. 

But why was Gu Chenbai angry? Tu Yan fought for him.
Xu Jia’an shamed Gu Chenbai with such unpleasant words.
How could Tu Yan bear it? It’s good that he didn’t kill him. 

He stuck out for Gu Chenbai, yet Gu Chenbai thought he was impulsive and reckless. 

Tu Yan felt a burst of grievance.
Looking at Gu Chenbai’s cold side profile, he thought bitterly: Gu Chenbai’s heart and eyes are now just full of little rabbit, only worrying about little rabbit’s safety, and didn’t even ask him if he was hurt or not.
Sure enough, after having little rabbit, he wouldn’t be the person Gu Chenbai loves the most anymore. 

“You just fought with someone a month ago and had your inhibitor sticker removed at a place like the bar.
The bruises from that hit had only just disappeared and now you went to fight with someone again,” Gu Chenbai’s eyes were full of helplessness, at wit’s end with Tu Yan, “Do you want my life?” 

“Don’t be so dignified, aren’t you just afraid I’ll hurt your baby? Don’t worry, in the next few months, I definitely won’t step outside the gates and be dedicated to giving birth to him for you, okay? Is that enough?” Tu Yan yelled at Gu Chenbai, his eyes red.

Gu Chenbai was stupefied by his yelling.
Before he could react, Tu Yan rushed into the bathroom and slammed the door with a bang.

This little guy’s temper was really growing day by day. 

How could Gu Chenbai really be angry with Tu Yan? It was just for him to have a longer memory.
Now that the effect was achieved, he stopped at once and walked to the bathroom with his cane.
He knocked on the door and called out “Tu Bao”. 

Tu Yan shouted from inside, “Go, I don’t want to see you!” 

“Where would I go?” Gu Chenbai chuckled. 

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“Nothing to do with me!” Tu Yan’s voice was mixed with a weeping sound.
He turned on the shower head and tried to drown it out with the sound of water.

Gu Chenbai didn’t speak again for a long time.
He stood at the bathroom door, waited for a few minutes, then held the copper door knob and opened the door extremely lightly.
Tu Yan was standing in front of the basin with his back facing the door, his head lowered and didn’t notice that Gu Chenbai had come in.

Gu Chenbai came closer and heard Tu Yan complaining aggrievedly to himself. 

“…little rabbit, after you’re born, don’t fight for Gu Chenbai with me, okay? Don’t make him like you more…” Tu Yan spent a long time thinking about his wording.
He touched his belly fiercely and said, “If not I’ll definitely throw you away.”

Gu Chenbai’s heart was about to melt.
He walked up and encircled Tu Yan’s waist from behind, holding him in his arms.
Tu Yan was so startled that his legs almost turned weak and even forgot to struggle.
As soon as he looked up, he saw Gu Chenbai’s smiling eyes.

“Who allowed you to plot murder against my little rabbit?”

The rims of Tu Yan’s eyes became redder.
He felt that ever since he met Gu Chenbai, he became a big troublesome person who couldn’t control his emotions.
He always cried.
Actually, he didn’t like crying at all. 

When Qi Lan had left him to go abroad and Tu Feihong completely forgot about his birthday because of a project, he didn’t even cry.
But he cried in front of Gu Chenbai so easily, it wasn’t mature at all, and he even looked down on himself. 

“Do you want to remarry me because I’m pregnant?” 

Gu Chenbai couldn’t help but laugh, “Where did this come from?”

Tu Yan covered his face and cried for a long time, before speaking what’s on his mind, “Then why didn’t you ask if I was injured and hurt or not?”

This was Tu Yan’s first time showing weakness to Gu Chenbai, putting down his protective shell of self defense and spitting out the secrets deep in his heart.
He didn’t say any more words that stabbed others.
With tears rushing down his face, he cried like a little kid wanting to eat candy. 

Gu Chenbai turned him around and hugged him into his arms, coaxing him, “I’m wrong, I’m not good, but Tu Bao, things have come to this, and you still question my feelings for you?” 

Gu Chenbai simply asked Tu Yan a question, and Tu Yan stopped sobbing.
He stared at Gu Chenbai pitifully, lowering his head after a while and rubbed his face full of tears on Gu Chenbai’s chest.

There’s no need to answer this question.

“Is Tu Bao hurt?” Gu Chenbai held his hand and lifted it up in front of him, checking as he asked, “Did he hit you?”

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Tu Yan shook his head and said dispiritedly, “I wouldn’t let him hit me.”

“So impressive?” 

“Becasue- because I’m a mom now.” 

Gu Chenbai froze, then took Tu Yan’s face out of his arms, held his chin and looked at him.
He smiled, “Say that again?”

Tu Yan shut his mouth tightly, vowing to die rather than to submit. 

Gu Chenbai lowered his head and said in Tu Yan’s ear, “Tu Bao, I have many ways to make you open your mouth.”


In the end, Tu Yan was washed clean by Gu Chenbai, pulled into bed and tucked in.
When he was hugged into his arms, his soul had completely separated from his body.
There was only one question on his mind: Between him and Gu Chenbai, who’s the disbaled one? 

The next day.

His bones felt like they were falling apart, he couldn’t even straighten his waist. 

Tu Yan struggled as he wanted to get out of bed, but failed.
He kicked the air with his weak legs and cursed quietly, “Damn Gu Chenbai! Depraved! Beast!”

Just as Gu Chenbai walked to the bedroom door, he heard this fierce cursing, so he paused his steps and leaned on the door frame.
After watching the little bunny on the bed perform a whole set of kicking and rolling around with immense interest, he smiled and said, “Thank you for the compliment.”

Tu Yan was scared to death and curled up reflexively, pulling over the quilt to cover himself. 

Gu Chenbai smiled even more as he walked to the bed with his cane.
He reached out and patted Tu Yan’s butt, “Go have breakfast.”

Tu Yan regretted his subconscious fright, so he pretended to be calm and slowly lifted the quilt.
He glanced at Gu Chenbai expressionlessly, “What time is it?”

“Nine thirty” 

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They got back to the hotel at seven last night. 

Tu Yan looked at Gu Chenbai’s cane and secretly thought: If this person’s leg wasn’t injured, would I still be alive and wake up today?

He pulled away the quilt blankly to get out of bed when suddenly, he felt a chill.
Looking down, he realized that he was only in his underwear.
He then immediately retracted back the quilt and raised his eyelids to glare at Gu Chenbai. 

Gu Chenbai smiled before walking to the wardrobe to get him a set of home clothes.
But Tu Yan shook his head, “I don’t want this, get the turtleneck sweater, I’m going out today.”

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to the company to deal with yesterday’s matter.” 

Gu Chenbai took down the misty-blue turtleneck sweater and gave it to Tu Yan before asking, “Tu Bao, how are you going to deal with it?”

“Just shoot a VCR and make it public.”

Gu Chenbai grabbed the hand that Tu Yan was about to change his clothes with, whispering, “You lost a lot of fans because of me, do you regret it?” 

Tu Yan said seriously, “Maybe because of my appearance, I’m easily classified as an idol, but I’ve always affirmed that I’m an actor, never presenting any boyfriend persona, and have never said I wouldn’t get married and have children.
What they like is the version of me that they made up in their minds, I don’t have to take responsibility for their imaginations.
Besides, I didn’t rely on fans carrying me to walk till here today, so they’re free to come and go, it doesn’t matter to me.”

He didn’t directly answer Gu Chenbai’s question, but every sentence said ‘no regrets’.
Gu Chenbai knew that although his little bunny had a stubborn mouth, he was extremely soft hearted. 

He rubbed the palm of Tu Yan’s hand before letting go, smiled and kissed between his brows and said, “I bought you many kinds of breakfast food, all your favourites.” 

Tu Yan grunted as a response. 

As Gu Chenbai was about to stand up, Tu Yan pulled him, “That-”

“What’s wrong?” 

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Tu Yan hesitated for a few seconds, then asked, “Gu Chenbai, why do you always not disclose your identity? Don’t mention the media, even those few people in the circle don’t know what you look like.
They also circulate false rumours and talk about you so badly.” 

The smile in Gu Chenbai’s eyes faded a little.
Tu Yan’s heart thumped, thinking that he had crossed the line and asked an offensive question.
As he was about to explain, Gu Chenbai said slowly, “No reason, I just don’t want to be looked at by others with sympathy, and I don’t want others to say I’m pitiful.” 

Tu Yan bit his lower lip and didn’t speak. 

“Actually, I don’t think I’m pitiful, but everyone I met says so, I’m tired of hearing it, I think it’s annoying.” 

Gu Chenbai smiled, a little frivolous.
Tu Yan felt that he could faintly see the open youth from Ruan Nanqing’s mouth. 

“So I don’t really want to meet people, and don’t want to be seen by others.
Also, there’s benefits to remaining mysterious, it’s more intimidating within the company.” 

Tu Yan nodded, “I understand.” 

“But Tu Bao, if you want me to publicize my identity, I’m also willing to.
After all…compared with hearing ‘my husband is Gu Chenbai’ from Tu Bao’s mouth, what does being talked about by others matter?” 

Tu Yan threw off Gu Chenbai’s hand with a red face.
He wore the turtleneck sweater, put on his slippers and rushed into the bathroom. 

After having breakfast, Tu Yan went to the company to discuss the public affairs with his manager.
Several people were busy all morning before finishing a decent short video clip.
The content was of Tu Yan sitting in front of the camera and answering the questions displayed on the screen, for example, whether his self-disclosed marriage was true, why he chose to say it at this time, and how long has he been married, why didn’t he publicize it before. 

The last question was: Who is your marriage partner? 

Tu Yan froze for a few seconds, then lifted his head to the camera and said, “My husband is an outsider and doesn’t want to disclose his identity.
I don’t want him to be disturbed by others as well, thank you everyone.” 

“Is it okay?” Tu Yan asked the manager.

The manager was stunned and gave an “OK”, then sighed with emotion, “Xiao Yan, I feel that you’ve matured.” 

Tu Yan smiled, “Thank you.” 

“And turned soft,” the assistant added, “It’s like you’ve become much more gentle.” 

Tu Yan touched his stomach, thinking: It’s all your fault, I’m not cool at all anymore. 

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